Things You Should Never Have To Say

Ever wonder why people say the following things, which should NEVER have to be said, but instead should be clearly visible by their actions:

  • “I’m a humble servant of the lord or God.” (now really? I didn’t think humbleness had to be announced so boldly and loudly!)
  • “I have integrity.” (ooooh, ok, I’ll just take your word for it! yeah right! NEXT!!!!)
  • “Trust me.” (and you are?! shouldn’t I get to know what kind of character you are BEFORE you can be trusted?!)
  • “People look up to me.” (and this is because you’re a humble person, right?!)
  • “You can count on me.” (now shouldn’t this be “Let me show you that you can count on me for this next task only.”)
  • “I’m beautiful.” (and apparently modest too! but shouldn’t beauty also be interpreted internally as well. nothing worse than a person whose actions make them look like a complete monster. because remember, even Ted Bundy thought he was beautiful!)
  • “I know a lot of famous people.” or “I work with (drop name here).” (and that means WHAT to me? or benefits me in what way? and do these “famous” people have integrity?)
  • “I’m a christian.” (my favorite contradiction because these are the people who can tell you all there is to know about “Jesus”, except his real name or anything about the old testament which speaks directly of him and his ancestry repeatedly. or the most amazing thing, can’t tell you anything about the begats, which they don’t think matters! but what exactly IS a christian? because if you don’t know beforehand, what good is someone telling someone they are a christian? shouldn’t it be that a person’s actions and character are so admirable that these things are noticed first? because rest assured if I were to look up a definition of christian, I’d find some contradictions with the definition and the person who has to announce repeatedly they are one!)

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