man, pretty soon bullet proof vests will be required at Chuck E Cheese

where a kid may not live to be a kid the next year!

and how do you scrapbook this??? “here’s a pic of my mom getting arrested at Chuck E. Cheese at my 6th birthday party”. I guess scrapbooking suppliers can now add the handcuffed-imaged picture holder with cute little chains hanging off the top.

crazy. I got another news alert that YET another fight broke out at another Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. it was a “Weird News” alert. but this should have been a “WTH??” alert.

at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Harlem, shortly after its grand opening, a major fight broke out prompting about 10 cop cars to break it up. and this Chuck E. Cheese was less than a block from the 28th Precinct in Harlem.

following that was a fight at a Chuck E. Cheese in Michigan, resulting in pepper spraying of the “Cheesettes” party-goers.

but check this, I searched for brawls at Chuck E. Cheese, not only was most recent one listed but so many other fights. and the fights seem to center around sharing. this latest one in Natick, Massachusetts was over one kid not sharing a gaming machine with others. so I guess one mother wanted to demonstrate sharing her fist with others.

maybe Chuck E. needs to put valium or happy gas in the cheese. dunno. because something is causing violence in the joint.

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