– Barbie and Ken Break Up After Sex Tape Surfaces

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Barbie and Ken Break Up After Sex Tape Surfaces

LOS ANGELES — At first Barbie and Ken had a happy, fulfilling relationship. Barbie had multiple jobs from doctor to astronaut, daughter Kelly went to school, and Ken stayed at home all day eBaying. All was well until last week, when Barbie and Ken separated after a sex tape of theirs appeared on the Internet.

The tape, titled ‘Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party,’ caused the couple to split up out of sheer embarrassment. Mattel had no comment.

Paris Hilton comforted Barbie as soon as the tape scandal broke. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she said. “I’m flat chested too.”

Tommy Lee Jones was there for Ken. “Suck it up and have a beer,” said Mr. Lee Jones. “It is not easy when your personal sex tapes get spread all over the Internet,” said Ken. “It was bad enough for the Star Wars Kid.”

Their daughter, Kelly, who saw the video on MTV, was not surprised by what she saw. In fact, she is going to testify against her parents in divorce court. “I could hear them going at it every single night,” said Kelly. “Come on, I have ears. I just didn’t think they were recording it. That’s gross.”

“The thing that surprises me,” said Polly Pocket, “is that they can do it without having reproductive organs. How does that work?”


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