Where’s Your Stalker Exchange Department?

Umm… dayum! I couldn’t even get a smart stalker. I’ve got the stupidest, non-spelling one. And here’s where the brightness aspect comes in. They go through such a dramatic effort to e-mail me directly via my contact page, which is done by a human, and does this from an AOL account, which is typically done via a phone line, and which is linked to their credit card and name. Then sends the dumbest e-mail asking about someone I hardly even know, then when regretfully told (should have just ignored them, but you never know) “sorry, you must have me confused with someone else”, continues to send “cat and mouse” e-mails, and then when trapped like a dumb rat, plays the “somebody’s been breaking into my e-mail accounts, it must be you”, but of course NOT with all those literate words. The e-mail was filled with typo, after typo, after typo. Yeah… umm… ok, surely there’s a pill for that kind of stupidity. It’s like stalker: get a clue…my daily priorities do not involve hatching out cartoonish plans against losers I could really care less about. And if I’m that talented, wouldn’t I want to apply “hacking” skills for something profitable, instead of a non-profiting delusional non-spelling loser? My day actually involves realistic things like eating, sleeping, rebuilding and living, including living and rebuilding as far away from losers who can’t get a clue, or just ignoring them or using them for entertainment like now. But apparently their day DOES involve cartoonish dramas, which confirms I have a really stupid stalker. *Sigh* Maybe I can upgrade my stalker for a Dennis Haysbert or Tom Welling/Clark Kent type.

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