kkk once again endorses another GOP member for President: tRump

Note: I always lowercase “kkk” because they’re low-lifes. Period!

first, Don Black, stormfront.org et al other :kkk: kkk, white nationalists and neo-Nazis :hitler: endorse Ron AND Rand Paul. now consummate klansman and GOP member, David Duke endorses German descent, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has always been a flaming racist, and known widely in NYC as just that. he only like non-whites when they’re making him money (like a slavemaster adores his slaves) but other than that, he wants nothing to do with “the blacks”, “the latinos”, “the Univision” while having his goods & services sold in stores manufactured in Mexico and China.

Ex-kkk leader David Duke backs Donald Trump: ‘He understands the real sentiment of America’

and by “America”, :kkk: David Duke means WHITE as he believes “whites ONLY” established MY Native Indian AND Latino country!!

but even after THIS kkk endorsement of yet ANOTHER GOP member, #tcot still runs around screaming, “Dems were kkk” while ROAMING with kkk!

NC GOP Senate candidate: Blacks, Hispanics overtaking ‘traditional population’

Kentucky man pours gas on Hispanic neighbor’s house: ‘kkk wants you to burn’

@GOP Director of Hispanic Outreach Quits & Becomes Democrat

and what’s comical about this person’s tweet to me which was immediately posted here, literally as I was preparing this post: if I HAD same amount for every hatriot who condones and excuses racism…

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