Meet another “live and let live” Libertarian, @smartypantsless

Meeting this “Libertarian” for the first time involved “it” patrolling a tweet not directed to “it” at all. PRICELESS and quite Joseph Goebbels like. :hitler:

Then “it” goes on to discipline (with one insult after another) and correct me to be pleasing to “it”, you know, live and let live, Libertarians. Oh wait, “it” says I don’t know the meaning of “Libertarianism”. :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:

LMAO :lmfao: at the next one because “it” doesn’t understand it. But again, when does the live and let live kick in for Libertarians?

Now… this NEXT one is hilarious. Gotta love Libertarianism

:shrug: hmph. Then nothing, “it” just stops “its” explanation actually requested (“its” chance to actually explain a fact). I guess I’ll NEVER know what Libertarian means. Oh gee, what a shame.

So basically, I should forget my DIRECT personal experiences and Native-American and pre-slavery family history and go with the rewritten history “it” prefers in order to create the ideal world “it” prefers. Aaah Libertarianism. got it now? :wait:

Andddd later on that day LOL here comes their backup. I have zero clue what they were talking about :shrug: but would it matter with them? Just let them vent until they’re tired, then they’ll find someone else to scream at. And here’s their “alter ego”:

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