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05/25/2020: Content on this @Jack Dorsey Twitter account is NOT associated with, nor me in any way, whatsoever. It is associated with a white nationalist using both a stolen profile pic of a black male and my stolen pic as the header pic and within harassing tweets. This same white nationalist has been harassing, stalking, threatening violence and more, directly towards me since 2008. The person is a direct friend of Jack Dorsey, which is why the threatening, violent, and menacing behavior and content is allowed.

White privilege sure is nice, they get away with so much, while playing victim! This person is upset because their decade long rhetoric and fake info isn’t accepted by me, and assumed liberals. The purpose of the harassment: create fear while attempting to silence my voice. Clearly, this person doesn’t know me. I’ve already been through hell and back, do not fear garbage, as that gives it more power than excrement on sidewalk deserves.

However, if this person has harmed you using while my name, likeness and image, I’m sorry this happened to you. And, you should notify your local authorities as this person is associated with bomb and death threats, while targeting liberals and assumed liberals.

The domestic terrorism issue is now a federal matter to be resolved.

Taken while starving to near death, and waiting for death in 2003 , after losing all assets from back-to-back fraud, Venrock/Rockefellers and Troy Reed-Larry Davis crime gang.
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#BlueLivesMatter or #CorruptLivesMatter ?!

Which is it?? Because it’s confusing, given my DIRECT experiences involving BLUE LIVES AIDING/ABETTING CORRUPT LIVES, which includes cop shooters, violent drug dealing gangs, and unconscionable white collar frauds, all of whom don’t care if anyone, including law enforcement, dies from their actions!!!

Irony: Rockefeller family establishes strict drug laws and sentences, which sends millions of poor to prison for minor drug infractions, then turns around and funds a Ponzi schemer, drug trafficker, money launderer, employment fraud and identity theft (, while having a Rockefeller child addicted to heroin!

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Ray Rothrock Venrock/Rockefeller
The New Face of Evil - Ray Rothrock, Venrock/Rockefeller
I may be sarcastic and make light of things, but I should clarify this is NOT a joke. I know this DIRECT information about because of what happened to me personally at a Venrock invested company.

Need Millions Of Dollars For Your Business Or Pleasure??

Well, contact And tell them Tamra referred you, therefore, you should NOT be denied for any reason.

If Channler Drawdy was given $22 Million to play around with, you should be able to receive whatever you need for any reason.

If told you don't qualify for funding, you will have a credible claim against Venrock because Channler Drawdy was NOT qualified for funding!

A win-win situation! Venrock does not practice discretion when giving away millions. Just ask SteelEye a/k/a and its unethical managers.