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👩🏾‍💻 One of NYPD Detective Russel Timoshenko's killers get life plus 55 years

Feb 28, 2009 2:27am EST/NYC


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NYPD Detective Russel Timoshenko
NYPD Detective Russel Timoshenko

sad This case outraged me from the start. Because while Al Sharpton decided to take over the city over the death of Sean Bell, WHICH WAS AVOIDABLE on every level, nonstop killings and shootings were occurring throughout the city.

One of these shootings was the ambush of Officer Russel Timoshenko and Officer Herman Yan, after a traffic stop involving a stolen luxury SUV. Det. Timoshenko was shot point blank in the face and died days later from his injuries. Russel Timoshenko was his parents' only child. Det. Yan was severely wounded.

This incident preceded the consecutive shooting deaths of mothers while playing with their children, and the shooting death of NYC Corrections Officer Kenneth Duncan, who is black. And these shootings were centered around a "do not snitch" policy. Meanwhile, Sharpton and his protesters are marching in the streets, claiming the NYPD has no respect for black lives, while having zero regard for the savage shootings of black persons in front of their own homes. The majority of the protesters did not even know anything about Timoshenko or Yan, including their names, even with extensive media coverage. I almost got the impression that the same folks protesting, wanted the monopoly on killing, as in NYPD can't kill us, we need to kill each other and not snitch about it. 😐 I did not even see a statement from Sharpton about Timoshenko's or Duncan's death.

I know I was deeply saddened upon hearing the initial story of the shooting, and prayed continuously for both officers immediately after the shooting. I kept hoping for a miracle for Officer Timoshenko. Then, the news of his death came, along with many tears and questions. Yet, I did not personally know either Timoshenko or Yan. For any human, your heart goes out to someone wronged, and especially harmed in a senseless way.

Three soon to be killers were riding in stolen vehicle stopped by Officers Timoshenko and Yan. And casually riding with a bucket of chicken - I guess stolen cars give you an appetite. These three men boldly shot both officers, and neither stayed around out of concern for the life or death of either officer, but then all three pointed the finger of blame at the other like cowards. If you want to blame someone else, at least be the one who stayed around and called for help or assisted other officers with finding the shooter.

Thanks to Pennsylvania law enforcement, they were apprehended after fleeing. So now the trial comes. One of the killers, Ellis is acquitted of murder AND attempted murder, yet was fully present in the car, but received ONLY 15 years for a weapons charge. But get this, he was out on the streets after serving time for gang raping a child. surprised

The trial of another of the killers, Woods, ends in mistrial. surprised WTF?! Did someone on the jury need the incident spelled out, or was this part of animosity towards NYPD over Sean Bell's incident? We will see what happens as the trial restarted this week.

Bostic, the third killer, received life plus 55 years - there is no death penalty in NY State. he is off the streets, but taxpayers have pay to clothe, feed, medicate and more for Bostic until his death. His family will get to visit him as much as they would like, while the Timoshenkos can only visit memories. And because Bostic killed a cop, he will be a hero in prison.

But here is where it really gets sick: Bostic had the audacity to read an antagonizing poem just before being sentenced. Hopefully, the poem allowed the additional 55 years to be added on! Bostic had no remorse and blamed others - gee, where have I seen this before?! The Larry Davis bullshit just before his sentencing after beating previous cases! Bostic was mimicking his idol, I guess. And, if so, he probably obtained the fabricated version of the Larry Davis story via bootleg. Or I guess it is standard behavior to be a defiant thug on the way to the prison cell. Not even an apology to the family now suffering.

So now I am wondering how much time I, a woman, will get for breaking into the men's prison, stabbing Bostic to death, then standing over him to read a short but sweet poem "The End, Goodbye" <<< that will be entire poem? I can definitely plead insanity, and maybe be out in, say, 10-30 minutes. 😊

Officers Timoshenko and Yan did nothing wrong. They were simply doing their job. Woods, Ellis and Bostic did not care who was shot, including passer-bys. And as you get to know more about Timoshenko and Yan, you discover they both are extremely good people. All of which just makes you wonder why this had to happen, and why in the hell was Ellis even on the streets. He should have been locked down for life after gang raping a child, as that clearly showed he has zero respect for the life of others.


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🔗 NYPD Detective Russel Timoshenko's killers sentenced

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