The Word “Hustle”

How did the word “hustle” become the new cool or chic word for thieves and liars. People are actually calling themselves “hustlers” in songs or in their personal presentation to others. There’s even a television show on MTV called “The Ultimate Hustler”, where people are taught how to “hustle”.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word “hustle”:

1. To sell or get by questionable or aggressive means for *a financial gain*.

2. To pressure into buying or doing something for a financial gain.

3. To misrepresent one’s skill in (a game or activity) in order to deceive someone for a financial gain while providing nothing in return, especially in gambling: hustle pool.

4. To obtain something by deceitful or illicit means; practice theft or swindling for a financial gain.

5. To solicit customers for a financial gain and provide nothing in return.

6. To misrepresent one’s ability in order to deceive someone for a financial or material gain while providing nothing in exchange.

Now am I supposed to be impressed when I hear someone introduce themselves as a hustler? And to make it even “cuter” or “cooler” , it’s often spelled as “hustla”. But, to me, the intentional misspelling means not only is the person illiterate, but they’re also untrustworthy, or loyal only to other “hustlers”. 

When did things become so degrading that one has to take pride in being a hustler? I, on the other hand, like good people, a.k.a. non “hustlas”. I like people who have a great deal of integrity. Those qualities go a long way and are always dependable.

And for the winner of the reality show, “The Ultimate Hustler”, does it include an all exclusive pass to the White House, where the REAL ultimate hustlers are?

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