Once again, The Democrats need to use GOP’s actual words for sweeping gun control reform

Pat Bagley's NRA Freedom Schools - from decades ago. It was reposted by Pat Bagley over five years ago, emphasizing that nothing much has changed. https://www.cagle.com/pat-bagley/2018/02/nra-school

Hold GOP to their words! Legislate a bill requiring mental health evaluations prior to gun ownership. Watch how quickly GOP pivots to another excuse, confirming, they’re not about safety, but simply rhetoric for NRA lobbyists money.

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Dialog, racism and guns

John Crawford III - gunned down in Walmart because he was carrying a toy gun

UPDATE to the tragic story of John Crawford: Tasha Thomas, girlfriend of John Crawford, who was gunned down with toy gun in @Walmart, dies in car crash http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/01/girlfriend-of-john-crawford-man-killed-by-police-in-walmart-dies-in-car-crash/ ~now their children have lost both a mother and a father senselessly and avoidably a lot of “dialog” about unarmed black men being shot or killed by… Continue reading Dialog, racism and guns