Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Cha Gonna Do?

Talking with a few friends and one thing stood out. They both live in extremely low crime areas, one in Northern California and one in Southern California, and hate the local cops because they’re always writing tickets.

Well, gawd forbid, the ticket didn’t make you pay attention more while you’re driving so you don’t hit a child who’s not paying attention. And the moment a child is hit by a driver not paying attention or who shouldn’t have been driving, the first complaint is not enough safety on the streets.

Another reason there’s more focus on traffic in areas where there’s little crime is because the local cops are on patrol more looking out for BIGGER crime, you know the major things cops were trained for. In the meantime, here you come along and just rollllll right through that stop sign that’s only been there since Moses parted the Red Sea.

Then, there are cops in cities like New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and other major metropolitan areas who are continually responding to call after call regarding one major crime after another (rape, murder, armed robbery, assault). On a typical day, NYC cops can be shot at, run over, stabbed, jumped by a gang, pushed off a subway platform, and a few other violent things, including attempts to have their entire family wiped out after arresting organized crime members. And some of this could happen en route to work, or upon returning home from work. And they get up and go back to work the next day.

But the name calling is consistent in either area of the country: pig, po-po, the man, fuzz, five-o, heat, and whatever else comes to mind. Craziest thing I heard was a pedophile with complete contempt for law enforcement and trying to convince others as to why cops should be hated. And he was just as angry as the persons complaining about traffic tickets. Well, guess what, I’m sure the cops would have complete contempt for his child molesting ass as well.

Now what’s funny is the two people in the suburbs had no idea about what really happens with cops in cities like New York. And both being out in California, what’s seen on TV shows is their assumption of the only thing that happens. Yeah right!

No major crime ever happens in their area, and if it does it’s rare and mostly family related, and the story is played over and over because it’s so shocking. And major crime could simply be a road rage incident or an abandoned baby. Otherwise, the top story in either of their areas is usually “It rained today. How much more will we get?”

But the one thing that’s consistently heard in news stories about persons arrested for major crimes throughout the country: I was set up by the cops or local government. “I’m sorry, and you are??” is my first response. Didn’t even know the person existed, or even think they were so important, as in if we get rid of them, HOOORRRAYYY, now the fun and happy times can begin. I know there are people guilty by association or description and couldn’t afford proper legal defense, but they’re not the ones claiming “I was set up”, they’re crying something completely different. It’s always someone with enough money to buy enough sense to know better, including before their “set up” was involved.

One question asked during convo was why would someone even want to become a cop. Probably the same reason people want to become doctors or teachers: to help others. For some it could be a hero complex, for some it’s a genuine sincerity to help. For military vets, law enforcement becomes an easy transition.

Other question was the divorce rate of cops, and automatic assumption the rate is higher. You mean the majority of other people stay together? But I’m sure it would be high if they’re married to someone who doesn’t understand the job, like someone who complains about traffic tickets. They’re out “saving the world”, which could require long days, and then walk through the door to hear what? “It’s your turn to take out the trash”, and from someone who sat around watching Oprah, Dr. Phil and Judge Judy and made a few carpool trips.

And who wants to come home to nonsense and chaos after dealing with irrational people all day. What’s the motivation? Regardless of what you do for a living, isn’t peace and quiet the goal to go home to, and the last thing you want to talk about is work? So I guess instead of “How was your day?”, just start off with “Hey, good to see you, what would you like to do this evening?” and go from there??

Bottom line, law enforcement is a service. A service the same persons complaining will eventually need, well except the pedophile. We just need someone to watch him 24/7! In many cases, law enforcement is an under appreciated and under paid service. The biggest complaint about the service is bad cops. There are more good than bad, and there isn’t one profession where a small few create a negative image for others. Like 95% of lawyers give the other 5% a bad name. OK, not quite like that. Cops are also not robots, but persons with different personalities, and personalities interacting with other personalities, like someone complaining about a minor ticket, which could have saved their life one day.

And in the south, it’s so good to actually see a great deal of changes. Blacks weren’t even allowed to walk certain streets let alone become cops in “stronghold confederate” areas until about the early 1980s. And many blacks were murdered with no legal protection just for wanting the right to vote, obtain decent jobs and housing.

Well, one day, maybe there will be understanding no matter where a person resides.


Check out this type of hatred:

A Texas police officer allegedly found an unwanted ingredient in his drive-though drink. KVIA’s Bob Harp reports (February 25) video story – Disgusting find in cop’s drink

Better the cop found it than me because I would have went back in the McDonald’s and opened up a can of whup ass, but then only I would have been in trouble because I’m sure the contaminated drink would have disappeared and people would have wondered why I was whupping dude’s ass. At least now the creep will be in right place, jail facing felony charges, and no telling how many other customers the McDonald’s worker contaminated. But what was the cop doing: his job. The employee didn’t know anything about his personality, family, nothing. Just decided to do something hateful.

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