Meet selective history champ, Chantelle a/k/a @luv2research – loves to blurt out #ccot #tcot #PJNET #Breitbart #tgdn #twitchy rhetoric, which they think are “gotchas” against today’s Democrats and assumed liberals. Chantelle also gets highly offended when someone responds with facts regarding their own statements. They can dish it but never understand why their words are either ironic or missing a whole segment of history.

Chantelle’s primary piece of knowledge it can’t wait to “dust off”: “Dems are KKK“. Gee, now where have we heard and seen that piece of information before? :wait: Oh yea, from the same hatriots who roam WITH those same KKK who jumped ship to GOP 1964/1965 to protest AGAINST equal rights.

But per “@luv2research”, it is others who need to learn history! LOL :lmfao: Chantelle’s comments and beliefs highlight the stupidity and ignorance with pride of today’s KKK-confederate Strom “black teen rapist” Thurmond-Southern Manifesto-GOP, and further prove why they’re the perfect tools and fools for today’s KKK-Dems-to-GOP.



now THIS is priceless because this followed advising her that she sits among :kkk: KKK in GOP, the same KKK she speaks of! :lmfao:

stop trolling, huh? let’s recap: @luv2research jumped in to attack someone with its “Dems are KKK” rhetoric, but then when their rhetoric didn’t work as expected, i.e., attracted complete historical facts in return :lmfao: , starts dishes out insults, like an unintelligent troll!

block away honey, your purpose (demonstrate the historical ignorance of today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP) has been served! :clap:

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