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👩🏾‍💻 Live and Learn, How I Paid For Venrock's Fraud

May 29, 2005 8:15pm EST/NYC


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Venrock, a Rockefeller Ponzi scheme funding fraud.
Taxpayers bailed out the banks, which bankrolled their fraud and friends. But tell me again about poor, liberals and migrants draining your tax dollars?

Updated from 2005-2023

Investor Fraud and Waste - from local level to Capitol Hill!

"Boehner, Summers, Cantor, Inc." AND Paul Ryan, Roy Blunt, Rob Portman and John Cornyn bailed investor frauds and creeps out in 2008, and with stupid pride!!! How did that work out?! 😐

ATTENTION: Hatriots: President Barack Obama did not bail out banks in 2008. President Obama was not elected until 2009, and was not involved in the backdoor deal banking bailout, fully supported by John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell a/k/a The Boys of Summers. This rinse-repeat fraud process, described below, ran from 1998-2008, since today's Strom Thurmond-GOP took over House, with no direction for OUR country.

See Venrock-Drawdy Law Petition - available since 2000, so #teaparty is a day late and several billion dollars short! But, if you need free $$$, click here to start.

FYI: Venrock.com staff, Brian Ascher included, told me to jump off a bridge (kill myself), with resounding laughter heard by Venrock staff, and there I'd find all that I lost because of their negligence and $22-million-dollar funding of a Ponzi schemer.

Their lack of ethics and lack of decency are further examples of how Venrock's staff has degraded the legacy of Laurence Rockefeller, who helped fund Spelman University's start. Venrock's staff was also as quiet as a mouse peeing in cotton during any and all #BlackLivesMatter protests, while staff members cheered on January 6, 2021's violent insurrection!

Meanwhile, THIS is what your tax dollars fund, including GOP's revenue-losing #TaxCutsAndJobsAct: laws and protections for white collar frauds, first and foremost!

Imagine how you'd feel... you have been working legally, paying taxes since you were a teenager; you pay your bills and build up a flawless credit report and excellent credit rating (which doesn't happen overnight); you invest and spend wisely; and you don't have ANYONE but you to pay your expenses, as in no free rides. There were times that I worked weeks in a row, only going home to shower. My pets were enjoying my apartment and home more than me, they knew my neighbors more than me, so much, that when I moved to the East Coast, I was asked if they were moving too. 🤣😂

Then, along comes a fraud, with help from multi-billion dollar investors, who starts a financial downfall, and THEN the fraud is rewarded with more millions in the end, leaving you with nothing but "WTF??!!". EVERY law that should have protected me, was manipulated by a Ponzi schemer, with 100% backing from Venrock.com to protect their fraud and deception ONLY.

$460,000.00++ lost, with $100,000.00 lost in first year alone, and nearly DIED. But buy their products, so that a convicted securities fraud can live comfortably for his fraud and deception! And the products involve protecting YOUR secure and financial data!!!

Kansas Office of Securities Commissioner: https://insurance.kansas.gov/securities - note Administrative case number is from 2002, and easily available upon request. Provide this archived URL: https://www.ksc.ks.gov/Archive/ViewFile/Item/374

Stellar Solutions, Inc., Channler D. Drawdy: Notice of Intent to Invoke Administrative Sanctions (7-26-02) - a copy of the archived Administrative Proceeding can easily be requested from Kansas Insurance Department. Proceedings: https://insurance.ks.gov/department/legalIssues/KSC-orders.php

Prior to Venrock.com giving Drawdy $22-million to play around with, Drawdy and his drug trafficking, money laundering family, defrauded investors, and various others, of millions -- how he made his living prior to Venrock.com's $22-MILLION-DOLLARS to play around with. Venrock wrote off loss as a tax write-off. https://kansascity.bizjournals.com/kansascity/stories/1997/09/15/story7.html (PDF file: https://www.itamra.com/wos/files/kansascity-bizjournals.com-channler-drawdy-stellar-solutions-inc-fraud.pdf)

(PDF) Via Kansas Office of Securities Commission: Stellar Solutions, Inc. Channler D. Drawdy Fletcher D. Sapp John T. Julian - Notice of Intent to Invoke Administrative Sanctions https://www.itamra.com/wos/files/Stellar_Solutions_Administrative-Channler-Drawdy-Fletcher-Drawdy.pdf

(PDF) Via Kansas Office of Securities Commission: Stellar Solutions, Inc. Channler D. Drawdy Fletcher D. Sapp John T. Julian - Order of Sanctions-- Channler Drawdy https://www.itamra.com/wos/files/Stellar_Solutions_Order-Channler-Drawdy-Fletcher-Drawdy-John-Julian.pdf

Channler Drawdy, the Ponzi schemer: Via State of Kansas Securities Commissioner - https://tamra.nyc/channler-drawdy/ (PDF)

Ultimate irony:
Rockefeller family establishes strict drug laws and sentences, resulting in millions of poor being sentenced for minor drug infractions, while the Rockefeller name is built up as the family to "image" after. THEN, Rockefeller family turns around and funds a Ponzi schemer, drug trafficker, money launderer, employment fraud and identity theft, while having a Rockefeller child/heir addicted to heroin!

Thugs, Drug Traffickers, Money Launderers, Ponzi Schemers, Adulterers, Frauds, Creeps, Degenerates, and Nightmares:

SteelEye Technology a.k.a. Lifekeeper.com (try LifeDestroyer.com! it's more honest than Channler Drawdy, Bob Williamson, Rindy Abdelnour, et. al.);
Venrock.com - a Rockefeller family corporation, which includes Laurance Rockefeller (note Dick Cheney in bio info), John D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Winthrop Rockefeller, and even Sen. (John) Jay Rockefeller IV, and Rockefeller & Co. (all living proof that you CANNOT/SHOULD NOT respect or worship a name alone, because you can have all the money in the world, but without integrity, you are still just unrespectable crap), Tony Sun (no longer employed with Venrock), Ray Rothrock (no longer employed with Venrock), Eric Sean Copeland (no longer employed with Venrock), Dan Grossman (now at Amazon being an overpaid unethical and dishonest, professional time waster), Matthew Trevithick (no longer employed with Venrock), Brian Ascher (he's such a little backstabber, he probably dropped a dime on those no longer employed with Venrock), Susan Gardner, Cathy Brewer, Kathleen Byrnes, Shelley Clapper, David Hook - Norma Schwarz - Scott Bashrum of BayMark Partners, and Bill Earthman/Massey Burch!

Venrock Brian Ascher
Brian Ascher, a bullshit artist, con artist and misogynist who defends white collar fraud "with passion". Tells black female victim of HIS company's own fraud to jump off a bridge.

This ISN'T just some silly fabricated rant. Venrock, a multi-billion dollar Rockefeller family corporation, can not do anything about what I've said below, except resolve with me directly! They are caught between a rock and a hard place, and cannot lie their way out of this one, because to lie would further compound their Channler Drawdy socialization and his subsequent payoff, after $22 million disappeared in ONLY a few months.

The Rockefeller family, including the infamous Rockefeller Foundation, which supposedly betters lives, IS aware of this situation, and of course, the usual response: no comment or can't get involved.

Rockefeller Foundation translation: are you kidding me? we funded a Ponzi schemer, drug trafficker and money launderer! It's easier to dismiss a black woman worker-bee, than a white federal agent, with ears-a-listening! fuck her! plus we're Rockefellers, who DO NOT answer to lawmakers, lawmakers answer to US. 💯 Got Rockefeller drug laws in your state, targeting non-whites more than anyone else?

Meanwhile, persons flock to their name as if they're "the shit", but this factual, non-disputable information proves they're "just shit", and folks ONLY want their money. Apparently, you have to kiss shit to get it.

Brian Ascher of Venrock after funding a Ponzi schemer
Venrock Brian Ascher compassion demonstrated: fuck-you, you black bitch! I only fund white frauds, you die, you die, especially if black!
Jim Crow benefactor David Pakman of Venrock
Venrock Professional Time Waster David Pakman and his compassion also demonstrated: fuck-you, you black bitch! I only fund white frauds, you die, you die, especially if black!

And poor or working class folks, with ideas and inventions, are unaware of startup business info and why they're intentionally ignored for FREE investment dollars, via FDIC banks - which are not supposed to engage in discrimination. You mention the Rockefeller name, first response is always, "Jay Z's company?" (Roc-A-Fella) O. M. G.

Amazing how a company, which specializes in disaster recovery, can't even clean up its own self-created disasters! SteelEye, nor Venrock/Rockefeller, David Hook, Scott Bashrum, or Bill Earthman, cannot deny any of the following statements, which have been well documented within and outside of their organization and since 2000.

Venrock is now run by Brian Ascher and other senior members, Bryan Roberts and Mike Tyrrell, and another bullshit artist, David Pakman. Brian Ascher is the ultimate bullshit artist. Look at his "investments" page. Notice anything that stands out? EXACTLY, nothing significant for society, nothing you just can't do without, or if it ceased to exist, you wouldn't know, given Venrock is an "investment company"!!

But rest assured Brian Ascher's "projects" are friends, mistresses of bankers, his own mistress, or "mantress" given his hate of women. Or is it just black women, which makes him think he's cool?! Brian Ascher even hates black woman with ethics!! He told me, and I'm sure other women, to "JUMP OFF A BRIDGE AND THERE I'LL FIND THE MONEY LOST!!," from simply working at one of their investments, which was supposed to be a credible investment. Venrock funded a Ponzi schemer, money launderer, drug trafficker, domestic batterer, racist and misogynist. Nope, not Trump, but creeps of a feather flock together as Venrock and Russian-linked Twitter (Jessica Verrilli) are cozy-connected now, money laundering and all.

In January 2000, I accepted a position with SteelEye Technology, a Venrock (Laurance & John D. Rockefeller family corporation), Massey Burch and Dali-Hook Partners/BayMark Partners invested corporation. Other investors/partners include CrossBridge Partners, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Ventues, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel64, RedHat, MySQL, and Novell/SuSE, however, these additional investors/companies are named by SteelEye/LifeKeeper, and given their management engages in deceptive practices on a regular basis, have to take this with a grain of salt until it can be verified.

The company was to be run by solid people with integrity: Sue Ellery, Tom Hunter and Jim Mason, with me being the consumer watchdog for the software process, as QA Manager and establishing a company-wide software release process. Channler Drawdy, the fraud, "tailgated" into the picture after the deal had begun. A mistake several regretted, because those who didn't want to stand by and watch a daily sham, opted out or were booted out by Drawdy going for the cash daily.

Venrock, their primary investor, under the direction of Eric Sean Copeland, who still takes credit for this investment, which doesn't meet their basic investment requirements, gave $22 million to SteelEye Technology/LifeKeeper, which was at the complete disposal and discretion of Channler Drawdy, a soon to be convicted securities fraud. Perhaps the Drawdy/Venrock matchup wasn't a random thing. Perhaps shady birds always flock together: John P. Kennedy vs. Venrock (PDF). Drawdy even used money provided by Venrock/Rockefeller family to pay for his securities fines and penalties.

I qualified for funding 100 times more than Drawdy: flawless credit rating for 17+ years, experience with startups who changed the world we live in (PSI, Global Village, Netcom, 3Com/Palm Computing (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 & international products), plus worked at Apple Computer for first development and release of OpenTransport PPP product, and later web ideas/lectures that have led to better e-mail security). I learned DIRECTLY from top industry engineers, who have revolutionized the world we live in - browsers, e-Commerce, Apple, Cisco technologies, TiVo, wireless and more. Having folks like this at your fingertips, is like having an encyclopedia of all things brilliant in your pocket. Their attitude is always try it, do it and do it right, not sloppy and NOT with thieves and crooks, or their name will not be associated! And these are the folks who have given me continual support throughout this nightmare.

Without EVER doing due diligence on Drawdy, it was quickly discovered (AFTER providing $22 million) that Drawdy had a very poor credit report and IRS liens against him, from previously defrauding others - fresh off a Ponzi scheme. Venrock even "hob-knobbed" with Drawdy daily via phone and in person, as if he was the most brilliant man in the world. Everything Drawdy stated, Rothrock, Copeland and others at Venrock/Rockefeller, just nodded away to as if "brilliant", NEVER checking Drawdy's statements, which was beyond stupid given millions were involved, and your reputation was on the line. Drawdy couldn't even get an apartment in his name. One of the other founders had to help him out. (Drawdy made up a lie to get their assistance.) The most common statement about Drawdy was he looked and acted like a guy you could trust. Yeah, that's why they're called "hustlers".

Within seven months, SteelEye/LifeKeeper was broke because Drawdy spent money like water! Shouldn't we all get $22 million to play around with?

Yoooo... Venrock/Rockefeller...I need $1 million dollars to start my life over after doing right even by the crook your organization handed $22 million to. I lost ALL that I worked for to thieves and I'll be damned if I'm gonna put in another 20-years of sweat and nonsense, while con artists are paid off. Let's put your humanity factor to a test. Or are you only concerned about paying off thieves???

Meanwhile, here I come with a 17-year history of flawless credit, including the top echelon of creditors that would spit in Drawdy's face, if he applied for credit with any of them. I accepted the job for 3 reasons: Jim Mason (worked with before), because it was an opportunity to get out of "pricey-homes and always driving 45 minutes to get 5-miles" California, and the third and most important reason: should anything go wrong, the company would pay me to move back to California or wherever I needed to move to (AGREED VERBALLY AND IN WRITING).

I was informed that 11 of the original employees were sold with the product LifeKeeper to SteelEye, as in "leave NCR and work for SteelEye because you no longer work here". Several were so problematic, including managers with a history of unethical behavior for more than 10 years, but were at SteelEye's disposal. Because of Drawdy, the founders and those with integrity who didn't cheat employees and companies (Sue Ellery, Tom Hunter, Jim Mason and myself), became prey for these same NCR problem managers later, while draining Venrock's $22 million, and they're still committing fraud and deception daily while begging for more money from unsuspecting folks.

Ironically, Bob Williamson was the biggest seller of SteelEye and working for the company. However, the welcome dinner included a lengthy conversation about his gay partner, Jim Sears, a Harvard professor, who published a book called "Growing Up Gay In The South", with an image of the confederate flag on it to attract more white consumers. He even had to take me to a book store to show me a copy. 😐

I'd later learn that Williamson wasn't just gay, but hated and loathed women, and had a history of terrorizing them in the office at NCR. He was known as the biggest viper you never see coming, because he's able to weasel his small self out of situations HE SOLELY CREATES as they're hitting the fan. Williamson was at the top of the list to be sold.

Originally, after meeting some of the folks in Columbia and realizing that I was close to other areas (Atlanta, Charlotte, D.C., and Florida), so I wouldn't be bored to death in the deep south, I decided to take a chance. And figured with reputable backing from Venrock, it wasn't a shaky deal. I assumed Venrock had done its homework BEFORE dishing out $22-million dollars. Boy was I wrong. 😲

Venrock/Rockefeller didn't so anything except shell out money for Drawdy's whims! Yet, the company was Sue Ellery's dream and vision.

Just before Venrock's screw up, my best friend that I'd known since the age of 7 also wanted me to move to Seattle. I hated the weather there. Knowing what I know now, I'd rather have sat in the rain daily with him, than lose it all over shady folks like Drawdy, Rothrock, Copeland and others directly associated with these degenerates.

A few months after moving, Drawdy, a married man, got involved in a hot and heated love situation with Maria Scott, one of the 15 $100K++ salaried managers Drawdy insisted upon hiring for a 30 team staff. They were literally in shock that they were broke after hiring 15 managers making over $100K for 30 people. Drawdy lied and stated the investors wanted him to spend on hiring, but told the investors a different story (who stupidly just nodded away).

Ok, so I'm no Venrock executive, but I thought the idea with a startup company was to get your first friggin' product together, for a solid consumer release, based upon the original business plan, and then build your team around the product's needs, ONCE the product has been reviewed, tested and understood by sales and marketing, and consumer needs. The response from the NCR newbies to venture capitalism and startup companies was: we don't have time for that (but they sure had time to waste $22 million and play games with people's lives). Or my favorite response from the "HR manager", Rindy Abelnour, "This isn't California/Silicon Valley"!

Companies AND people in Silicon Valley, including their corporate source AND funding, were considered lower than them, a waste of their time (even stated openly in staff meetings), and ineffective and disruptive to what they wanted to accomplish. Which was WHAT?! Hmmm... so Palm, Apple, IBM and others being targeted as customers or partners in Silicon Valley, should leave their money and nothing else? Because the NCR newbies settled into SteelEye as if SteelEye was an established company, with customers-a-flowing and ample time for office politics. Now, tell me again why the south lost the Civil War?!

backstabberNow Drawdy, who was no stranger to startups, but was a pro at stealing and deception, changed the original business plan daily, by playing one against the other like a crackhead's military offense. He often called many of the managers, including myself, drunk and high out of his mind, to divulge who he was planning on going after next. Bob Williamson, or "Little Bobby" as Drawdy referred to him, and who ironically replaced Drawdy, was the primary source of his paranoia.

Yet, Drawdy should have been fearing James Bottomley who was investigating Drawdy daily! Drawdy back-stabbed Tom Hunter, Sue Ellery, Jim Mason, and myself (because Julia Cervenka didn't want a consumer product software process for a consumer product (go figure!)), and since he was having an affair with Maria Scott, and Maria and Julia were "buddies", whatever Maria decided was best, including hiring some of the most overpaid, outrageous, serve absolutely no purpose, other than drain money persons, Scott and Rindy Abdelnour recommended, including by lying to ensure a friend was hired. Drawdy, a paranoid schizophrenic who had access to employees personal data, which he used for his financial gain, also wanted to finally be president of a company to show his con artist buddies, "see I made it". Shortly after being given access to personal data, a mysterious computer was ordered online in my name, with the feds being alerted of the address it was to be shipped to. 😳

There was also the issue of being in an "we haven't surrendered yet" confederate state, and being deemed as having too much power for a black person. I was constantly reminded of this. Forget about the experience of working directly with top leaders in technology, who changed the tech world we live in today, and working at companies that ARE STILL sustaining and became major contributors to the technology we're using today (PalmPilot, Global Village, Apple, IBM, Cisco, etc.) and WITH the same software and company processes we were trying to put into place. Julia Cervenka just didn't want sales, marketing or quality assurance involved in the software release process. Only she and "her buddies" would decide what would be released, and the customer in the end would be the guinea pig! And sales management (marketing) was supposed to stand around and wait for a product they don't know about, but at the same time attempt to sell it. And they were getting broker and broker by the minute. Now, all of this was going on under Venrock's $22 million, with Drawdy in charge and Venrock, David Hook and Massey Burch just nodding away and socializing with Drawdy in every way possible. Hmmmmm...

After the company fell completely apart under the destruction of Drawdy, the natural thing to do was file for unemployment to keep income coming in, as I had creditors to worry about. However, Drawdy, who was on suspension himself, contests the claim, claiming I just quit without reason. Kevin Berry, SteelEye's CFO and Human Resources person, who secretly departed the company, ignored the situation completely. Drawdy claimed that I simply quit my job without warning. However, I have and STILL have an audio voice mail left by Drawdy, which proves otherwise. Not to mention, Drawdy was fired the following day after the hearing, which spoke directly to his credibility. However, the damage to me was already done, as in decision irreversible (😐thanks!). My life was turned upside down while the con artist, Drawdy, was rewarded with millions for being a slick hustler!

And even more devastating, at the same time Drawdy was destroying Steeleye for HIS financial gain, my best friend that I've known since age 7, who asked me to move to Seattle, was murdered by someone shady, who entered his life solely for financial gain. If I could be given one do-over in life, I would surely go back to the end of 1999 and choose a friend and love, over a career, which is never a guarantee.

Even more sickening is I keep receiving a bill from the year 2000 as a result of Drawdy's fraud and deceit. SteelEye keeps referring the matter to their fake HR person, Rindy Abdelnour, but since October 2000, she claims she can't discuss anything because there is a lawsuit involved (what she openly stated in writing to all employees to cover up what was done to founders and with Drawdy, but just threw my name in the mix for convenience). However, Rindy, Miss Maurice's BBQ's favorite spokesperson, has yet to produce a copy of the lawsuit. (Maurice's is owned by a former Ku Klux Klansman and known South Carolina white separatist. When the confederate flag flying over the state house was removed under protests, Maurice himself ensured that the confederate flag flew proudly over all of his restaurants.)

Rindy was outright dumped by NCR onto SteelEye because she was more problematic than worth it. She served absolutely no purpose for SteelEye, because she not only didn't know the product, but couldn't relate to individuals. She represented every definition of the word "exclusive", and ironically in a real corporate environment, would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, because of her open white separatist practices. And Rindy made sure, even by means of lying, that funds from SteelEye went towards her "exclusive" friends and businesses, including Maurice's.

In fact, within a few months of establishing SteelEye, Rindy's "exclusive" hiring practices led to a letter of complaint from NCR, the hand that fed her for years, but also sold her because of common sense. Rindy's version of hiring, while boasting that she was the "Human Resources Manager", was to place a confidential NCR employee phone list outside her cubicle wall, then every other week, pick a white employee only from the list and make them an overpriced offer. All of the 15 $100K++ managers came from NCR through this hiring method. When busted, Rindy gathers the employees together to "get their stories straight", i.e., "prepare one of her infamous lies", which was priceless because one of the employees stated, "but we did do exactly what the letter of complaint stated". To ensure the final unqualified candidate that Rindy recruited by means of deception (Jane, Rindy's longtime Dixiecrat friend), Rindy created a phony employment advertisement in the local Columbia, South Carolina newspaper. Then, Rindy claimed, the NCR employee's (Jane) resume was submitted in response to the newspaper advertisement. Jim Fitzgerald, SteelEye's then CEO, was well aware of this process. He was demoted within the first year of establishing SteelEye.

1st home purchase
First and LAST home purchase

So... after the demolition of SteelEye by Drawdy and his overpriced 15 managers for 30 people, because I had just purchased a home, I had to start using savings to pay for expenses. I looked for work in Atlanta (process too slow and tedious and running out of money). I submitted resumes all over the United States. The first three companies to respond and make an offer were in New York. I also had a product plan I was working on, and thought New York would be the best place, given the television networks included in product plans.

To add to the nightmare, I moved to New York just before Sept. 11, 2001, and unfortunately had a bird's eye view of the second plane hitting the WTC, and everything thereafter. If someone had told me of the events that day, I still wouldn't have believed it. Several months later with the last remaining money I had left, and while paying for both a mortgage and apartment, a car and cost of commuting, I was robbed, as in last of what I had was taken from me. My pending-approval (through bank) small business loan, with glowing SBA backing, was no longer an option. I only had to find a credible lender, with pre-approved status, and support and recommendations from 2 SBA offices, plus a U.S. manufacturer ready to go, and 3 Palm Computing military veterans and Apple engineers as advisory members or company execs. But millions can instantly be given to a convicted securities fraud with no questions asked, while I had to follow a legal and slow process for funding.

Devastated, I literally gave up. One by one, I lost every decent amount of credit I had, including sources that would have allowed me to survive in case of emergencies. And to make matters worse, the organized crime persons who robbed me tried to intimidate me using all sorts of clever methods, including by claiming I was one of their domestic partners 7 MONTHS AFTER ROBBING ME, to literally obstruct justice and commit legal murder, which didn't work, but only made their situation worse.

A child was even groomed for that hustle: child removed from school to lie and state there was a fictional relationship. That child is obviously damaged goods, as the hustle and grime-crime is now in her system. The idea was to put fear in me, AFTER I'd lost everything I'd worked for. Should have tried that before I lost: my home, my car, savings, financial independence, apartment, and eventually health from not eating. But instead they should have been afraid, and should have checked out that I'm crazy and am not the one to try and play games with, ESPECIALLY AFTER you've robbed or conned me. I know I never would have allowed trash like this into my life, if I wasn't in the "don't care, waiting to die" stage. You meet dregs of society at rock bottom, vulnerable, not sure. You ignore dregs of society when doing well, however, THIS group literally sneaked into a funded investor meeting, and portrayed self as a startup business, all while collecting welfare, with ties to infamous NYC drug dealers.

And even more sickening, is they're black Americans, who spend day after day committing crimes, but hate the police and think "the man" is the cause of problems in their own community and the reason they have to commit crimes, and glamorize other criminals like them. Yeah, well try hustling that excuse and nonsense to my mother, my grandfathers, my grandmothers, my uncles and aunts (20+ year law enforcement officers), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Louis, Medgar Evers, and countless others, who didn't have to take the low road when faced with oppressive situations.

And praising many members of New York State Corrections ("saints in disguise" babysitting a notorious degenerate, while being some of the most respectful, honest and nicest people you could ever meet), New York State Inspector General's Office, New Jersey FBI, Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, and Edgewater Police Department, because I would surely be dead, if not for any of them doing their job, even when taken for a wild ride by organized criminals. Seeing this type of dog-eat-dog world for the first time, confirms these civil servants are NEVER paid enough.

I spent months starving (living off 1 meal a week), sometimes just too devastated to eat. I had to move into a literal ghetto, until I could afford a better place. But through it all, I became closer to God, and for first time literally read and understood the first five books of the bible, which I tell you, is so important for so many reasons. I've met both disturbing and good people in the process, but disturbing people are now easier than ever to step away from, because you can easily see where their priorities are and what their focus is.

I didn't become grimy and resort to hustling people. But funniest thing is, I did get hustled by a woman who called herself a "humble servant of God", who cursed worse than hockey players in the middle of a fight. All I can say is, it must have been important for me to see people like this as again, I never thought after all the struggles and valuable lives lost, people were living like wolves with excuses.

No clue persons like this existed: rob, cheat, steal from your neighbor/employees, then smile like a cat, which just caught a mouse holding cheese. And for whatever plan God has for me, God certainly has my undivided attention now.

What I regret most was not moving to be with my friend. I truly believe together we could have protected each other from the Channler Drawdy's and street hustlers of the world. Apart, we were vulnerable, and assumed people were like us, or wouldn't come at you with a twisted plan, if you were sincere with them. Someone suggested that since I had never met dog-eat-dog animals like this before, that I needed to learn how to recognize con artists like this in the future, because I was about to be blessed in a much bigger way and need to be careful about those who enter my life. I don't know about that, but what I do know is that the further up you go, the more it stinks and wreaks of frauds and cheats, who truly believe they are above the law.

All in all, I lost approximately $460,000.00 in property and assets. All that I had worked for since the age of 17-years old, 15-years old if you count summer jobs. But I learned who friends were, who'd be there for me no matter what, who'd just stand by and judge, and who the real heroes of this world are.

Oh and Venrock, "has no comment", but had lots of cash to pay to Drawdy to leave the company after it was discovered by NON-INVESTORS, that a fraud was hired, the same excessive amount of cash and options used to pay Drawdy's fines for securities fraud. And Drawdy *STILL* gets to profit from the Venrock/David Hook/Bill Earthman/SteelEye Technology venture. But Tamra, well, "oh well...not our problem as she struggles daily to overcome her losses", losses Venrock helped to create, and as the champagne glasses clink to Venrock's new investments.

SteelEye, now using name LifeKeeper to cover up their dirty deeds, is hanging on after employees took paycuts, left the company, and mortgaged their personal assets (good! because when it folds, substantially more than I lost will be lost!). And SteelEye supposedly is doing well in European markets, where that market doesn't have easy access to their local shady and unethical business practices within the U.S. But SteelEye/LifeKeeper has no money to pay for their unethical and immoral treatment of several employees, but expects success by asking customers to buy something that involves trust and integrity.

AND IT GETS BETTER (2008): because I had flawless credit, not one payment missed in over 17-years, creditors assumed I had died or knew something serious had to have happened. Debt was insured and/or charged off after finding out about Rockefellers/Venrock.com. But in 2004, Pressler & Pressler, AFTER falsifying an account previously in my name, decides to sue on behalf of an old account: Citibank, an account which contained Venrock.com/SteelEye.com/LifeKeeper.com debt. (Pressler was "investigated" by NY Attorney General for manipulating courts after buying up old credit accounts to pursue fraudulently in court, specifically picking persons who pay their bills.) Pressler files suit in a state person is not residing in, wins on default judgement (ya think?!), THEN, comes to state residing in to collect, and wins THAT on default judgement (no show). However, I kept documents filed with my statements regarding the debts falsified.

Here's the kicker, and where it gets MORE damaging for Rockefeller BILLIONAIRES touting ethics: THE DEBT IS NOT MINE, it involves expenses from 2000-2001 - debt incurred as a result of moving (nope, Venrock DIDN'T pay all relocation expenses as agreed), and debt incurred after Channler Drawdy's shady activity. Not to mention, I opted to add insurance on this particular Citibank account prior to relocating and working for the Venrock.com Ponzi scheme scam.

We're at a Mexican standoff. I'd rather die or file bankruptcy repeatedly, before I pay ANY of Rockefellers/Venrock.com debt. Or I could just sue Rockefellers, given Pressler & Pressler just gave me an open window of opportunity. And Pressler & Pressler is screwed because the NY Attorney General has been made aware of their "lawsuit", as well as the debt and who it belongs to. And ironically, I had more than 1 Citibank account, the personal Citibank account also was not included in suit!

And the really, really sick part: Citibank was included in the fraudulent John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell 2008 bailout (touted as the right thing to do), but where was my bailout when wronged by billionaires, who chose to fund AND payoff a ponzi schemer??

But it gets even better, as only I can find the worst organized or white collar criminals! Here's the skinny on Pressler & Pressler:

Pressler & Pressler Ordered To Pay $2.5Million For Its Fraud and Deception (thanks to plenty of information provided by me!!!) https://tamra.nyc/pressler-pressler-ordered-to-pay-1-million-to-cfpb/

• Pressler & Pressler created a shell corporation, called New Century Financial Services first in Sheldon Pressler's own name, then transferred to his brother's, correction his son's name (how trifling and ghetto!!), Lee Pressler, a doctor. That, in itself, is fraud and typical white collar/organized criminal fraud. The shell corporation allowed Sheldon Pressler to file bogus lawsuits against consumers because law firms can't sue directly. Tricky, tricky and grimy, grimy. But see New Jersey's Department of State business listing for New Century Financial Services. Pressler & Pressler a/k/a New Century Financial Services was also named as defendants in a lawsuit in 2005 involving STOLEN credit card information.

NY Attorney General Sues To Throw Out Faulty Judgments -- see Pressler & Pressler named

• class action lawsuit against Pressler & Pressler certified: Natalie A. Williams, et al. vs. Pressler and Pressler, LLP
U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, Case 2:11-cv-07296-KSH-PS
www.philipstern.com/files/20130111.031.Class_Cert_Motion.pdf (PDF file) or www.philipstern.com/Class_Certified.html

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Pressler & Pressler, Judge declares lawsuit can proceed

• Well done personal blogs documenting Pressler & Pressler's fraud: presslerandpressler.blogspot.com or presslerclub.com

New York Fox 5 News Brenda Flanagan's investigative story on Pressler & Pressler a/k/a New Century Financial Services

Pressler attorney caught lying in court when asked if they owned the debt consumer was sued for but they're pretending to "credible" daily

Another law firm which has repeatedly sued Pressler for fraud after fraud after fraud.

In my case, what was it worth to Pressler & Pressler a/k/a New Century Financial Services? Pressler has falsified accounts in my name since 2003 and hasn't received one penny from me. One account falsified was well documented by federal officials as it involved an organized crime. The mystery is how Pressler became privy to the account information, but it'll all be sorted out soon, and Pressler will have to explain that account and other activities to the same federal officials. But Pressler & Pressler feels it's above the law. However, don't all white collar and organized criminal think that?!

# # # #

Rockefeller foundation gave money to Pres. Herbert Hoover, who LITERALLY hated black people, as in didn't give a damn if they died or not, just wanted his name kept clean (sounds familiarly like Ray Rothrock)!! So, Kanye West, you were wrong about Pres. Bush, see Herbert Hoover and Mississippi Flood. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Hoover#Mississippi_flood. Again, what's in a Rockefeller name? Nothing, apparently, given lack of integrity, decency and honor! Money can only whitewash so much.

# # # #

8/21/2005 - per Bob Williamson, the company can do what it pleases, they are above the law in So. Carolina, and there is nothing feds can do to them in that state, regardless of any state, local, federal or civil laws broken. and I quote, from Bob himself: "who's going to believe me??" (with authenticated documents from Bob, as well as a trail of employees harmed directly by Williamson). and the other priceless statement: "people aren't going to care". he's right! no one cared (except the feds), not even the politicians, now hoodwinking people into believing they care about the economy all of a sudden!

# # # #

9/14/2005 - advice received from Norma Schwarz and David Hook of Hook Partners/BayMark Partners: I should just forget about the money defrauded and find another job to pay for the money lost. Great approach for future criminals' victims: whatever they steal or cheat you out of, just don't worry about. Just find more money some place else (like the same amount defrauded will be returned immediately upon entering a new job), and work doubly harder to overcome what was stolen (stress, health problems), and don't complain about it. This is the ethics of Hook Partners/Baymark Partners, just like common street thugs without ethics and morals. I'm guessing we should just eliminate the Dept. of Justice, and let frauds and hustlers freely have whatever they stole. Drawdy's fines & penalties for securities fraud should also be refunded back to him using Schwarz's analogy. 🙄

# # # #

10/10/2005 - more Venrock bellyup activity, and surprisingly this investment involves a joint venture with a CIA private venture company. I'll bet the CIA was not made aware that Venrock funded a convicted securities fraud. and what do you know... HP and Intel involved yet again, and after the Drawdy payoff.

www.fool.com article - free account required to view

"Nanosys is a Palo Alto-based nanotechnology start-up long on ideas but short on everything else. It had the backing of the Rockefeller family's Venrock Associates and the CIA's private venture capital firm In-Q-Tel (yeah, we're still scratching our heads over that one too). It got directors from Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) and lined up partnerships and financial backing from Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) and DuPont (NYSE: DD).

.....The Nanosys IPO was scheduled to raise between $94 million and $106 million, before underwriting costs. The company needs the cash, too, because it's burned through $26 million since its founding in July 2001. It reported a loss of $8.78 million on revenues of $2.5 million for the six months ending June 30. It still has $35 million in the bank, though, and the IPO would have created a nice cash infusion.

That's a lot of money for a company with no commercial products. Like in the dot-com bubble days, a lot of firms seem to be trying to horn in on the nanotech mania. Still, there are firms out there with viable products, such as Veeco Instruments (Nasdaq: VECO), Nanophase Technologies (Nasdaq: NANX), and Flamel Technologies (Nasdaq: FLML), a pick of Tom Gardner's Hidden Gems newsletter."

# # # #

05/01/2007 - from David Stepp, Venrock's general counsel: Venrock is not responsible for the actions of Channler Drawdy. Venrock simply provided the funding (as in Drawdy could do whatever he pleased with investor cash). words of wisdom from a Harvard alum. hard to believe this person is paid a salary after hearing nonsense like this. Venrock not only guided Drawdy DAILY, but Rothrock, Copeland, David Hook, Bill Earthman and other Venrock staff nodded their heads in agreement to bonehead decisions of Drawdy - like railroading an employee on known medical leave out of their job. but now Venrock wants to take the "our hands are clean" approach. this clears the way for anyone, including Pookie & Raheim up the block to receive funding for any reason, as well as is another case that NO ONE should be denied funding! and if Stepp claims he didn't say he didn't care what Drawdy did with $22 million, I hope he can remember he's associated with an international financial organization!

# # # #

Jan 2009 - Shelley Clapper, who works directly for Eric Sean Copeland, Brian Ascher and Neeraj Choubey, has a degree in Psychology, but actually mocks people who have been victimized by Ponzi schemers. Her response to someone harmed by her company's fraud and negligence, "Call someone who cares". Shelley completely supports the immoral and unethical behavior of her boss and company, she protects Copeland like a true thug miss, yet thinks "down" of thug rappers and non-whites, as in she's better than them and doesn't want to be anywhere around them. It's clear to see why she failed in any psychology-related career, and now works as a slave for degenerate scammers, who don't care about anything except greed. The irony is Clapper isn't the only admin with a psychology degree - Kathy Jin does as well. Both of these women are at the forefront of catering to extremely immoral and unethical persons with less of a conscience than serial killers! Again, shady birds of a feather flock together, makes them feel comfortable about their deception, as there is no one to question their lack of integrity. This lack of integrity, ethics as well as conscience also says a lot about Clapper Construction (San Mateo), as in if Bryan Clapper's wife (Shelley) is unethical, how ethical and concerned will Bryan Clapper be when building any part of a property??

# # # #

Sept 2010 - and now get this: Venrock (David Pakman) wants parents to buy Social Shield, an application to protect kids online from bullies, AFTER *proudly* funding a bullying menace like Channler Drawdy, who more than had enough help from the little terrorist, Bob Williamson, and his little proud, confederate, racist and liar, Rindy Abdelnour. after a complete reversal of fortune (losing all I worked for, while funding a man who's entire life has been about destroying lives), Venrock's response, including from Brian Ascher with David Pakman LAFFIN' AWAY IN AGREEMENT: "go jump off a bridge", "kill myself" with resounding laughter and high-fives all around. isn't that what bullies do?? but yeah, sure, buy their latest investment fraud to make them even more wealthier than they've become since 1998, in spite of a complete economic collapse, while their wealthy tax breaks, including for losses, didn't create jobs, but created money laundering instead.

The Ponzi Scheme - what Drawdy did PRIOR to being rewarded millions by Venrock, David Hook, Bill Earthman and other SteelEye investors.

SEC to Supervise Hedge Fund Industry (well, that "supervision" has worked out well for Bernie Madoff!), and for others as well: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/19/hedge-funds-manage-all-time-record_n_851275.html

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🔗 Live and Learn, How I Paid For Venrock's Fraud


Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Jun 13, 2014 10:28pm EST/NYC

irony: Richard Rockefeller worked w/ PTSD victims, while Venrock staff told me to jump off a bridge AFTER funding a Ponzi schemer. but good riddance to him since Rockefellers couldn't care if I lived or died after their fraud nonsense
Richard Rockefeller killed in small plane crash in Westchester County

Friday, June 13, 2014
Richard Rockefeller was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed near the SUNY Purchase campus Friday morning.

Family spokesman Fraser Seitel said Rockefeller, great grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller, was the only person on board. The 64-year-old, of Falmouth, Maine, was a doctor and father of two, according to the spokesman.

The plane, a 2001 Piper, was registered in Portland, Maine. It crashed on Route 120 and Cottage Road in Purchase about 10 minutes after it took off from Westchester County Airport at 8:08 a.m.

The plane struck some trees west of the airfield.

Seitel said Rockefeller had dinner Thursday night with his father, David Rockefeller, who was celebrating his 99th birthday. He was flying back to Maine Friday.

"He was an experienced pilot ... He has been flying for years," said Seitel.

Stay with 7online for the latest developments.

Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 16, 2014 6:27pm EST/NYC

Yayyyy, Pressler is done, their debt is worthless and they've spent soooo much money for something they've haven't received ONE DIME FOR since 2003. and hopefully all the other consumers wronged by them get their rewards.

Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Sep 8, 2020 10:33am EST/NYC

Rindy Abelnour is now a minister.

Let that sink in! The devil is now preaching. She didn't give one shit about me living or dying in South Carolina, and worked with the ultimate evil, Ponzi schemer, Channler Drawdy, to insure I had NO income coming in, to ensure near-death would be painful and long-suffering.

IN FACT, not ONE christian, employed at SteelEye/Lifekeeper, gave a shit. The CHRISTIANS spent more time judging and manipulating lives of others, and ZERO time helping others, who weren't running a Ponzi scheme and preying on others. Got JESUS? NOPE!

But perhaps through church, Rindy will learn honesty, ethics, integrity. WAIT, did I just write that? A confederate-loving, christian... learning honesty, ethics and integrity. Well, that will never happen. Venrock would sooner develop a conscience before Rindy OR Troy Reed, another FAKE christian.

Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Mar 20, 2022 9:28am EST/NYC

I just realized I knew when I lost all faith in corporations, as in, discovering that "show up, work, do/be the best, and help out without complaining, and all will work out fine" is a lie. No one can ever say, I never worked for them, and often worked grossly underpaid. But that was never enough, for persons who enter a company with their own personal ideology games at businesses expense.

Many companies fail because of internal problems created by Professional Time Wasters - you know who they are, they're standing around the water cooler all day long,
constantly going to the bathroom,
constantly stopping to ask non-stop personal questions ("it's called team building" while I'm wondering what are YOU paid to do, seriously???),
constantly scheduling meetings which have no agenda, but they just wanna "touch base" with persons actually working (have shit to do besides sit in a meeting),
constantly taking off for family reasons, and
constantly turning the office into their personal soap opera, gossip, backstabbing and all.

AIN'T NOBODY BLACK GOT TIME FOR THAT! We are held to different standards, always, and cannot be on that "office politics team", as we are the first on chopping block, no matter how many skills, or years of loyalty thrown in. And a black office gossip is a lot less valuable than a white office gossip, who knows how to drain everyone's time and make the company revolve around their personal problems.

But I lost faith in corporations when my incredibly talented boss, Malcolm at Quixi-NYC, was fired by someone (management) who actually had "TCP/IP" as a skill on his 4-page resume. This is the SAME manager who DEMANDED that we install our monitoring system on the SAME network being monitored. We all just looked at him, especially our boss, because all of our first thoughts: how would you know if the network you're monitoring is down, if it's on the same network??? That question was then stated verbally by our manager, and the question was dismissed by the "great almighty Anwar". Anwar then targeted our boss for termination, because Anwar's skillset was exposed, making him think his job was vulnerable, VERSUS Anwar keeping intelligent employees around who make him AND the company look good.

After my boss was fired, I knew what was next: micromanage - as in two persons doing one job (mine), while I'm doing MULTIPLE jobs, because "we just can't find anyone else right now" (slavery). With a throbbing jaw and neck, from a botched dental procedure, a reverse root canal courtesy of a Gary Johnson (Central Park South), I had to work, no time off, while Becky planned her wedding, on the job! It took a while to get to another dentist, after not even having time to find one, just to have his work undone. Biggest regret, not going back to my primary dentist, who referred me to Mr. Reverse Root Canal, to show them what was done, to fix it immediately. I still, to this day, do not believe that person was a dentist. ONLY in NYC, even at Central Park South.

There was no way in hell I was going to jump through hoops, or play "office insecurity games" with someone that our entire team didn't respect. I was already getting home at 11pm, AND working on weekends, for no extra pay.

I had already gone above and beyond, and it meant dick at any company, because of the ethics of the company - persons looking out for self, persons who didn't show up to work, persons who used the office as their crisis centers (we all have to stop and talk about the caterer that didn't show up, and they had to whip something up for 20-guests. poor them! ) I wonder what a fresh-outta-college student, sitting across from the "crisis center", is doing for meals, especially since they can't even afford a meal while paying off student loans. And at one company, my fresh-outta-Montana boss, constantly asked me "negro file" (racist) questions, which were just unreal, but her idea of "team building", as she wanted to know all personal details about her "team", versus hiring persons who don't just sit and write up testing plans to follow to a tee, but persons who will also USE the friggin' product, as a consumer - how I found her team's show stopping bug.

And I had just left that shit at SteelEye, with Ponzi schemer Drawdy, constantly calling all to find out who knew what or said what about him. If Drawdy had any common sense, he would have simply sat back and not draw too much attention to the fact that he WAS A PONZI SCHEMER, in business with his drug trafficking and money laundering brother and friend. If he had any ethics, he wouldn't have taken the job, as his intention was NOT to work, but to siphon money.

And then there was the gay confederate, Tim, Rindy's secretary who listened for anything said about his beloved confederate flag, so that he could break out his "southern manners lesson," to me a black woman from the South, as I just stared at him, thinking this ain't Dukes of Hazzard, Gone With The Wind, nor a cult, but an office where tolerance of confederate flag should not be promoted, esp. when you're promoting domestic, racist terrorists, and your employer is now based in California.

But to watch persons who showed up to work, either to play office games or just feed their families, jumping out of WTC windows on 9/11, was a reminder that no one should literally be worked to death, stressed out because of office harassment (sexual, racism), or underpaid while performing 4-5 jobs. That's not why corporations are started. The company startup starts with a product or service idea, and each person who walks through the door should be a part of the company's success, including PROFITS with fair pay.

But... that's fantasy, does not exist, esp. with Karen's and BIFF's roaming office halls daily.

Commenter: Tamra C
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Jun 6, 2022 4:25pm EST/NYC

This sums up the ethics of the top of Silicon Valley today.

It used to be "onlyness" (only black person at company or group or only woman in group), but at least you had a chance to work, and not be bothered by nonsense. Unless you're on a team where they're so focused on you being black (GS, JL). But now, no one has a chance. You can show up to work daily, get stuff done, work long hours leading to isolation away from family/friends, and still be laid off as non-essential. Meanwhile, others work to stab others in the back, while the company itself engages in dishonest business practices and/or fraud (distribution of trademark infringement property, distribution of stolen property, sexual/racial/retaliatory harassment all while playing "victim").


Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Oct 7, 2022 8:55pm EST/NYC

Whoaaaa, there was a fire here (Staten Island), then a dispute between management and the employees, who refused to enter building b/c of unsafe conditions. FDNY did determine the building was safe after fire doused, but this was after several other unrelated safety issues.

The person who runs operations for Amazon: Dan Grossman, from Venrock, the company which funded the Ponzi schemer ($22-million) at company I relocated to SC for job. No concern for employees, just getting rich. NO LIVES MATTER to Grossman, especially black lives. My life is the receipt of ZERO fucks given. To work for Venrock, one must leave ethics, corporate responsibility, integrity, decency and honor at the door. Then again, persons with ethics, corporate responsibility, integrity, decency nor honor are denied by Venrock. And now Grossman has brought his "mentality" to Amazon operations.

The workers are standing up for themselves, but watch how this ends for workers. Amazon would sooner dissolve, than do right by employees. And people ask me why I don't shop Amazon.


tags: DOJ, OSHA, crime, fraud, workplacesafety, TaxCutsAndJobsAct

Commenter: Tamra C
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 4, 2022 6:11pm EST/NYC

What white collar fraud does to working class, and sums up how non-pro-life GOP really is!

If Angelica Belen had been given just ONE of the many breaks and chances as Todd Brunner, her life would have been different AND her children could still be alive https://www.propublica.org/article/milwaukee-fire-brunner-belen-landlord-tenant

Via https://ourwhirl.com/w/status/38-38-1670130549/

Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Mar 13, 2023 5:11pm EST/NYC

2008 DEJAVU!! Silicon Valley Bank!! https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/silicon-valley-bank-collapse-news-updates-rcna74384

This is what happens when frat and golf buddies, OR white males with shitty ideas are only financed for startups! Consumers dictate supply and demand, AND create jobs in the process. But how many more failups will it take before this lesson is learned?

Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: May 1, 2023 12:57pm EST/NYC

these GOP fucks have given millionaires #TaxCutsAndJobsAct! BUT IN protest to interest rate hikes, which middle and working class will pay burden of, rich fucks are removing billions from US banks to OVERSEAS destinations, while their money sitting in banks make more money. And on top of that, fucks like Dorsey are pushing crypto currency.

I hope Anonymous starts a Robin Hood Op! this shit has to end, soon. with Tax Cuts And #Jobs Act, ECONOMY FAILED, while wealthier got wealthier, at the expense of infrastructure - making all vulnerable. THE GOAL!!



#startups #venturecapitalism #fraud #economy #FDT #election2024

Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: May 4, 2023 8:16pm EST/NYC

First Republic bank... ain't it funny how biffs have a safety net, always available for their royal f ups? let a black person lose this type of money, there'd be no more venture capitalism through FDIC banks!! but here's another example of venture capital fraud and waste - had money been used honestly, ethically, while seeking credible ventures, all would have thrived. instead venture caps and start up CEOs paid themselves first, and royally.


A focus on America's coastal elite helped First Republic become one of the most valuable U.S. banking franchises. Big deposits from customers with lots of cash funded low-rate jumbo mortgages to wealthy home buyers. Ultralow interest rates and a pandemic savings boom supercharged the bank's growth. When the Fed began raising interest rates last year to cool inflation, customers began demanding higher yields to keep their money at First Republic. Rising rates also dented the value of loans the bank made when rates were near zero.

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE...

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