meet @Imaumbn, a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN who’s pro-Israel bombing

Michelle Malkin and klan launched the following hashtag: #HamasBumperStickers WHILE bombing in progress, including children getting bombed. The big irony is the ongoing conflict’s root cause is Israel expanding beyond borders and displacing and restricting residents of Gaza in the process, and borders #tcot screams about PROTECTING here to keep the “scary Mexicans” out, but love the idea of infinite expansion when it comes to Israel! There’s that #tcot hypocrisy again!

They’re also ignorant of the Balfour Act, Genesis 10:2 (Ashkenazi: SW Asia/NE Europe), Numbers 12:1-10, Exodus 4:4-9, Deuteronomy 28) and suddenly blind to borders while screaming Obama should protect our borders!

These comments from @IMAUMBN are all UNSOLICITED!! But note, their final: go away AFTER coming my way, unsolicited!

Michelle Malkin incites bombing of children for land grabs from Israel, and has a cheering squad for it. Fortunately, this person has been suspended.

and meet @Imaumbn’s twin sister:! Birds of a hatriot feather, truly flock together!

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