Bentzburgh, NRA’s Bottom Bitch

Meet NRA Prostitutes!

However, these prostitutes don’t make any money for themselves, they give all their money to their NRA Pimp Daddy.

Also, check out Part Deux: NRA Prostitutes.

thanks Joey for pic 😉

This sick, twisted, enraged and armed piece of excrement roams twitter to harass anyone who tweets “#gunsense” or looks to exploit something it thinks undermines #gunsense, because it thinks (well, it tries to think) it’s the “morality judge” over #gunsense.

:morons:But just one problem, this low life along with its equally stupid bottom feeders wouldn’t give one ounce of concern for victims, DEAD or ALIVE, if asked to trade his guns for their lives or chance to bring them back!

Here’s the language of NRA Prostitutes. They’re consistently rabid while calling themselves lovers of God or “Jesus”, you know the gun toting Jesus.

Sorry, I’m not embedding all of their tweets as they’ll remain on Twitter or will always be available for others, including law enforcement to see, as well as those suing Twitter because of their harassment, terrorism and more. FINALLY!

Oh and best part, they hate Muslims, gays, non-whites (unless they placate to hate like Allen West or Stacey Dash), while the computer they’re using was invented by a gay person, cell phones they’re using are not possible without gay, Japanese AND Muslim software engineers, and…. wait for it… Twitter’s Executive Chairman IS Iranian: :win: @MarkMizzouSteel tweeted then deleted like typical NRA keyboard commando cowards, but the gist of his rage seen w/ same lemmings traveling with — one of its other accounts used to retweet their own tweets because they need validation from others to exist.

Then, after adding the above info to FBI’s database, here comes more of the NRA christian gems:

This miscreant came along to add me to their list. Never saw this person before their lists which confirms he and I are on opposite sides, which makes me even prouder! :clap::cheers: It even has a “hit list” against liberals, and remember, it’s heavily armed while looking like Freddy Kruger I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this person doesn’t get laid at all, and that they’re suffering from same condition as Hitler (tiny, micro penis and has to pee sitting down):

THIS SICK POS HERE: “who cares about dead bodies, NRA lying to get assault rifles sold into Connecticut was good for economy” 😮

Even more white trash, Wayne LaPierre prostitutes:

Also, to note, look at how they live while NRA’s Wayne LaPierre lives lavishly! But they’re the best customers: they lowly informed, misguided, dumb, angry and quick to buy more guns whenever Wayne says so. Meanwhile, Wayne won’t even allow guns at his own headquarters or near because of pieces of excrement like this.


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