How to pray, hmmm…

I started to recite Psalm 23, one of my grandfather’s favorite Psalms. But, then I realized I didn’t know if those were the actual words or twisted words of the King James version(s) and U.S. colonization. Because I know words like “thus”, “thou” and “verily” were not the original Aramaic words for the Messiah or his area. Surprised “amen” was kept in tact during the translation. But why on earth would his original Aramaic name be translated to something that’s actually offensive – one of many gods?  I know King James wrote the bible to impress a chick by hiring the best english scholars and removed and rearranged books. I also know there are people who are still illiterate and don’t know the “word of god”, but follow their heart and instincts which are more civil than many who sit in church weekly or read the bible regularly.

I wondered how Yeshua would pray to god. And I realized he just talked to Him.

So I said “hey God how ya doing? I bet that’s a question you don’t get asked a lot huh?”

His answer: Chile, who you telling? Everyone just comes to me with problems, many problems that could have been avoided had they just listened to me ahead of time. But nooooo…. all of a sudden I’m the ‘Fix It King’ and I don’t even have an infomercial.

Summons an angel to hook Him up.   and no video hoochies! 

I started to think I’ll bet no one even gets up and says let’s spend the day together, just you and me. But you probably can’t anyway huh?

His answer: girl, last time I took a day off, I received over 80 million messages. I had to speed through them after getting the names. All screaming about something called FEMA. Do you know about this?

Um… you don’t want to know.  Trying to spare the fools who call themselves christians, and that includes senators who voted down levee funding years ago, while letting millions suffer and be displaced, with apocalyptic type conditions to boot. Even some animals lost their basic senses. Except the alligators and snakes. I knew it, it all goes back to the beginning huh? 

But I just want to say “thanks” for all you’ve done, which is amazing , and it’s very peaceful hanging with you. Can you say ‘hello’ to my uncles Richard and George, my friend Jerome, my grandparents, my cousin Angela, my aunts Rose and Delores, my friend Leslie Jackson, and make sure my friend Ric is ok and watch over my sisters and brother please. I know you’re partying with the recent arrival of Rosa. I bet you laid down the law and said, ‘now Rosa, I love you, but when I say I need this seat, I really mean it okay?  I may have a scheduled meeting and need the area clear for a deep heart to heart talk.’ (Hmm… I wondered about that because God knows what’s in a person’s heart, their true heart, which he sees beyond their deeds, good or bad.)

But listen G,  someone brought up an interesting question about the universe. I stare out and look at the simplicity, yet complexity of it and it’s mind boggling. We know from space exploration that the earth is a round container inside of another container – the universe. But is there one universe? We can’t see beyond the universe, just like we can’t see beyond our local sky when we look up and even with a telescope can’t see what’s waaaay out yonder in the galaxy, only a certain focused distance.

The question of physical space was brought up recently. Like what if each planet is formed after another one is destroyed by its own kind. (See other than the sun and the moon which are always consistent, I think of the other planets as being a former source of life. And their current color and atmosphere is the result of its final state, as in whatever destroyed it is what caused it’s surface and atmosphere.) So what happens after X-number of planets are formed? Do we run out of space? Are stars formed to number each of our mistakes such that when X-number of stars are reached, poof, that’s it? Or is the galaxy we can’t see beyond contained inside of another circular container and so on and so on. Are we the center of the tootsie roll pop? Or are we part of the first layer?

 God says He has to go, He ain’t got time for pondering stuff He already knows and thinks I need to be focusing on the ground directly below me. He also thought we were going bowling. He also doesn’t understand the need to explore other planets, but if explorers wanna see what will happen to them with every screw up go right ahead, maybe it’ll make them plan ahead for a change. What? Do they think they’ve been soooo good, that I’d reward them with another surface to screw up?  If there were lifeforms you needed to know about on other planets, trust me I would have put yall together to make things even more interesting. But looks like your local leaders have already made things quite interesting and well ahead of schedule.

Oh dang, lots of questions, I’ll check with him later after he goes through this week’s messages as well as send Him G-messages daily. More important, I want to know if He’s completely given up on people like I have.  Or does He continually meet a sincere person who makes you better yourself and amend your ways and way of thinking? Because right now I’m terrified of christians. I didn’t know christianity meant human suffering while sitting on top of millions in a bank and living in a capitalist society that could easily be undone with humanity and decency towards others. But I guess that’s too easy and not the godly thing to do.

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