NYPD Rookie Officer Peter Liang Pays For The Failures of Others

I am stunned. 🙁 NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) should have been charged FIRST, especially the WEALTHY head of NYCHA!! NYCHA’s job: provide lighting in common areas, which was blatantly ignored in Akai Gurley’s building at the expense of residents, and ultimately cost Gurley his life.

What if Akai Gurley’s daughter, girlfriend, mother or even Akai himself was raped and/or killed in those dark, halls without lights after the NYCHA-neglected unlit, common area created a haven for crime? Akai Gurley was already in danger long before Peter Liang’s name was even heard of. Akai Gurley could have even fallen to his death while trying to navigate stairs in a common area which did not have lighting required.

SHOCKED!THEN Peter Liang’s supervisor assigned him, a ROOKIE, to team up with another rookie to patrol a dark, unlit stairwell, and without proper equipment, but only Peter Liang is culpable.


Peter Liang’s not an aggressive person, has no history of animosity and chose his NYPD job to take care of his family as well as help others. Unless Peter Liang’s entire training consisted of, “unlit common area stairwells where armed criminal activity is known to occur“, and Liang passed with flying colors in EACH and EVERY scenario, then I’d say, “yea, he fucked up, he knew better.” But in this case, every person PRIOR to Peter Liang being in a dark, unlit common area stairwell FAILED, therefore, is accountable!

And I betcha NYCHA was evicting people like a mofo WHILE failing to provide basic lighting in common areas, which led to an increase in crime, including UNREPORTED CRIME which led to officers being assigned to patrol a dangerous, dark, unlit common area stairwell.

There are wayyyyy too many wrongs to be righted, this wrong didn’t right in the right direction! Meanwhile, Peter Liang’s life has been railroaded because he was placed in an avoidable (dark, unlit common area) and dangerous situation where his fear for his own life became irrelevant. His supervisor wasn’t held accountable. He was fired from NYPD, and his rookie partner was also fired after Liang’s tragic and disturbing conviction.

Even more sickening, Akai Gurley would have taken the elevator had NYCHA also made the proper elevator repairs needed. His life ended because of lack of elevator repairs and a common area which didn’t have required lighting, conditions that wouldn’t have existed in many other NYCHA buildings, especially all-Hasidic NYCHA buildings. Liang’s nightmare is just beginning because of the unbelievable decision to send TWO rookies to patrol a dark, unlit common area stairwell without providing proper lighting equipment.

Equally disturbing, the same prosecutor who indicted Liang is not holding NYCHA accountable for creating the dangerous condition (unsafe and unlit common areas) that made lives of tenants unsafe, proving once again, #CorruptLivesMatter MORE!



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  1. itamra

    No Jail Time for Peter Liang. Yea that really makes up for wrongfully prosecuting him. Now he’s a convicted felon, which brings a variety of struggles from him, including not being able to vote to stop the madness and scapegoating. And today, the family of Akai Gurley put on a show, as expected, but I betcha, the family of Akai Gurley KEPT paying rent to NYCHA with our without lights and throughout this entire unbelievable and avoidable ordeal. http://abc7ny.com/news/no-jail-time-for-former-nypd-officer-peter-liang-in-death-of-akai-gurley/1298037/


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