Missed this during #BridgeGate red-herring?

The red herring, which distracted millions from biggest fraud in New Jersey's history, Pressler & Pressler

While all eyes were on Chris Christie’s #BridgeGate drama, THIS was happening, and in the same city as notorious fraudsters, Pressler & Pressler a/k/a Pressler Felt & Warshaw.

Parsippany, New Jersey council cleans house, won’t confirm Christie ally as attorney


Council can’t kick Christie ally Inglesino out of lucrative Parsippany job, mayor says


Apparently, corruption runs deep in the small town of Parpissany, oops I mean, Parsippany. And apparently, #BlueLivesMatter is a joke in both New Jersey and New York. In Parsippany, a police officer is being sued for exposing corruption, you know that little thing that confirms someone or many are breaking the law. And in New York, NYPD works overtime to protect the fraud of Pressler & Pressler, which even falsifies debts on behalf of cop shooters and notorious drug dealers. In the meantime, U.S. Attorney-Southern District of New York is putting on a “Sheldon Silver” show while Bharara’s office is aiding and abetting Pressler’s 305 Broadway-mailbox fraud and scams, including falsifying entire relationships that took place inside a P.O. Box address, while paying off local and state officials to back up their fake claims to further their fraud. :-( And, of course, the biggest fraud being ignored: Sheldon Pressler creating a ghost company to file lawsuits on his own behalf (UNLAWFUL), including for accounts never owned, THEN transferring the ghost/sham company into his baby’s name, Lee Pressler.

Additional Important info:

Consumer Alert!!

There is effective help against Pressler!

Adam Deutsch, Esq., of Denbeaux & Denbeaux Attorneys at Law, utilizes U.S. Federal Courts. By fitting the facts to claims that are under Federal Statutes, Mr. Deutsch can access Federal Court for clients. This gets the consumer out of the biased state court system and into Federal Court, which on the whole, is infinitely better. Mr. Deutsch has spent years practicing in state court, and upon moving to Federal Court, saw that clients began getting real relief.

One of the biggest barriers to fighting Pressler & Pressler and other collectors is that people think they can’t afford it, or can’t find an attorney to take the case in line with the client’s budget. When people represent themselves, they unfortunately can’t get the same outcome as an experienced professional representing them.

The great thing about federal statutes is there are fee shifting statutes that require the debt collector to pay the plaintiff’s fee and the court costs. Denbeaux & Denbeaux has built a practice where the client’s documents and the fact are reviewed, and if f Mr. Deutsch is confident there is a case that can be successful, the client pays the filing fee ($400) and the fee to serve each defendant ($200 per party), and that is it!

Denbeaux & Denbeaux’s legal fee is contingent and the client will get their upfront court costs back into their pocket, if they are successful. Denbeaux & Denbeaux will also seek statutory and actual damages, and has a solid track record of recovering money. Denbeaux & Denbeaux does not represent class actions lawsuits, but represents individual clients in individual cases.
Pressler & Pressler’s predatory behavior can be stopped by going on the offensive. To get started with your case against Pressler & Pressler, I strongly suggest you contact denbeauxlaw.com.

Good luck winning your case!

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Apparently Pressler & Pressler’s base area is corrupt:

Parsippany Police Captain James Carifi fired for exposing corruption


Retired Parsippany Capt. James Carifi tells jury he was retaliated against by a job transfer and lost overtime opportunities when he reported department wrongdoing.


Parsippany also alleges retiring Capt. James Carifi obtained confidential law enforcement information about people not suspected of criminal activity and transferred documents, including police reports


Pariah Pressler

By TamraNYC

Official* Stalker and Terrorizer of Cop Killers, Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, and Rapists and their Coverups! *official docs to back up that PROUD badge of honor!

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