Uppity Negress

dayum skippy! ;-)

Uppity Negro 101

saw “Uppity Negress” on a t-shirt at a vendor’s stand in Harlem. normally this would be an insult given its origin.

but the words were written above a picture of Rosa Parks’ infamous mug shot after refusing to give up her bus seat. very powerful t-shirt. and I’m so glad she was UPPITY!

Uppity Negress is also a term used by the degenerate ku klux klan to describe a black woman who refuses to know the place degenerates like David Duke define for them.

know this! my family (Burgess) has been here since the 1600s BEFORE the British rule slave trade and take over of Dutch territories in U.S., and mother’s side since the 1700s under the British-ruled slave trade. so I will not be made to feel as if I don’t belong here, and frankly getting tired of folks assuming I migrated from somewhere else, ESPECIALLY Jim Crow Benefactors!

it’s degenerates like Duke who couldn’t cut it in their own all white country, so they hopped on a boat and came here to continue their degradation. dang, if you can’t be successful with your own, what were your thinking by coming to a country with people NOT of your own kind??? oh my bad, Deut. 28 explains why they’re here (aliens, foreign, unknown to God and worship under a wooden cross). and yeah, how’d that slavery and Jim Crow work out for yall? because the way I see it, northern Jim Crow migrators and European Jews are in charge now with the most wealth! while kkk, spin-off confederates sit back and piss and moan about the good ‘ol days and wait for a Civil War comeback!

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