Once again, The Democrats need to use GOP’s actual words for sweeping gun control reform

Pat Bagley's NRA Freedom Schools - from decades ago. It was reposted by Pat Bagley over five years ago, emphasizing that nothing much has changed. https://www.cagle.com/pat-bagley/2018/02/nra-school

Hold GOP to their words! Legislate a bill requiring mental health evaluations prior to gun ownership. Watch how quickly GOP pivots to another excuse, confirming, they’re not about safety, but simply rhetoric for NRA lobbyists money.

When did “definite/definitely” become “definate/definately”?

“Definate/definately” instead of “definite/definitely” is commonly used online, even in articles and blogs. The misspelling of “definite/definitely” is also ironically a common mistake of college graduates, including Ivy League grads. :| What does this common misspelling say about our educational system? “Definitely” is a commonly used word, yet is more often misspelled in the U.S.… Continue reading When did “definite/definitely” become “definate/definately”?

nigga moments vs. Civil Rights

okay, for a few minutes forget about the nonsense with the word! not using the N word won’t change people’s personal opinions of others or undo the history of it. I’m gonna have to borrow “Nigga Moments” from The Boondocks – buy the 1st season DVD, trust me it’s worth every cent.  now…. soldiers and Iraqis are… Continue reading nigga moments vs. Civil Rights