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My brother was such a bad driver, the police gave him a season ticket.
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👩🏾‍💻 Biden vs. Palin VP debate

Sep 27, 2008 4:29pm EST/NYC


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2008 VP Debate Alternative
2008 VP Debate

This SHOULD be a pay-per-view event, because of the enormous amount of comedy involved. But really, their debate will be like Mike Tyson fighting against Steve Urkel or Screech.

And Palin can wear her swimsuit to announce the next round, which may give her a score of 1 to Biden's 78.

Biden should keep saying the word abstinence, every now and then, to confuse Palin. Or Biden should start off mentioning how much funding Palin received for her abstinence-based Governor's election platform.

Or just make the debate a spelling bee! First word: abstinence. LOL

Palin: Use it in a sentence please. 😐
Moderator: Your daughter did not practice abstinence (and you did not return the abstinence PAC 💸).
Palin: Kids, they are gonna do what they want anyway.
Moderator: I am sorry, that is incorrect. The winner is Biden. 🙂

Debate aside, Biden, including family, makes Obama look even more White House classy - got out there and finished college and worked responsibly while overcoming obstacles.

Palin makes McCain look more Jerry Springer classy - creating her own obstacles, while bouncing from one thing to another, including 5 different colleges, and learning nothing worthwhile along the way.


From: "Tamra MB"
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 15:04:38 -0500
Subject: This week on Jerry Springer: The Palins

Man, with the news of Levi Johnston's mother's arrest for drugs, this just hit me.

Day One: "I ain't votin' for that skank" - Sarah and her mother-in-law talk it over. Footage is shown of Sarah pulling her MIL's hair while yelling, "Why DIDN'T you vote for me??!!! Why did you tell people you WOULDN'T vote for me??!!"

Day Two: "You're Fired!" - Sarah, the Chief of Police, and the town librarian, with a special appearance by Anne Kilkenny.

Day Three: "It is All About The Rehab" - Sarah, Track, Levi and Sherry Johnston, and Cindy McCain scrap it up.

Day Four: "Backseat Abstinence" - Sarah, Todd, Bristol and Levi, with a special walk-on from Maury Povich, who is holding the results of the paternity test. "Whooaaaaa, you are NOT the father," while Bristol, Sarah and Todd sigh, "thank god," until it is discovered it is the fired police chief's baby. OH SNAP! It is ON!

Day Five: Sarah and John McCain - bring a sweater, because it is gonna be cold in the studio.

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🔗 Biden vs. Palin VP debate

And Then, There's Always This...

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