Moving anyone?

Ok so this past year has been nothing but moves. Move to temp place until apartment is ready. Move from apt to another temp place. Move from temp place to another temp place (thanks for that!). Then move to place, which wasn’t what I expected, but hey now have the choice to move or stay there. Don Diva Missy Kitti’s looking at me like “good luck with that, I’m staying right here”. :|

But main thing is moving from once comfortable life to what I can afford. Those days of comfort are gone. :( Thanks to frauds who ironically are living comfortably and very well without a care in the world thanks to my “comfort”. Funny, most people in my situation would have ended their life or ended the lives of the frauds. But for now, just focusing on me and what I can do daily. I hate it when someone calls me and tells me about something I could do for the future, when the day ain’t over and still dozens of other problems to take care of. Basic stuff that people take for granted, like eating, health, and other basic comforts.

When I hear and see someone complaining who has their own home esp. one that’s fully paid for by someone else, their own car or more than one, ample finances including for buying shit not really needed, and other luxuries not really needed, I start to see a really hideous person that I’m just dying to steer clear of. No point in telling them how blessed they are because if they understood that, they wouldn’t be complaining about trivial stuff while stuffing their faces with extra food, and cluelessly in front of me. Like the still-going-on story of the guy who has been offered almost $5,000,000.00 (yes 5 million) for his swamp land in Florida, but won’t move from it because he’s complaining about having to give up crap for the purpose of restoration! More Story Info

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