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I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.
Lily Tomlin

👩🏾‍💻 Elimi-rape

Jul 4, 2005 11:55pm EST/NYC


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Ok, so you know the TV show Elimidate? Well, how about Elimi-rape? How about we put these twisted...hmmm... — well, 😐 I do not know what to call them, but it sure won't be a human name — but put these twisted predators together for a closed-door reality show:

John Evander Couey... come on down to contestants' row, you sick #&%@! you! bat

Joseph E. Duncan III 😬 YES, you mofo!!! (dead, gone, and sure guarantee Duncan cannot physically hurt anyone, ever again!)

David Onstott... 🤬

Marcus Wesson.... 🤮

And....the lucky lady to be competed for....Karla Homolka a/k/a Karla Teal🤮 Ready girlfriend?! We picked THESE...ummm..."guys" just for you!

Together, in a large room, complete with the finest of poisoned food and the finest crafted furniture, which sends out high volume electric shocks at the slightest touch.

Whomever wins is then treated to a televised beat-down from a variety of parents, who do not want their kids, or anyone's kids, falling into the hands of anyone like them ever again. Ok, so I will not be offered a job as a warden any time, in this lifetime or their next lifetime, but at least I am offering GOOD suggestions, instead of parole, trials, free food and housing, more rapes in prison, manipulation, book publishing predators meeting, and visits from their adoring fans.


Here are 5 bastards, who really should not be alive, that will live comfortably with 3 meals a day, while thousands of children in impoverished countries die daily. And as for Karla Homolka a/k/a Karla Teal, she is now a free woman, who can actually complain about how society treats her, and she wants fairness. WTF?! Well, Karla, let's ask your victims about this, shall we??? Oh wait, we can not, because you KILLED THEM! Maybe people are speaking on their behalf, perhaps.

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🔗 Elimi-rape

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE...

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