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Conservatives, Christians, Libertarians & Constitutionalists. These are the persons who want to lead government and think all should follow their lead with racists and terrorists in tow.

Ideology based government vs. common sense safety with taxpayers’ $$

Another avoidable catastrophe courtesy of ideology, fake-christian based government!

Pussy Grabber Trump thinks he’s so smart, but he’s too stupid to pay attention!

First of all, Trump got to where he is today, not from being smart, but by cutting corners, cheating, breaking the law, evading taxes, raping without consequences, partying and having… Read more >

Another Pussy Grabber team member arrested for child sex trafficking

This doesn’t even surprise me given Pussy Grabber’s friend, Jeffrey Epstein was convicted for trafficking/pimping out teen girls, one of which Pussy Grabber, himself, raped. Trump Campaign Chair Just Got… Read more >

Pussy Grabber salutes slave rapist Andrew Jackson

Racist jackass and Pussy Grabber tRump salutes racist, jackass Andrew Jackson whom Pussy Grabber compares himself to most.

NYC spends $30 Million++ for Me-Layin’-Ya, an undocumented, sex sales worker

NYC spends $30 Million for Me-Layin’-Ya, an undocumented, sex sales worker, while military child care centers are cut.