CHRISTIAN Jim Crow Benefactors and NRA

Examples of *CHRISTIAN* Jim Crow Benefactors a/k/a NRA’s armed savages in action:

Harvey E. Clark Jr.

A black World War II Veteran rioted out of his home in Cicero, IL by whites who refused to live with or near blacks. Then building burned down to make sure no other blacks were rented to.


1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riot

Wealthy black neighborhood (built from scratch without help of anyone but themselves) destroyed by Jim Crow Benefactors with arms and ammo happily provided to rioters by NRA. This was the largest race riot in history:

Slocum, Texas massacre

Jesse Washington lynching, Waco, TX

St. Louis, Missouri race riot

This riot sent actress and singer, Josephine Baker, running to another country because she wasn’t CONSTITUTIONALLY safe in her own country

Rosewood, Florida Massacre

Whites Massacre Chinese in Wyoming Territory


For those who have asked, my “Jim Crow Benefactor” label refers to:

white families (Polish, Italian, Irish, German, Greek and other European nations) that migrated to U.S. during Jim Crow *for* the Jim Crow/whites-only-benefits,

THEN ignored how non-whites (and Jews) were treated (with Jim Crow laws funded by non-whites and Jews’ own tax dollars),

while happily and silently taking advantage of housing, jobs and education denied to non-whites and Jews,

THEN raised their kids (the racially spoiled “tyranny” screamers all around us today) culturally and historically ignorant about Jim Crow and non-whites and Jews in U.S. while living in segregated neighborhoods also maintained and funded by tax dollars of non-whites and Jews,

while claiming “United States is a christian nation” (with Native Americans confined to reservations after theft of land, which continually contradicts “christian nation” 24/7).

Also, in the U.S. the treatment of non-whites and Jews during Jim Crow was the same as treatment from :hitler: Adolf Hitler towards Jews and non-whites, as :kkk: ku klux klan, which ran local, state and federal government, was freely able to lynch, rape, torture (men, women and children), as well as destroy and separate non-white and Jewish families at will.

Jim Crow Benefactors just went about their day with “not my problem” attitude while enjoying the benefits and privileges of Jim Crow, including the privilege of denying apartments, jobs and education to non-whites and Jews.

Jim Crow Benefactors and their Jim Crow benefactor children are now screaming tyranny at requests for equal rights for all. :wait: Jim Crow Benefactors describe themselves as christians (just like the rioting persons in photo above), conservatives (just like the rioting persons in photo above) as well as Constitutionalists (just like the rioting persons in photo above), or libertarian in an attempt to set themselves apart from the rioting persons in photo above while holding same beliefs as rioters in photo above.


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  1. Tamra

    The Silent Parade featured by on 28 July 2017Today, Google’s featured image and information highlighted “The Silent Parade, which is another reminder of the history of Jim Crow Benefactor-domestic terrorists


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