cha-ching? did someone say $1,000,000.00?!

DAMN! $1 million dollars to find one of the FBI’s Top Ten Fugitives.

and I could sure use a cool “mil”. shoot, I’m checking everywhere… under the seat, bread boxes, port-a-potties, you name it, my eyes are wide the hell open.

chances are this dude is probably ill in a tucked away place (like Bin Laden) and/or living in a quiet neighborhood undetected. only when something happens is when someone will start to suspect something about him. or he’s probably being well protected with a group of folks. or he’s in Mexico, since the citizens are all here now because their leaders are too lazy to create an economy there!

but damn if he doesn’t remind me of a company executive. hell, given SteelEye, he could actually be one now.

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