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#bluelivesmatter or #corruptlivesmatter?? Boldest fraud since Madoff!

I’m glad that my persistence has helped each of you pursue your claims against Pressler & Pressler a/k/a Pressler Felt & Warshaw, and I see that your cases are advancing, thanks to every piece of evidence I’ve provided. And now, evidence via Michael Gordon is available for you. Every single statement of Pressler counts, as each statement shows a consistent pattern of deception.

We lost one person to suicide, but I truly hope they’re at peace now. In life, there was no relief from the predatory actions of Pressler, as they’re above the law and more powerful than elected officials and public servants.

And I’m more than proud to have earned my “merit badge” against Pressler & Pressler. 🙂 If they’re claiming they’re terrified of me, I’m definitely on the right side of it all, instead of on the side of aiding and abetting white collar frauds. The last thing I want to do is make a rapist or organized criminal proud of me. Good grief!!

But on the flip-side, Pressler is beating the same system that screwed over Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and so many victims of domestic violence. Pressler & Pressler has successfully run a white collar organized crime ring, including by Sheldon Pressler putting the shakedown company, New Century Financial Services, in his “baby’s name” (soooooo triflin’ 🤨 ). For many mafia members sitting in prison for the doing the same, Pressler & Pressler is making them proud.

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Additional Links:

Pressler & Pressler a/k/a Pressler Felt & Warshaw ordered to pay $2.5Million in fines for its fraud and deception:

Attorney General Cuomo Sues To Throw Out Over 100,000 Faulty Judgments Entered Against New York Consumers In Next Stage Of Debt Collection Investigation

Pressler a/k/a Pressler Felt & Warshaw jacked cars, homes and more for debts never owned:

Lower courts protected Pressler as evident by this appellate court ruling against Pressler & Pressler: which strongly helps consumers: — each lower court obstructed proof of ownership which must precede any collection practices

Consumers Win Cert. In Pressler & Pressler Collections Suit: 5 News-New York Brenda Flanagan’s investigative story on Pressler & Pressler a/k/a New Century Financial Services, and

Blogger threatened for disclosing Lang & Pressler & Pressler’s fraudulent activities: – a consumer who’s thoroughly documented fraudulent activities of Pressler & Pressler. I don’t support the additional gun rhetoric sublinks, but his information regarding Pressler is consistent with other consumer complaints.

Apparently Pressler & Pressler’s base area is corrupt:

Parsippany Police Captain James Carifi fired for exposing corruption

Retired Parsippany Capt. James Carifi tells jury he was retaliated against by a job transfer and lost overtime opportunities when he reported department wrongdoing.

Parsippany also alleges retiring Capt. James Carifi obtained confidential law enforcement information about people not suspected of criminal activity and transferred documents, including police reports

Your best bet against Pressler: hire a take-no-nonsense attorney against Pressler & Pressler. Sheldon Pressler has “Enron-Ken Lay-died,” but their fraud will continue indefinitely under Pressler Felt & Warshaw!

By TamraNYC

Official* Stalker and Terrorizer of Cop Killers, Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, and Rapists and their Coverups! *official docs to back up that PROUD badge of honor!

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