hmmm, no money. what to do?

well, I did the right thing and worked only to get hustled by slick hustlers. but, hey, I least I can sleep and don’t have to watch over my shoulders all the time.

so rather than me killing myself trying to repeat the last 23 years again, gotta find a way to make up for the comforts lost.

sooo, what’s a quick way to earn $$? well, I guess I’ll become a big time drug dealer or an arms dealer. or I could take someone up on their offer of marriage for citizenship. or I could become a stripper, preferably at a blind folks home. (I can simply describe what I took off and tell them their $5’s, $10’s and $20’s are actually $1’s.)

decisions, decisions…well let me get started. ok, should I contact the DEA first to find out how I’d become a big time drug dealer, as in what to do first and what not to do? will the DEA front me the money to get started? should I go to Columbia South America and begin networking? is there a small business loan to start a home drug trafficking business. man, crime is so confusing.

ok next idea: arms dealer. oooozi, 9 milli-what?? WTF? ENGLISH, pluh-eaze!!! ummm, okay, I’ll come back to this one.

hey, what about this one: find Bin Laden. how hard could that be? Afghanistan? huh? why don’t we just follow Dick Cheney and I’m sure he’ll show up. okay, next idea.

what about a sign that says “I give up, just give me your money”? that could work. I could wear something low cut and revealing.

oh hey, here’s something: an e-mail where I collect 20% of $6,000,000.00 to help some deposed leader of a country. I am so on this…will keep you posted.

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