Larry Davis Is Dead

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False hero for urban communities and infamous NYPD cop shooter and murderer, Larry Davis, is dead.

I guess he wasn’t a hero in prison after all! Usually, cop shooters are revered and respected in prison, but his cellmates knew the truth about Davis and one just got fed up, about as fed up as I’ve been about hearing the “hero” nonsense stories repeatedly, especially after getting to know Davis personally as well as his crime gang, Reed, Choice, Lisa, Veronica, etc.

Even highly intelligent black people who have never met Davis really believed the hype and that “oh the NYPD is out to get us” while I’m looking right at the black community and see OTHERWISE. The same black community Al Sharpton walks through daily to get to his “Action Network”. Me knowing the truth about Davis is like Moses going to Pharoah, saying “let my people go”, because the Davis story has been misled so grossly for over 20 years, it will take an act of god for urban communities to believe otherwise about Davis.

The hype only Davis story has created so much animosity towards law enforcement (who are not the same 1960s anti-civil rights cops) and made drug dealing a “glamorous lifestyle” to choose (with justification), such that persons don’t have a problem with ramming the car of anyone, including undercover cops. “Don’t snitch, especially against a drug dealer” is now policy in urban neighborhoods. Urban kids ASPIRE to be the street thug now, for supposed respect and power.

But look at who’s respecting them! Huh-lowwww! OTHER DEGENERATES! And the end result is someone is dying in the process of becoming the biggest thug.

Wall Street thugs like, BayMark Partners, and Massey Burch, now those are the thugs you want to be like – do the dirt and never have break a sweat running from the law!

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