Let The Official Hatriot Games Begin!

Recently, Iraq war terrorist, Allen West, stated there are at least 80 communists, Marxists and socialists in the Democratic party. 😮 Well, we already know he’s a terrorist waiting to kill somebody and is just talking himself up to it, so the question is not IF, but WHEN he’ll go on his shooting rampage on the House floor.

But ‘memba in 2008 when Sarah Palin riled up Jim Crow Benefactor hatriots by alleging that Obama was a muslim terrorist who was setting up death panels and paled around with terrorists (William Ayers)? Palin’s insistent tone almost caused an actual civil war in some areas, and she lit the match of hatred and sat back with delight at the outcome. But funny, Palin didn’t want to address her concerns directly with FBI, CIA and Secret Service, especially given we’re STILL in 2+ unfunded credit card wars involving Islamic terrorists. Palin simply preferred to indirectly call FBI, CIA and Secret Service incredibly stupid, and profess publicly that she PERSONALLY knew more about Obama than the experts did.

Well, anywhooo, meet Sarah Palin’s twin brother: Ted Nugent, ready to kick off the 2012 Lead ’em With Fear Tour. I actually enjoyed his music, especially “Cat Scratch Fever”, now can’t stand to hear his voice or see his face. Nugent’s now in the irrelevant category: don’t know he exists until something outrageous happens or should our paths cross AND he just happens to ask me something. Otherwise, you got it, wouldn’t know he exists.

And the ultimate irony: Ted Nugent was too scared shitless to go to Vietnam to fight but now he wants to light a civil war match because he’s ready to come out fighting in November like the misguided brat that he is!

www.liveleak.com/view?i=9a1_1250550290 – Ted Nugent – Vietnam War Draft Dodger – defecated/urinated in pants 10 days – “I did not want to get my ass blown off in Vietnam”

Oh, and Sarah Palin ENDORSED Allen West and is pals with Ted Nugent. Yup, this is your 2012 Class of Conservative, Christian, Libertarian and Constitutionalist Dixiecrats, oops, I mean GOP.

Nugent forgets he’s in a free country, LUCKILY, or the people he calls “un-American”, because he doesn’t like their race or political party, would have taken him out like dictators do. But I notice Ted Nugent has never bashed the Ku Klux Klan. Nugent considers the KKK as American as apple pie. 😐

Sooooo, the solution: vote for Obama to get rid of Ted Nugent, legally 🙂 WINNING! 😉 :clap:

BEST campaign ad for 2012:

RT @LOLGOP: Remember: A vote for Obama is a vote to send Ted Nugent to jail.

Ted Nugent Sarah Palin(AP Photo)

Ted Nugent Sarah Palin(AP Photo)

Ted Nugent Sarah Palin(Photo by Dave Einsel/Getty Images North America))

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