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Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind.
Author Unknown

👩🏾‍💻 Hatriots dun lost what little minds they had!

Oct 29, 2022 10:22pm EST/NYC


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badgradestrump and the fools he inspired
You had to be bat shit crazy to believe badgradestrump, a 3-card Monty hustler!

🤔 How hard it must be to run for POTUS as an unknown. I think I figured out what made hatriots snap upon hearing Barack Obama's name as the Democrat candidate for POTUS.

Today, most persons, including me, do not pay attention to Senators from other states, only their own, given 50-states. That's that other state's business, unless the US Senator is out there like Strom Thurmond in 1965! 😲

POTUS primary year is when most persons hear about US Senators, Mayors or Governors, or whomever is running, if person has enough air time. Then, along comes Barack Obama, running against Hillary Clinton, then against John McCain, who picked Sarah Palin as his VP. Hatriots response: "ain't no way this (insert their Jim Crow benefactor reference for anyone darker than white) gonna win!"

Hatriots THEN called up the klan, badgradestrump answered the call. Banks stood with 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡 (badgradestrump) then, because he was speaking FOR them, about President Obama: "what this (insert their Jim Crow benefactor reference for anyone darker than white) gonna do with my money?", followed by every ignorant assumption about non-whites, AND after US government (taxpayers) bailed their irresponsible asses out in 2008, AFTER epic investor waste and fraud!

Meanwhile, meet President Obama: Harvard Law School graduate, with focus on US Constitution (the document hatriots hate because of white supremacy and those "funny laws" they now have to obey regarding equality, voting and civil rights), and a President of Harvard Law Review ⬅️ THAT PART! Sounds very, very, VERY smart to me!


  • President Obama, an intelligent black male, was called too uppity, not good enough for them.
  • Trash badgradestrump was/is perfect for today's Sons of confederate Vets-Strom Thurmond-GOP: stupid AF, angry, white with klan in tow!

Then, the clown was brought in, through their mothership, Fox News. badgradestrump DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO CAMPAIGN FOR OFFICE, as he was given free advertising by Fox News 23-hours a day. Shepard Smith did not comply. All badgradestrump had to do was give klan-like rallies, after birthering his way into their hearts. Twitter and Facebook got on board, cashed in big time!

Also enjoying those rallies, The Apprentice fans (the ones who didn't care about his full page, white supremacist ad about Central Park Five kids wrongly prosecuted/convicted, nor his repeated bankruptcies, business fraud, human trafficking, rapes, adultery, his health records, HIS BAD GRADES and klan father), drugs-to-riches rappers, and Killer Mike's and Ice Cube's, who didn't even VOTE NOR take care of their own come up's after becoming enriched.

Then, the ignorant AF clown was seen by the rest of world, which responded with: WTF? MUTHAFUCKA I'VE BEEN HERE, RIGHT HERE, whole time in Queens, with you. Who you calling illegal? Fuck you mean China-virus? "THE BLACKS" - fuck you mean homey? North Korea is your friend? OH SHIT - after migrating here from pure horror. 😳

So, the clown was brought in, with help from the ultimate white nationalist hookup, Russia, and inspires persons who never get involved in US politics.


Suddenly, hatriots give AF about a sitting POTUS coming to their child's school.




Suddenly hatriots are mad that shit food in public schools, hated since integration, was becoming healthy - Palin's "I drink sugary sodas, nothing wrong with that! Listen to this uppity negress? Eat up yall, eat all the pork and sugar you want," (while Palin had access to fresh produce, healthcare, and dieticians 🙄).

Parents Protest Potential Michelle Obama Graduation Visit, But Not For The Reason You’d Think mommyish.com

Duke and white nationalists chilling in Russia, including with lobbyist for 💰💷💸💵, summoned all their friends to get out and vote, vote to save "THEIR country." The rest of us here were apparently just unwanted decorations, not wanted, and not supposed to speak, especially to THEM.


But same repeating history as when President Kennedy, originating from Massachusetts, ran for POTUS. Low-life confederates: "hold up... ain't dat da state where dim black soldiers, 54-sumpthin from? wait... ain't that where that abolitionist Charles Sumner from? the one who ain't never married??? https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/southern-congressman-attacks-northern-senator

and "ain't he cat-lic, like da people that lynched armed white, European Sweet Baby Jesus? Good lawd, wuz happenin' to my countray?"

Via MN at ourwhirl.com

This after fighting British for their "freedom" in 1700s... WITH SLAVES. 😐 And all this after British defeated Dutch, and created slave for life, but Africans only as slaves, while making Irish paid-indentured servants their overseers, for their free and exploited black labor as property, with threats to do the same to Irish, if they didn't comply. Because "why bother paying Indentured Servants, when I can control both trade AND transport of identifiable Africans," after seeing Spain's "spoils from travels" and Dutch (whites) in US.

British tried to do the same to ONCE ALWAYS FREE Native and Mexican Americans, who refused to work, would rather die first. So, their lands were stolen, and reservations created for Native Americans. Begin African-Americans fight for survival, against guns and ignorance.

And all of this, right after that British Captain dumped, or dropped, off their insane and unwanted persons in 1600s, into what is now known as United States. 😲

🤷🏾‍♀️ Only thing that explains this crazy ass country we live in now. War and chaos upon arrival, while Native Americans, Mexican regions of US, and Africans paid the price, the ultimate price in all of their homelands.

But the toxic, pro-rape, white guys, and THEIR supporters, are angry. 😳

And why the hate of Bill Clinton, who was the perfect southern boy in the eyes of hatriots?

Because he apologized for slavery, and his wife, Hillary, worked for a black woman and exposed harm being done to children who were not being... wait for it... educated to succeed!


But once badgradestrump was given power, and did the most important thing he AND Strom Thurmond-GOP wanted - white supremacy based Tax Cuts And Jobs Act (to drain revenue from cities) and add federal funding for broke ass religious extremist schools, including in remote areas that the general public is not allowed in, badgradestrump became a threat after scaring GOP-Big Daddy's daughter, Liz Cheney.

January 6, 2021 - toxic angry white folks, and their misguided internalized racists.

By the way, Tax Cuts And Jobs Act ACTUALLY defunds police, and has been doing so since 2017. More and more dependency will be placed upon military, which will simply do as told, for public safety and deciding WHOM to help, depending upon who's in the White House.

badgradestrump literally became Jefferson Davis with 100s of Alexander Stephens (Lady Lindsey Graham's) in tow.

GOP don't care who has had an abortion, or an LGBTQ+ child (Cheney-Dick's OTHER daughter). GOP cares about enriching self, and keeping toxic, white, male patriarchy in charge for more money from their under and poorly educated base, their NEW slaves!

badgradestrump thought he owned the country once he became POTUS. It's sad because only about 40-something persons (including reelections) have been POTUS. It's a literal rare opportunity, for some, but not for all Americans. badgradestrump used his time in office to be as ignorant, if not worse than Andrew Jackson AND Andrew Johnson combined!

But badgradestrump's masters, the lawmakers that gave him crime pass after crime pass for decades, and even more passes after birthering, showed him WHO owned the country! NOT HIM!

Lawmakers, cashing in on the new GOP slaves, are having a little trouble putting badgradestrump's birther lid back on: January 6th Committee, records act violation, tax fraud trial, E. Jean Carroll trial, Georgia election fraud, and so many other crimes that badgradestrump is lawyering his way through, until he's finally in federal or state prison, or both. Federal or state prison is where he should have been after badgradestrump University - a whole ass fake university. Or after defrauding city after city, and vendor after vendor (theft by deception after not paying for services solicited).

Was George Carlin a prophet? Funny, but true, because GOP is going after social security, after creating revenue-losing Tax Cuts And Jobs Act


Is now a good time for me to ask for an Asian-American POTUS or SCOTUS Justice?

Or do we have to wait for these mofo hatriots to calm TF down? 😳

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🔗 Hatriots dun lost what little minds they had!


Commenter: Tamra Cronin
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Nov 26, 2022 1:03pm EST/NYC

So now everyone knows: Georgia's Forsyth County area, and almost all but a small section, represented by Marjorie Taylor Greene, IS klan county.

Klan lost its mind after the election of President Barack Obama, and Greene joined team badgradestrump, with confederate pride. AVOID the area. Local non-hatriots should shop outside of the county area, or get items delivered from progressive areas of state and country. Funding the problem will not fix the problem.The area is so vile, there are a lot of blacks, who can, passing for white, and a lot of whites who refuse to get DNA tests, because it will confirm mixed-race heritage in klan county.


The marchers had been marking five years since the 1987 "Walk for Brotherhood" drew international condemnation to all-white Forsyth County. Newspaper accounts describe protesters being pelted with so many "rocks, bottles and mud thrown from a crowd of Ku Klux Klan members and their supporters" that they were forced to abandon the two-and-half mile route. Forsyth County had maintained an unwritten whites-only policy dating to 1912, when white vigilantes lynched a black man and drove out nearly all of the African American residents. The county's reputation as too dangerous for Black folks to even drive through—a courthouse lawn sign in the 1950s and '60s warned "N---er, Don't Let the Sun Set on You" — was well earned. ''I have been in the civil rights movement for 30 years," Hosea Williams, an acolyte of Martin Luther King Jr and organizer of the Forsyth County march, told the New York Times in 1987. "I'm telling you we've got a South Africa in the backyard of Atlanta, Georgia." https://www.thedailybeast.com
Forsyth County today is nearly one-quarter Asian and Hispanic. But only 4 percent of its denizens are Black, in a state where one-third of the people are Black. The county was recently ranked one of the richest counties in Georgia, its grand houses and country clubs obscuring a history of Black bloodshed and standing on sites once occupied by Black churches and homes. That land was long ago stolen from Black folks during a campaign of terror that has been called "the most successful racial cleansing in U.S. history." https://www.thedailybeast.com
Marjorie Taylor Greene's most outlandish quotes—about fire-starting Jewish space lasers and 9/11 fakery—have gotten endless pickup, perhaps because they make her seem like a newfangled breed of far-out crackpot. But Greene's ideas about Black folks aren't innovative or creative, they're just garden-variety, old-school racism. Greene is, of course, a birther who has claimed Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. In a video unearthed this January, she claims that "being in gangs and dealing drugs is what holds" Black and Hispanic men back, concluding "it's not white people." She once stated that there are "white people that are as lazy and sorry and probably worse than Black people," an assessment she probably considers a generous concession. Greene has called Black voters "slaves to the Democratic Party"—racists always love a slavery allusion—and suggested African Americans should be "proud" of monuments to Confederates because they're supposedly a reminder of how far Black folks have come. https://www.thedailybeast.com

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Feb 19, 2023 10:15pm EST/NYC

Was I right... or was I right??!!

LBJ - convince lowest white man quote

So um low-life confederates just found out they've been the new money-making slaves for Fox News? I guess this is why Faux New needed internalized racists. They were missing a market share (black voters) & assumed ALL were stupider than Hannity/Fox. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/rupert-murdoch-american-citizenship-deport-twitter_n_63f15168e4b0c87f32f1abd2

Fox News has become GOP's political cash cow for ignorance. This explains why today's Strom Thurmond-GOP is against education & equality: they want/need obedience, control, like their fav person, Putin.But what I wanna know: who profited from all the Trump flags, stickers, hats, trinkets, etc., all made in China, by the way? That mofo is sitting somewhere laughing their ass off. Or rushing to space before the 3x losers figure it out.That Southern Manifesto playback gets the #prolife, fake Christian, white supremacist crowd riled up every time. Private jets to Capitol/#J6-riled up, so stupid they believed badgradestrump owned Capitol, all of America, including FBI. https://www.thirteen.org/wnet/supremecourt/rights/sources_document2.html

While America advanced through jobs, education, civil rights & access to technology for more non-whites & women, confederates & Jim Crow benefactors sat around & sold hate & memberships to each other, w/ loyalty pledges. Loyalists are now #J6 convicted fools. Even David Duke had to pay up in court after Charlottesville riot. Duke fell for his own Southern Manifesto/Dixiecrat playbook. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/david-duke-charlottesville-rally-trump_n_598f3ca8e4b0909642974a10

And after all his 9/11 bs, badgradestrump & bad grades Kushner "sold" US to Saudis, because their cash cow Putin is losing faster than Fox News fans sent theirs in! Grifters: "Wait 'til you see what Saudis are bringing in..." More guns, anti-civil rights? Or New USA???But, can you imagine the look on Elmer Rhodes' face as he was convicted, LOLLLLLLL and badgradestrump wouldn't even testify on Elmer's behalf, even to say, "I didn't think he was that stupid, he had a Yale law degree. But he should be locked up, someone read me his list of weapons." Rhodes texted/called badgradestrump as he was going commando on Capitol building, while looking like fools for a con artist that countless NY, FL, NJ, NV, CT living/dead victims of trump warned world about, since the 1980s! Either Rhodes is mentally challenged or just that heartless about badgradestrump's victims, so F him!

And it is hard to run for POTUS as an unknown. Fox News first started cashing in on white supremacists w/ unlimited air time to bad-grades-birther. A literal free campaign to White House w/ literal kkk coming out to vote & run too. $$ came-a-flowing. 'Memba Orly Taitz? And 'memba how much Orly had to pay for her endless birther lawsuits? She bought the Faux News birther product!And Terry Lakin? He bought everything Hannity, Tucker, Beck, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Pirro said or sold. Is this why Pirro was driving over 100mph in upstate NY? She couldn't believe the shit she had to read like a well-paid servant, & needed to scream? But Larry Elder, Juan Wms, WTF?Or is it Terry Larkin? That's how non-memorable these "birther hatriots" are, for a man who can't even show his own grades, or answer a subpoena on 1st honest request. But tell me again about black voters being too stupid? A whole ass insurrection was led based upon "The Big Lie," by persons who applaud live murders.badgradestrump & his inferior intellect fans were outraged that humans/children were upset over an ass clown, trained by Bob Kroll (cops4trump), who wouldn't stop taking a knee on a neck (murder).

Bob Kroll's Jim Crow benefactor legacy: https://www.officer.com/command-hq/news/12215638/minneapolis-police-union-head-calls-black-lives-matter-terrorist-group


Now internalized racist Candace Owens is selling a book based upon the same product: ignorance. Owens needs white Fox New viewers to buy her latest product. But why? She's now married to "royalty," after her first coins came from screaming "Black Lives Matter."



And is this why journalists never called out badgradestrump & his loyalists for their white supremacy? That would be insulting to their klan-ish base, while knowing the rest of us would say, "hey mofo, watch that bs, ok!" Fox News KNEW of #J6 before J6! MO' MONEY, MO' MONEY! Even Twitter & Zuckerberg got paid. And the number of solicitations from black persons, who sounded like Jim Jones cult members, who approached w/ that #walkaway, #blaxit shit! I guess they were trying to say, "come get paid to sell hot air. I need you to fool trump & get paid" And I knew personally of 3 badgradestrump frauds and physical harm to others. Persons suffered hardships because of either not being paid/defrauded, raped as a child, & zoned out for his profits. The man had a whole fake university. 3 card Monty like a mofo!

And, speaking of "groomers," which site or source(s) (TV, print) "groomed" Buffalo Tops store shooter? His parents sure are quiet AF! Were they Fox News fans, while also living in an historic abolitionist area, including w/ John Jay & family. Jay's slapped confederates w/ education coming & going!! The #FAFO Lemmon case was hysterical: so you come into my courtroom, arguing for your slave property, w/ insurance receipt for loss of your, what, "property"?! The persons you are referencing 'loss of,' are in FREE, I HELPED THEM live THEIR best life! fck off, next!"

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Feb 24, 2023 9:08pm EST/NYC

Omg Donald badgradestrump Jr. is pushing rhetoric almost 24/7. What is going on in his life? Is he keeping up the brand, to milk hatriots, for living expenses, given company's tax fraud conviction? & what does the Gug-something girl do, while he rants bigotry? Applaud? Because I can't see Don Jr. going out and applying for a job. Or does the #TrumpCrimeFamily move to their last banking source: Saudi Arabia, esp. if China, their other banking source, helps Russia. This is what happens when you grift/are owned, rather than own.

Right now, black rappers & artists, who respect badgradestrump, have actually put in more work THAN Trump & his kids, & 2 of his wives. They actually earned their mogul-hood status, while Trump is a fraud & racist. Ain't that some shit?

badgradestrump was literally filing bankruptcies during The Apprentice tapings, while selling his "racism got me started" name as a brand. Even #nyc got hustled byTrump, left holding his debt. The confederate-Vanderbilt bldg grift! #TrumpCrimeFamilyThen casinos, boxing, still badgradestrump was "broke." Because he had no money of his own to start with. You give an actual smart & successful person , an entire generational franchise is created. Trump was trash before, during & after POTUS, but found a cash cow: GOP.And knowing 3-card Monty hustler badgradestrump like #NYC does, Trump, bc he's dishonest, didn't trust GOP, so he sold US to Saudis on his way out, while keeping his fingers crossed for Putin. Now, GOP is promoting national gun, AR-15, while pushing for ONE conservative, fake-christian, regressive culture.

Through Sons of confederate Vets-Strom Thurmond-GOP, bin Laden won!

And then there's Bad Grades Kushner! Can you imagine, Chris Christie having to play nice w/ the son of Charles Kushner? Polly-ticks makes strange bedfellows, in this case, literally!

  1. https://www.alternet.org/2019/03/rich-people-can-buy-their-kids-access-to-elite-colleges-and-it-looks-like-jared-kushners-father-did-just-that/
  2. https://theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/18/jared-kushner-harvard-donald-trump-son-in-law
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/charles-kushner
  4. https://heavy.com/news/2016/07/charles-kushner-jared-dad-ivanka-father-in-law-donald-trump-jail/
  5. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nj-scandal-sex-money-politics/
  6. https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-secret-papers-of-lee-atwater-who-invented-the-scurrilous-tactics-that-trump-normalized

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Jun 6, 2023 9:10pm EST/NYC

listening to a white family member right now, as if they're Forrest Gump, b/c this piece of history really happened in front of them:"I was six (1965), there were all these angry white men outside yelling and screaming w/ tiki torches, bats and more. My father told us to stay down, don't go outside, don't pay them fools no mind."They were yelling "n*gg*rs must be stopped."

So I'm like, what happened in 1965? It should have hit me like a brick given 1964 Civil Rights Act: "now I gotta let them in my school, stores and neighborhood?" <— European migrants who moved here DURING Jim Crow/whites only. Then 1965 Voting Rights Act: "now they're gonna elect black leaders, my family didn't migrate here during equivalent of Auschwitz to be around all these...."

Enter Obama, and out came birther clown, badgradestrump, whose family led racist attacks against non-whites in Queens, as well as promoted "whites only" for profit.And now, Sons of confederate Vets have PACs with countless white supremacists funding PACs! Watch the violence as military started renaming confederate-named bases!

White people 'bout to riot, they don't like being told what to do (bans, segregation, who they can and cannot associate with - same as Jim Crow laws, designed for white male patriarchy first/only). Whites are now segregated and denied, with less rights. But they can buy all the guns wanted! Fort Hood and Fort Bragg already renamed! Two vile confederates, and Fort Lee is next up! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna83503

And Ft. Hood named after Mexican American too. Low-life confederates still playing chess, while people are literally playing checkers, while paying into white supremacists "family values" PACs - see "blacks for badgradestrump, "walkaway," "blaxit," internalize racist Tim Scott, or whatever they're calling themselves.Y'all be safe: because Jim Crow benefactors are buying guns like crazy around here. One 65-year-old Jim Crow benefactor here in NYC was just arrested w/a stockpile, https://abc7ny.com/queens-shooting-kew-gardens-man-charged-charles-foehner/13332122/, but called hero for shooting non-white at 2 am!! I won't be surprised if he solicited the younger person, or said something offensive, "feeling white man empowered" while armed! When your neighbors, fellow citizens are armed to a tee AND support #J6 insurrectionists, while silent about Con DeSantis as trans kids are under attack, things will only get worse. When they are that open w/ hate and violence... what does anyone think will happen next??!!

But, if they were that crazy in 1965 to protest nationally, no surprise at what hatriots just did to Capitol on #J6! https://youtu.be/3qlylxu7wvc 0:56 mark same words today, while Jim Crow benefactors are banning all that they don't like!But in my family's DNA: fighting confederates, and racism, plus family from Ireland where they were under UK rule, so they know the deal with being complacent with fascism and racism.

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE...

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