what is the klan’s problem STILL???

by the way, for those of you who are continually here, I’ve been blogging my rants online since 2001! give my black ass credit for the popularity of blogs today. LOL lemme see if I understand this… the powers that be: President of the United States – white males only, well, until Jan 20, 2009 … Continue reading what is the klan’s problem STILL???

Uppity Negress!

Unapologetic, huh? Well lookie here, so am I!

dayum skippy! Uppity Negro 101 saw “Uppity Negress” on a t-shirt at a vendor’s stand in Harlem. normally this would be an insult, given its origin. but, the words were written above a picture of Rosa Parks’ infamous mug shot, after refusing to give up her bus seat. very powerful t-shirt. and I’m so glad… Continue reading Uppity Negress!