Coonye or Con-ye a/k/a Kanye West

And yes, that’s a pic of Mike Pence speaking before ALEC as the featured image for this post! Let’s see if Con-ye can figure it out! Especially if he or his porn star wife claimed to be upset about the death of Trayvon Martin

Con-ye has millions of followers, many of which are not black, and their families migrated here during Jim Crow FOR Jim Crow-whites only (Trump’s family history). slavery isn’t really taught in school, nor even a concern for many of his fans, especially Trump who worships vile, slavemaster and sadistic creep Andrew Jackson daily.

what Con-ye says is impressionable and then repeated by others as “the voice of ‘the blacks'” (grouping, generalizing). so pushback against his words are a must, as he was/is placating ignorance, which is more than dangerous right now.

how his words matter: most people don’t spend time learning factual history, it requires reading. so they just repeat what’s heard from others: one-liners like “slavery was a choice”. millions of US citizens including persons who call themselves historians or mouth off about history won’t even do something as simple as visit a plantation with slave quarters or slavery museum. I grew up around plantations in Louisiana, so I’ve seen the horror up close as well as had to deal with confederates/kkk in our area, David Duke included.

just last week I had someone dump all this “the blacks think this and that” nonsense onto me, based upon what one black person stated on Fox News, to justify their own racism, and the fact that their entire life has been spent AVOIDING other races (humans, while claiming to be christian and NOT racist). this person was trying to “educate me” with ignorance while actually using words of an internalized racist & without even looking up the factual history of what was said.

Con-ye’s “blacks chose to be slaves” generalized hundreds of millions sold into slavery, as if “blacks are soooo stupid, they would choose something so vile and horrific, and therefore disregard history and listen to me, Kanye, who found out all you need to know.” 🙄

even more appalling, after the Electoral College chose Trump, NOT the voting majority, but JUST 304 clueless persons, Coonye couldn’t wait to run to embrace Trump. Coonye bypassed ALLLLLLLL the Underground Railroad locations and landmarks, which would have gave him his first clue that NO ONE chose slavery, and that many risked their lives to escape. and just as appalling, Coonye’s mother, Donda West, is from Oklahoma and born in 1949 at height of Jim Crow, and with her home state’s horrific history, while Coonye ran to embrace a person, Trump, who would have ENDORSED, CONDONED and SUPPORTED, ALONG WITH THE NRA, the savage rioters!!

1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riot

Wealthy black neighborhood (built from scratch without help of anyone but themselves) destroyed by Jim Crow Benefactors with arms and ammo happily provided to rioters by NRA. Largest race riot in history:

knowledge is power, ignorance is waste and comes in bulk. Con-ye is now fully Kardashian-ignorant and sells waste in bulk to his followers, who then dump his waste onto others, who know better, as something valuable.

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By Bunk Moreland | Celebrity | May 2, 2018

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