Meet A Faithful Rush Limbaughot (Lim-bot)

This Limbot stopped by to champion unsolicited for child predator, George Zimmerman. Like a good Nazi, he patrols twitter to stomp out all things Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman or Rush Limbaugh.


I noticed a lot of championing for Zimmerman, but not of George Zimmerman’s fans can answer following questions with any kind of since, ethics or integrity:

1. Why didn’t Zimmerman wait in his car, especially since he felt a child, Trayvon Martin, was a threat because he was black and walking? Zimmerman could have followed the child from a distance within his car to see which home he was going to AND then found out why he was there, in the process, making sure a child made it home safely, instead of ASSUMING errantly which led to death of a child.

2. Why didn’t Zimmerman wait until the child, Trayvon Martin, actually approach a home and be the hero of the night, instead of exiting his SAFE vehicle and pursuing a child AFTER being advised by law enforcement to NOT do so?

3. Trayvon Martin is repeatedly called a “black, savage, thug” as in Limbaugh circles, but IF Trayvon Martin was white and Zimmerman was black, would the “marks” on Zimmerman suddenly become the marks from a brave, white child (REGARDLESS OF THEIR BACKGROUND) fighting off a “black, savage, thug”? in #tcot world, they want it BOTH ways, or as was said during Jim Crow era: “wanna be right, even when wrong”.

4. Is walking a crime? again, why didn’t Zimmerman WAIT to be the hero of the night: either ensure a child made it home safely OR wait until the assumed “they” made it to an actual home and attempted the assumed burglary?:-|

And this was its conversation I noticed when I previewed its twitter feed just before blocking this Rush Limbaugh garbage.

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