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Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
Albert Einstein

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May 30, 2014 7:49pm EST/NYC


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"Nothing To See Here, Folks. Let's Move It Along"

... more about me

First of all, my name ain't "Tamara", never has and never will be. "Tamra" and "Tamara" are completely different names and pronunciations. If you want me to ignore ya, call me "Tamara" or send me a letter as "Tamara". I don't hear or see anything after "Tamara", 'cause that ain't me! But if there's even the slightest probability that I'll accidentally be sent a winning multi-million dollar lottery check, addressed to "Tamara", then I'll start being "Tamara", but until then, it's "Tamra". It's important to the parents of and the owner of the name. Ah-ite?!

Well, after all that, I found out that my name isn't so unique, but I'm pretty sure I am. Gawd help you guys if there's another one like me out there! But if you really want to know who I am, read parts from the book! Who knows, maybe those other "Tamra's" out there may have to change their name after the book is published. Aaaaaah. . .and then there was one!

... my family

Buy the book! Help a starving child (me) out. But seriously, my family and unbelievable co-workers are the source of a lot of understanding acquired these past few years.

But, what I like most about my family is its diversity: Native Indian, African, European (English and Dutch (dating back to mid-1600s in US), and French) and some Japanese. We've almost got all of the races covered and we hate each other just like all the other races. Just kidding. But if we hate each other, it's over something really petty or something major -- no in between nonsense for us!

... my work

OH MY GAWD! Sista-girl has written a painful, yet comical tell all book. My website will feature excerpts from the book as well as other interesting info, such as the "Wall of Shame".

... my interests

Hmmmm, lemme think ... God, the teachings of Yeshua, laff'g until I can't breathe and being around people with kind hearts and who are nonjudgmental. Being around people who make you want to better your heart, understanding, and tolerance. What'd ya think I was gonna say: crack and more crack?! And other interests include NBA, NHL, museums, working out and roller skating and (in the voice of "Barbie") "I'm a "Gemini". Had to have fun with that one, it felt like an 80's pick up line.

... my likes

  • Chocolate fudge ice cream!
  • New Orleans praline candy, especially Southern Candy Makers. The overwhelming good smell when walking in their store reminds me of the times I would sit with my paternal grandmother while she made her candy. Because she's my grandmother, theirs isn't as good as hers, but it's 99.99% close and hmmm-hmmm good!
  • Fine ass men ("menz", y'all!). There's so much eye candy here in NYC, some days my neck is in severe pain. It's a wonder I haven't run into anything yet from looking. Oh wait, I did. I walked into a building looking at FDNY's Engine 54 in SHORTS!!! I don't understand why these guys have to run into a building to save someone. All they have to do is show up, and everyone will come running out, pushing everyone else out along the way. The firemen may need rescuing in the end, but hey, everyone's happy and safe, therefore, no problem. And you can't help but look, and can't even be subtle about it. Nothing like an employed, good-looking man. I don't care if he's employed at McDonald's, as long as he understands the concept of work, as in *you* (not me for you) work to get what you (as in not me) want, and not rely upon others (me, myself or I).

... my dislikes

  • People who think they're "the shit", but are really just "shit". And why do they always want to be around others, so that they can just put others down and make others feel bad? Oh, that's right, they're just shit, looking for something to feel good about living through another day.
  • People who actually state they're a "christian" or call themselves "humble", which by the way are characteristics which DO NOT have to be announced, but are instead seen from the person's actions. I'm finding that people who think and brag that they're humble 🤣, or Christians, are the biggest vipers on the face of the earth. Hopefully, with all the new drugs being released, a reality check pill will come along for these folks.
  • People who want to live their dreams vicariously through you. I thought women were notorious gold diggers, but I guess gold digging has no "gender boundary". I'm not rich, I simply work for what I need or want. Sharing is one thing, but can someone explain to me why I would work to give away everything I'm working for to someone who can't spell "friend", let alone be one first? And given the fact that option packed penis' (or is it "penises" or "penis's"... oh well, I'll ask Dan Quayle) are stocked on shelves now, I'm really going to need a good answer. Oh my bad, I guess the answer would be "love", which in turn leads to blindness sometimes. Love yourself, get yourself together and everything else will fall into place. It sounds so easy for me to say, but hey, I learned the hard way and I'm giving your ass free (FREE!!) advice to save you some drama.

... whatever else

Here's hoping we meet up again and can look back on how we treated each other and appreciate it, or have grown from the experience. If not, we gon' be some fightin' mofos!

... how to reach me

Smoke signals, prayer, dang, you really need to know how? Well, have your people contact my people and we'll be in touch. Or there's always email!

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