What Do You Do Without Family?

Well, it’s official. The people I knew of as family died in aftermath of Katrina or cannot be found, and probably never will be. Everything about them, gone. Everything I knew of, gone. And all avoidable had someone given a damn about levee repairs and upgrades required years ago. Or just allowed pumps to be shipped from other places immediately after the levees broke. Katrina didn’t really do any damage to homes. The levees breaking did the damage. Otherwise, people wouldn’t have had roofs to stand on or hot attics to hide in while waiting for help.

If the people I knew of as family have survived and are struggling somewhere trying to start over with minimal help and access to basics, this I know is hard. Trying to do the same thing myself, and under a cloud of judgement from folks (some of whom I helped repeatedly when needed) with wealth or access to it, and plenty of room, while I go around in circles and from a hole. Ironically, the same people missing are the same ones who extended their homes to me when in need. The same homes which no longer exist.

Sad, because these are the people who would always have my best interest at heart, and provided guidance and the most fun, especially when you needed it. We didn’t spend time in malls trying to buy needless things. We weren’t trying to keep up with “The Jones”, because “The Jones” wouldn’t be there for you no matter how much respect you showed them. You’d never get a brush off, or a gossiping hen who’s only asking for info to talk about it later w/someone else. They wouldn’t let you fall, or stand by and watch it happen (like a mother who leaves her child alone w/a known rapist).

Times like this make you wonder why some people remain alive while others are taken away too soon. I can think of about 5 people who serve absolutely no purpose except to remind you of what a cold-hearted “viper” is, but they’re here. If I could trade my life to bring back certain people, I would. That way it’s fair and balanced. Right now, just doesn’t seem fair.

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