The Mind of Trump Supporters: Assault Justified At Trump Rallies

So today, #BasketsofDeplorables trended after Hillary Clinton spoke about extremely vile and disturbing persons on #TrumpTrain.

Since 2008, many of us joyfully on opposite end of Hatriots have seen the vile tweets, Facebook posts, death threats, rape threats and more. :nod: Many have even been captured here.

But if you ask a hatriot, especially a #TrumpTrain hatriot, the problem is not them but the “PC world of liberals” who need to grow a spine.

However…. the moment someone speaks truthfully against hate, death threats, misogyny, racial attacks and threats, and white nationalists, suddenly that person is “the problem” while hate, death threats, misogyny, racial attacks and threats are considered patriotic AND justifiable.

Speaking of justifiable, here’s what a Trump supporter says, UNSOLICITED, about persons attacked at Trump rallies.

On September 11’s 15th Anniversary as we were all remembering where we were, this psychopath sent this tweet:

Trump “enthusiast” speaking about black person at event: “Next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”

But… #BasketsOfDeplorables is the “offensive problem”, huh?

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