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👩🏾‍💻 What In The World Happened?

Jun 4, 2004 9:52am EST/NYC


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Poverty: What In The World Happened
Explain how lawmakers representing mass poverty are wealthiest persons in nation?

Big Ass Update (2008):

I have now directly seen the other side of what happened: politics and Jim Crow-benefactors!!!

Living in the NYC area, I've encountered many persons screaming, "My family came here with nothing and made something for themselves. Why can't 'the blacks' do for themselves?" The majority of persons screaming this were/are Jim Crow Benefactors (European migrants), whose family flocked to US during Jim Crow, FOR "whites only."

Relentless confederates are just bitter that non-whites can now speak and exist in same public space as them, and they're waiting on their confederate savior to restore them to the top of their excrement pile.

But let's take a look at what Jim Crow Benefactors accomplished during Jim Crow:

1. Welcomed for housing, jobs, education, healthcare AND VOTING without being turned away.

That's it! That's their accomplishment!

Meanwhile, jobs, housing, education, healthcare, and voting systematically denied to non-whites since slavery, and until 1965. Now, voting rights are under attack, especially with the election of the first black POTUS, which has enraged Jim Crow Benefactors, because they wholly believe the country they migrated to, was FOR "whites only", and should always be for "whites only", as "whites only" is all they've been accustomed to in every aspect of their life, while ignoring the actual history of others in the United States.

concise history of black and white relations in us

And while jobs, housing, education, healthcare, and voting were systematically denied to non-whites, Native Americans were stripped of their land and way of life, while being rounded onto reservations. Whatever Native Americans tried to do to re-empower themselves, angered Jim Crow Benefactor low-lifes, including Donald Trump.

Now, I've seen and see the actual results of systematic oppression and denial of opportunities. I see it in the faces of many who are even too tired to even try. And I see the evil of the persons, who benefited from denials to others. And it's not just in their faces, but their actions, judicial system and legislation, to ensure survival is slim to none.

However, what are all the churches for in each community -- poor, middle-class and wealthy? To attend for appearances only? And black pastors, who represent poor areas, are riding to their churches from their luxury homes in luxury cars, while their flock gives all their money to a con artist, who will stand with hatriots to vote against their own interests, and while paying ZERO taxes. The taxes paid by their church members often prevent them from buying something as basic as food, while their pastor tells them to "pray". 😳

23 July 2005

Ok, so here's what I don't understand: African-Americans and other non-whites had substantially less resources and options just over 25 years ago, yet didn't resort to the degrading lifestyle that many have chosen today. By lifestyle, I mean armed robbery, murder for profit, and keeping an entire area hostage, for their organized crime profit.

White collar frauds and organized criminals ironically think they're "better than" others who engage in their same crimes, because white collar frauds are above the law in many areas, especially in lawmaker circles. However, neither are never better than anything, as their gain is someone else's suffering!

It must have been meant for me to see the degrading conditions that exist today in major city areas and among white collar frauds. Maybe this letter is why. And I invite all members of congress proposing new resources, funding and more, for certain low-income and public assisted areas for non-disabled, to live in the same urban areas for at least 1 week to 3 months before making *any* decisions. I also invite members of the NAACP to spend more time daily, as many Mormons are, in these same areas, before releasing another letter or even a complaint about anything. Otherwise, both money and time are simply being wasted, and I'm sure they'll agree after residing in one of the low-income neighborhoods or public housing.

I feel more like the sucker daily, or that I was lied to about "work hard and it'll pay off". Only to see all the hard work go down the drain because of degrading individuals from two different sides of low-income areas, who would kill their own mother or child for a fast buck - a low-class white collar criminal and a low-class multi-generation welfare recipient and street criminal.

So, while I was working since junior high school and including during college (not even a break to just study), sacrificing a lot, putting in long days, saving and stressing over retirement, many just raised their kids to wait on someone to provide for them, come and rescue them, or hand them a "get rich quick" deal at anyone's expense, while living in filthy, animal-like conditions, or living like kings while someone else paid the price for their white collar fraud or was overlooked.

When I asked for something as a child, I was told point blank I couldn't have it or I'd have to wait, or get a job and buy it myself. We also had household chores. And this was regardless of where we lived: in our middle-class neighborhood home or the segregated housing projects many African-Americans in New Orleans lived in up to the early 70's. Household chores included outside and inside chores. The house had better not be messed up while our mother was away. This was all in spite of a dysfunctional father rarely around, without my mother making excuses for not working (she worked 2-3 jobs with 4 of us), keeping area clean, and showing respect for others. So I'll say it again, and again and again, it's not where you live, it's HOW you live.

When you walked down the street, you better speak with respect to your elders, because without them, we wouldn't be here. And "you bet not act up" in public. A child will even get disciplined at a funeral. There was never a "not a good time to discipline your children". Your teacher was someone respected, not someone to sleep with, threaten or belittle, or "pass you through" because you're rich. You listened to your teacher and didn't talk back. You questioned what was said later, but for comprehension and understanding. It was called showing respect for someone, who was also treating you with respect and dignity, and looking out for your best interest. There was also no need for police stations or officers inside the school, because you were in school to learn, not "bring the drama".

If you "temporarily lost your mind" and decided to do or say something stupid, the tone that was taken, while being disciplined by your parent, a neighbor or teacher, made you pay attention. No hitting was required, because you realized this person was not playing. And what was said didn't have to be repeated again. You didn't want it to be repeated again if it had to be, because rest assured, it would not be a verbal repeat. Knowing the final person you had to deal with would be a parent, if you did something wrong, was a reason to NOT do it. You could picture the outcome beforehand, and make the decision to just pass on whatever dumb idea your friends were planning, because you learned from following them before, your mother would pack your bags and send you on your way to be stupid on your own. And whatever system/government you had, you worked with it or around it, without degrading yourself, because you knew your self-worth, i.e., "picked your battles wisely".

Ok, so now those "glory" days are gone. Let's skip to present day society. In almost every major city, African-American kids could be heard before being seen, and heard saying some of the foulest things that would even make a sailor blush. Same with today's Hispanic kids, especially from a car -- the car's music shows up 10 minutes before they do, giving you time to prepare the "rolling-eyes-are-you-deaf?" look on your face. Many are also wearing hip-hop clothing with images of guns and violence, partially clothed women, and some with profanities on their outfits. (That would have been burned in my house!) And when is that sports jersey throwback look EVER going out of style?! Even more appalling, is the behavior of some of the wealthy athletes behind the jerseys being worn (lack of integrity, infidelity, drugs, violence and more).

And while all of this is going on, privileged, white collar frauds are doing the same: no respect for others, complete disregard for well-being of others, and ready to kill over money, WHILE GETTING TAX BREAKS from lawmakers.

When I was younger, I looked up to the girls and women around me, not someone on TV. However, today girls, who dress like "hookers in training" based upon what's sold and marketed to them, are so quick to open their legs to anything before opening their minds, the Kim Kardashian era. Then, have nerve to complain about the father of her new baby "not taking care of his responsibilities". Well, her responsibility was to know how much money she had available before becoming pregnant. Children aren't free or cheap. Whatever both she and the child's father had in her pockets, that should have been thought of as her primary source for childcare, not someone else. But the reality is, if these girls (who repeat the same thing as women) knew this information was required before a child support claim could be filed, two things would happen instead of more responsibility towards sex: more child killings and more abandoned children, while wealthy girls simply have private, luxury-facility abortions.

And to whom do these kids go home to? A parent or grandparent with their head in the sand or so busy hustling others, they don't have time to worry about their child. Or in many cases, teaching their children how to hustle and break the law right along side them. But in rural areas, there is no help, no resources, nothing. People are truly fending for themselves, as if in a third-world country, but yet still living with self-respect and dignity. While in metropolitan areas, repeated funding is provided to street hustlers and white collar frauds.

So I ask you, where in the world did grimy people come from?! Or did it take for me to go through hell and back to notice two sides of the same coin, ironically against each other: "The Man" vs. "organized criminals"? And more important, instead of contributing to it by paying for it with free and low-rent housing, free utilities, food, funding, including tax breaks for white collar frauds and wealthy, why isn't money spent on stopping this ridiculous cycle?! Which brings me to the next question: National Association for the Advancement of WHAT or WHO?!

I didn't see any members of the NAACP in any of the low-income urban areas educating or providing guidance, nor did I see any of them after reporting massive white collar fraud that affects and neglects urban areas. But I did see Mormons daily, which was puzzling. With fewer resources over 25 years ago, African-Americans worked together, pooled their resources and had their own thriving communities, banks and other services in many areas, areas that many exclusively used. And this was regardless of where residing.

I would say it's the "economy" that's contributing but many people have been living the same way since Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and both Bushes. And with each elected official, the same happens: complaints about not enough being done, with access to resources, or resources are stripped to cater to white collar frauds or organized criminals, while people in extremely dire situations have little or no resources, and their politician becomes wealthier.

Deceased civil rights workers of all nationalities are probably jumping up and down in their graves! "All that work for this?!" In spite of being given the freedom to go anywhere in the world, the freedom to obtain knowledge or to soar as high as they'd like, it's almost like the repeat of freeing slaves again, which was the equivalent of freeing birds with a brick tied to their backs. But this time an invisible brick is tied to the backs of many. With never ending options and voices, the same poor neighborhood born in, is the same neighborhood many will live and die in, even at a young age. That's if the poor aren't sent off to a war to die for someone else's wealth and well-being. However, always in the back of my mind, I have to wonder "what if" about positive policies granted for black persons and freed slaves, during and immediately after the civil war, but reversed by President Andrew Johnson for the benefit of slave masters, and their ancestors, many of whom are current white local, state and federal leaders.

I thought the purpose of welfare and aid was to help a person temporarily get their life together and focus on a better future. And I'm STILL unaware of purpose of corporate welfare given nothing "trickles down". Welfare doesn't mean provide a lifestyle of the rich and famous, but at least allow the ability to focus while having daily basics taken care of. This I know first hand. You can't focus on anything, or think about partying, when you're homeless or near homeless, starving and can't buy basic things.

But here's where the mystery comes in: while many are legitimately in need yet ignored, which is the case for many today in many rural and city areas, the home situation is more than taken care of, including in prime real estate areas. Rent, utilities and food are paid for by the state or federal government. Yet, the focus daily is committing a crime, supporting crime, partying, designer clothing - even fake designer clothes, drinking, drugs, having sex, having knowledge of nothing that involves a legal plan, fixing up the car or home with an expensive sound system and having the latest music always blasting, while complaining when a child needs something like food and basic clothes, and showing complete disrespect to anyone who they feel doesn't give them "props". And if it's so rough being on welfare, why bring another child into the same situation, OR keep funding the corporation with more welfare?! I'm not saying this is everyone on welfare, but this appears to be common throughout the United States. The irony is the highest welfare use in country is Owsley County, Kentucky, which is 99% white and 95% Republican. But that's a whole other article, given Mitch McConnell is one of the wealthiest persons in this country, and amassed that wealth while shafting his own constituents and rest of country.

I recently saw (and heard) a guy drive into a low-income/public assistance apartment area, music bumping so loud, windows were shaking. I thought it was a parade. And it was 7:30am (YES, morning!!). Here's the other surprise, he had an infant in the back seat of his car. He then exits his car, wearing a throwback sports jersey, long baggy shorts, and I'm sure expensive sneakers, leaves his car running and all doors open (it was already about 97+ degrees outside - in the south), while leaving his child strapped inside a car seat WITH the music still blasting, with all sorts of profanities from a rap song. He then returned to the car at about 7:55am. Yes, 25 minutes later. That was called "doing his thing"! I felt sorry for the baby, but even sorrier that you couldn't tell him anything because his attitude was like "what the f**k ever". As much as I was itching to get a license plate, too far to see it. My only concern was making sure the child was unharmed. I became the baby sitter from a distance because he was too stupid to care!

Then, there are the Spanish living in urban low-income and public assisted areas. The house contains all the latest electronics (which benefits wealthy store owners and manufacturers neglecting their areas), and, of course, the rims and accessories on the car are more expensive than the car itself. Insurance? Fa-get-about-it! And the attitude is "where I live is my world", and whatever I want to happen, happens regardless of who is around. Disturb the peace with my music and friends? Too bad, let them deal with it, because I'm proud. And whatever I don't want to happen, I resolve it in a shady, illegal way, if not with violence — same mentality as wealthy white collar frauds. The irony is many poor Spanish hate black people (insert Vicente Fox comment or stamp here). Go figure! Meanwhile, in NYC one low-income black male can only focus on having sex with a Spanish female with no concern for another pregnancy — "that's the state's problem" is his attitude.

Bottom line is many living in low-income and public assisted neighborhoods are living better than those working multiple jobs or long hours trying to make ends meet for their family, and just as good as white collar frauds. They're happy, and I say this because they're comfortable with, and not concerned about the conditions of their neighborhood or the neglect of their area to "save white collar frauds," while not voting their representative out. Look at Bronx, NY's pro-white supremacist, Ruben Diaz Sr., his wealth vs. mass poverty that he represents.

Beer and other alcohol bottles, along with drug paraphernalia align streets and garbage areas. The kids just play around it. Home and car electronics and accessories, if auctioned off in one neighborhood alone, would fund a small impoverished nation. Kids come and go, and do whatever it is they please, including further damaging their area or property, or being rude and disrespectful to adults working to keep their kids safe. Many kids are guided more by the lifestyles of music stars, and will take any shortcut to get the same lifestyle (sex, crime, sell soul). Many couldn't tell you anything about what happened in school because they're too busy "keepin' it real". The mentality is "don't snitch" to "the man", who's considered evil (while "the man" is paying taxes from a legal job, or via a "front" to cover up illegal activity). Therefore, crime and hustling prevails, and criminals are respected and feared more than their parents.

This is also why so many hard-working people in low-income areas, who want more out of life and achieve it legally, immediately move out and don't look back. Even the organized criminals and hustlers, who used the neighborhood as a stepping stone for their wealth, move out to better areas! Many would like to help those from their old neighborhood, but can't, or can't even enter it without feeling like prey or a hostage-to-be. The mentality is so bad, you feel like you're throwing your money away or just being hustled. However, some money being poured into areas is coming from everyone anyway, even those who have never seen the actual inside of these areas.

But there are also areas, where getting out isn't even necessary, because life is VERY good at the expense of others, as good as life for white collar frauds living in luxury communities:

Section 8 abuse in Williamsburg Brooklyn
While non-whites are portrayed as highest welfare and Section 8 recipients, here's another example of that not being true.


So if you ask me, "the man" ain't evil enough! (Naaah wait, those at the top are beyond evil and twisted, but some destruction is being done internally!) Stop sending money, stop providing resources that are simply used to commit a crime or live like kings off backs of others. Send those who just don't care, and/or those who support "Don't Snitch" which infests crime, tickets to other areas like Jamaica or anywhere in the islands, and let them learn the history of that area, and that even includes low-income Spanish-Americans, because they too are part of that once "slave trading port and break 'em in" island area. Or if possible, send them all tickets to West Africa or Spain to see how others are living with and without resources. Let them learn their history and value and how they're worth more than white collar frauds, who ironically use their existence to profit more, while government creates propaganda against them. Obviously giving money is not doing anything, except creating more problems with comforts to match for generations, as well as creating more division among Jim Crow Benefactors, who think they built our country exclusively, while burying the history of who they are and what their abilities actually are.

There have been major efforts to help, some successful, some not.

And if you read all this, I guess you must be someone concerned as well, not to mention had some time available. 😊 Because rest assured, the people written about probably wouldn't read any of it unless it contained the lyrics of a favorite degrading song or was part of another white collar fraud hustle.

Paying In More Ways Than One

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4Jun2014 HARLEM HOUSING COMPLEX RAIDS LEAD TO MORE THAN 100 GANG INDICTMENTS. Instead of WORKING TOGETHER, they had beef with other housing projects members, and caused so much crime, such that kids couldn't go out to play and outdoor events had to be canceled because neighbors were live-in hostages.

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE...

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