Blacks today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP defines as the “standard” and why

Katrina Pierson who blocks real blacks, especially those who know facts about her masters/owners.

White #tcot, #teaparty, #twitchy, #PJNet, #MolonLabe and other GOP members consistently present Allen West (Pamela Geller’s “go-to lawn jockey”), Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Stacey Dash, @GOPBlackChick, South Carolina’s Tim Scott (Strom Thurmond’s and Sarah Palin’s boy) and other placating blacks to all as the examples of blacks they’d prefer to be around and/or would like ALL to be at all times.

However, THIS is why others (ACTUAL free-thinking blacks (can make their own choices, use their own words), whites, Latinos, Asians, #LGBT and others with integrity) CAN’T join in with them: :wait:

Kansas Councilman Screams ‘Black N*gger B*tch – Go Back To Baltimore’ At Teen Girl (VIDEO)

Self-hating blacks such as Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Stacey Dash, Tim Scott and others, including black persons on‘s list, ARE happy to stay in a party infected by Dixiecrats and where today’s GOP members are

  • quick to call their black race a “nigger”,
  • suppress their race’s vote OR,
  • shoot/kill members of their race for ANY self-justified reason with backpats from other hatriots,

THEN… find a redundant clone such as Dash, West, Carson or Tim Scott to place out front to make an offensive statement (lawn jockey) to excuse and condone hatriot behavior towards their own race as a WHOLE and other non-whites.

Self-hating blacks don’t even think they’re self-hating blacks, but think they’re the “superior exception to the rule” because they’ve adapted both dialect and “fake values” of their oppressor. You can’t tell where their oppressor stops and they begin. :shrug:

Self-hating non-whites (George Zimmerman, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Ben Carson, Allen West, Tim Scott), that today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP prefers, will never speak out against injustices against their race and other non-whites or even women because they’re afraid of losing all their work and time spent cozying up to hatriots who make the following statements:

Woman Who Called for ‘Nigger’ Obama’s Assassination in Viral Facebook Post Confronted by News Crew, Is Officially the Worst Person in the World

‘Take That N*gger Off TV’: Racist Tweets Unleashed During President Obama’s Sandy Hook Vigil Speech

Jake Knotts’ ‘Raghead’ Remark: Nikki Haley, Obama Called Indian Slur By South Carolina State Senator

S.C. Lawmaker Refers to Obama and Nikki Haley as “Raghead”

Nikki Haley called ‘raghead’ by political opponent

Police Commissioner Who Proudly Called Obama the N-Word Not Crazy Enough to Keep His Job

Nigger boy makes a Twitter account, gets called what he is – a nigger.

Obama called the N-word in headline

Racist Teens Forced to Answer for Tweets About the ‘Nigger’ President

Keith Johnson calls Obama “a nigger” on The Ugly Truth Radio Network – Twice

Obama Called N***er Live On Air

Obama joins Twitter. Racism quickly follows.

Capehart: Obama joins Twitter. Racism follows

Racist slurs infiltrate Obama Twitter account, Google Maps

There are thousands of examples like this, especially on GOP teaparty and kkk sites, dating as far back to 2008. You should see the e-mails I received from Sarah Palin’s fans in 2008. Somehow registered voters became a part of a mail list group to share their “strategies” and info, and boy, did we see an infinite amount of hatriotism, including from internalized racist blacks. Anyone, including me, who didn’t agree with them were IMMEDIATELY called “welfare queens”, “drug addicts”, multiple baby mama’s/daddy’s and all the other standard rhetoric of their masters.

And, of course, the persons who pal PROUDLY with hatriots are QUICK to say, “well blacks use the N word too”. Just find Elizabeth Hasselbeck to chime that in to justify today’s GOP’s daily racism with pride. And definitely, GOP whites WILL defend their lawn jockeys that they’ll need to place out front in the future. Even a lawn jockey will make a statement on behalf of their master to deflect from the hatriots they’re proudly roaming with. 😐

Vile: Racist Obama supporters call Stacey Dash ‘house negro’, ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘Oreo’ via Michelle Malkin’s “team”

But here’s something still-chained blacks/non-whites, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley included, who think they have to cozy up to hate, should familiarize themselves with, if it’s okay with their masters:

Internalized racism:

Bobby Jindal channels his masters’ “Southern Manifesto” and “right to hate” a/k/a “religious freedom:

Today’s GOP father and shaper, Strom Thurmond, and Carl Vinson’s Southern Manifesto:

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  1. Meet The GOP

    Even more GOP racism: :wait:

    Watch This Totally Unhinged Tea Partier Rant About ‘Liberal F*cking F*ggots’ Who Can ‘Drop F*cking Dead’ (Video) (Oct 11, 2014) 😐

  2. Meet The GOP

    Ann Coulter Went on Live TV and Said That ‘Mexican Culture is Obviously Deficient’ (Video) (May 28, 2015)

  3. Meet The GOP

    RT @Ivanroberson: Sandy Rios: Liberals Love Radical Islam Because They Both Come From Satan

    and even more GOP hatriotism:

    RT @Hatewatch: Take a look at SPLC’s list of active anti-Muslim groups in the U.S. #NotMyAmerica #PHXmosque

  4. Meet The GOP

    here’s more of that blacks are “savage” and “terrorizing” (including unarmed) while ironically roaming proudly with actual terrorist and fully-ARMED kkk:

    Texas radio host: Cops used force on pool party ‘jungle animals’ because whites were ‘scared to death’

    Texas teacher states McKinney pool party ‘almost’ shows need for racial segregation

  5. Meet The GOP

    and here are active internalized racists who proudly promote and defend the party of rapist Strom Thurmond and their racist actions: – yes, the blacks are not fake accounts, but devoted hatriots who promote Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin, Beck and the like, along with and who are proud to deflect from their party’s PUBLIC racism in order to justify the races they call their “leaders”.

  6. Meet The GOP

    @GOP candidate, with ties to racist Sterling Heights mayoral candidate Paul Smith, says when it comes to blacks, whom he believes are solely gang members, SHOOT FIRST, THEN ASK Q.?’s LATER

    Michigan candidate strongly disagrees that black lives matter: ‘When there is any doubt – shoot!’

    We don’t have mobs of teenagers surronding (sic) our police. We don’t have gangs (as in blacks) here.

  7. Meet The GOP

    Florida Commissioner Caught Complaining He Was Behind ‘N*ggers’ In Line While Visiting Jailed Brother (VIDEO)

    so Barber’s brother :kkk: is also jailed, but blacks are n*ggers in and out of jail, and the problem, per Barber’s beliefs. :wait: AND his brother was in jail for fighting cops, but per @GOP’s Dexter Barber, n*ggers are the problem, need to learn to obey the law. 😐

  8. Meet The GOP

    priceless! :cliff:

    Nikki Haley has literally bent over backwards to accommodate hatriots including :kkk: in her own state. Haley even works directly next to a confederate flag, which is insulting daily to her military husband given confederates fought against our military. but the moment Haley stopped placating hatriots on any one issue, out comes the attacks from the party she panders to 24/7. the rules of GOP are simple: follow along in unison like a cult :hitler: , or face the consequences because there will be no acceptance of anything that upsets Dixiecrats 😐

    Ann Coulter thinks Nikki Haley is an immigrant who ‘does not understand America’s history’

  9. Meet The GOP

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