truth is….

the truth is there is no happy ending for child abuse victims. there’s always a part that’s broken, missing, and lots of regrets to look back on. constant regrets, especially time wasted chasing dreams, and time wasted with frivolous, insensitive, uncaring people who drag the last bit of life out of you.

and when you meet someone great, you just don’t believe it. you’re always waiting for their horror story ending, so you keep your distance while waiting for life to end, while wondering why it began in the first place.

and then you turn on the news and see the smug mentality of priests and leaders who should give hope and courage, but remind you of the evil all around you. these are persons who should show you what doing the right thing by others looks like, but instead victims have to go through more hell to make a CHURCH or so-called CHRISTIANS do the right thing.

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