Dear @CharlieJuliett2

FBI and… Robert Mueller notified as you’re acting like unhinged, disturbed psychopaths on behalf of a dotard.


Your violent tweet against Linda Sarsour is just that: promotion of violence.

However, the following is menacing, terroristic threats, intimidation, etc., all of which reported to FBI and passed along to several persons of interest. And on top of that you’re using MY copyrighted images which is both a federal and civil offense. I would say grow up and move on, but look at your leader. So… we’ll have to do things the James Comey, Robert Mueller way for now, while you sit back and provide more evidence against yourself.

And best part about all of this: I get to go on about my day while they’re STUCK stalking me, wondering what I’m, oops I mean Mueller, oops I mean I’m doing….