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About This Site

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this site isn’t Russian owned! Degenerate white nationalists, kkk, confederates and the like are told to kick rocks here, so you’ll never have to worry about them shouting at you here. What you share here is your content and yours alone, nor will content be censored/removed to appease white nationalists, confederates/kkk et al Pussy Grabber-Trump degenerates that this nation has fought against. Consider this an underground-above ground stomping ground. While Pussy Grabber-Trump and his slaves will be so busy censoring all to cover their fraud, we can run wild here!

About Tamra M. Cronin
Nawlins’ child, born and raised! From The Calliope to Gentilly!! SUGAR HILL!!! I love my city, STILL, and I hate what has been avoidably done to it. I loathe how uninformed, misguided media trashed its history, residents and heritage during Katrina. Those ignorant media members forget teachers, judges, police officers (including my family), celebrities and musicians who made New Orleans the historic city it is, ALSO lost their homes, so NOLA isn’t just a POOR, BLACK TOWN!! But FU Hah-rahl-doh Rah-vera, the consummate Fox News clown!

Daughter of a mother who worked THREE jobs including a federal job to keep a roof over our head and provide basic things we needed. Youngest child of 4 amazing and strong siblings. RIP to my only brother, John, who at five years old, taught me how to read full books at the age of three. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and only wished I could have reached him sooner to tell him one more time how much I love him and that I wouldn’t be here if not for him and his continuous support and unconditional love.

Granddaughter of amazing grandparents, both of whom owned their own successful businesses and homes, and had 9 children each (with one paternal twin uncle dying at birth).

Maternal Grandparents home. So many memories and parties!! But 9 amazing daughters raised here!!

Growing up, we didn’t have much but were surrounded by some of the most amazing and infamous persons on earth. But I/we simply know them as neighbors and/or family.

Survivor of a Level 3 pedophile/child rapist, thus why I speak to closed groups about my experiences to prevent others from wasting many years surrounded by more predators, fake christians, and forgetting to live their life based upon who they want to be, not what was done to them by someone who didn’t care if they lived or died.

I survived, and still surviving that living nightmare thanks to amazing friends and several supportive family members, and a wonderful husband, whose own life is amazing. Husband was a baseball and basketball player, whose H.S. basketball team became regional champs with teammate that included NBA’s Rolando Blackman. After college, where he also played basketball, he went on to become an NYC Transit Police Officer, and during the late 80s at the height of high crime. His unit received several commendations for cutting crime on subways, which back then was like a whole other city and where communication between other cops didn’t really exist. He then transferred to FDNY. In between all of that, he ran several marathons and competed in several triathalons, finishing 5th in one (overtaken by a US Army West Point member during last seconds of downhill skiing competition), and played basketball for FDNY during NYPD/FDNY matches.

I didn’t so so bad myself! I’m a former software engineer at Palm Computing (1.0, 2.0, 3.0* and international products, with the 3.0 product almost not making it out of the door because of me :-)) and Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA). Former technical engineer at PSI Modem, Global Village Communications, Netscape, and Netcom Online Communications. Yes, I’m part of the team responsible for you being online right now. 🙂 If it was up to me, the internet would still be Unix/Linux, and the rest of you would be left offline living in the same bubbles many have created online. :-p

I’m now living in NYC, and I’ve lived in all areas of my country except the Midwest and Northwest areas of the U.S. I’ve lived in communities with all walks of life: rich, poor, all races, nationalities and sexual orientations, even moreso because of this: Live and Learn.

I’ve blogged since 2001, before it was trendy, with first blog about white collar frauds shut down by att.net after SteelEye/Lifekeeper.com-white collar frauds stalked all communications about them (hi Bob Williamson!) to cover up their fraud, and then phoned an AT&T “legal buddy” to have content disabled per their “online terms and conditions”. The frauds written about on this site know they can’t do anything after proudly funding and paying off a white collar fraud, because to do so would mean opening their financial records and more. You also can’t suppress someone’s direct and personal experiences, not even the Rockefellers.

When I speak, it’s from experience, not from living in a bubble and expecting everyone to be exactly the same. DIFFERENCES help us grow and become tolerant, and understand what is missing or needs to be changed. Either we grow together or we remain stagnant, leading to extinction.

I’m also the enemy of white collar frauds, corporate frauds, rapists, and violent, territorial drug dealers with cop shooters in tow as well as their legal muscle, which include corrupt law enforcement on local, state and federal levels that aids and abet their fraud. Of all of my accomplishments, it’s a proud badge of honor to be on the opposite side of destructive, unconscionable predators. And I’ve got official docs from Manhattan DA’s Cy Vance/Michael Gordon, Bronx DA/47th Precinct-NYPD Det. Baldesere and organized criminal Kisha Choice, and Parsippany NJ Municipal Court (Alvaro Leal and organized criminals/money launderers Pressler’s Craig Stiller, Frank Petulo, Steven Lang, and now “officially” dead Sheldon Pressler), AND others whom I’m glad to be standing on the opposite side of history as. Oh and you’re welcome, as many of you are NOW safer by making enough noise or letting their “fake victim” games play out to expose their corruption!!

* LOL I was not a part of the QA team for the Palm 3.0 product, which I’ve heard many complaints about directly. My product areas included the 1.0, 2.0, International PalmPilot products for all versions and Expense app (Lead QA) and other miscellaneous QA activities. After the 3.0 product was declared “manufacturing ready” with team ready for their ski trip reward, I had to use the “manufacturing ready” product to begin testing for its international conversion. I immediately found a show-stopping bug which halted production. Only a company founder thanked me. Hmph. After leaving Palm and relocating to east coast, I provided consumer input back to the marketing team, which included advice for Palm to add other mobile carriers instead of “putting all eggs in one basket” with Sprint. Once again, speaking from direct experience and living in NYC, Sprint was not the most popular carrier and I was literally seeing consumers chose other PDA phone brands because they were not fans of Sprint. Their product was overlooked consistently in Sprint stores with store employees dismissing Palm’s for other PDA phones. Those written ideas were ignored by the Marketing team. Hmmm…where is Palm now? 😉

And if you still need to know more about me, visit “Who Cares?” page. Since you’re clearly a fan, I’m gonna have to give you $1 MILLION DOLLARS** for your loyalty.
** One million dollars to be issued in Monopoly currency. Hey, why’d the smile disappear?! It’s currency! You can buy property, railroads and utility companies as well as pay for hotel stays as you make a rectangle-voyage. 🙂