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👩🏾‍💻 End of Facebook Era

Jul 30, 2022 4:58pm EST/NYC


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Facebook security checkpoint fail.
Facebook security checkpoint fail, while death threats and extremism flows freely on Facebook.

I only joined Facebook to keep up with school friends and family, but the mobile phone text chats are the best, and family and friends can reach me via text and email. It is also dysfunctional for families to only communicate via Facebook, while other direct and private group communication options exist.

Large families and groups, as a backup, should also create private websites to stay in touch with their family and friends, something that costs pennies, while keeping their info private from marketers, and domestic terrorists. A private site would also help to keep children safe, especially if a child is in danger, and only has access to Facebook, BUT NOT an account. Let a kid try and reach out to someone for help on Facebook. That child would be dead for years, the time it would take for Facebook execs to care or even know about child. 🙄

Plus families and groups can create their own social media service or community, FREE, via PeepSo.com - https://www.peepso.com

Facebook hijacked the same technology for nefarious, for-profit reasons, while PeepSo allows the same ethical technology to work for families, not against them, and gives parents control over what is seen, while sharing safely with their own family, friends and groups. Their content is not sold nor shared without their consent.

There is just too much drama on Facebook with white nationalists and inferior intellect Jim Crow benefactors, who think they are the "human standard" for all, while everyone else posts fake information (conspiracies, fear-based rhetoric which can easily be fact-checked, or fake crime stories on behalf of white supremacy) - Zuckerberg's legacy, with profits).


Since March 2022, my Facebook account and countless other accounts have been stalled in checkpoint mode. I am able to change my password, like a mutha, with two-factor authentication working like nobody's business. 😐

I have reached out to the "company," Facebook, which is data-warehousing names, birthdays, addresses, friends, family, work, school, family photos and more. And what is "funny", but not so funny, if your family lists you in their mobile device's address book by your family nickname (e.g., Katie/Kathy versus Katherine), Facebook will create a legally binding record linked to someone, whose real name IS your nickname, based upon an assumption AND proximity to family member who created the nickname-address contact. That information is then sold to marketing groups, and other online entities. Those persons start receiving calls, based upon Facebook's unlawful grouping and data-warehousing of info. And persons continually ask me why I never installed Facebook's Messenger App.

Meanwhile, Facebook cannot be bothered to fix nor respond to its general consumers. But they are happy to respond to Cambridge Analytica to use and sell your personal info!

Persons who played online games (Cafe World, FarmVille, CityVille, etc.) back in the day on Facebook, unknowingly had all of their personal information (on Facebook, and desktop and mobile devices) revealed to overseas entities. Enter fraud telephone calls and phishing attempts to the Facebook user and their family members.

And I am NOT creating another Facebook account, while stuck in "checkpoint mode", because Facebook's profits, and its value, are based upon its number of users. Each non-Facebook employee who replied, told me to "create a new account." 😳 That seems to be the standard thing -- just create a new account. WOW. Again, Facebook's stock value is based upon its NUMBER OF USERS.

BUT... what about your account with your property, that you can no longer download data for, when stuck in checkpoint mode? Your legal rights to your account - download your data, establish legacy, etc. - are legally voided in this state. Your pages and groups are also unavailable in this state, including communication with members, and your information shared with others is also unavailable.

Again, this is the ethics of companies launched by BIFFs, and run like a plantation. They never concern themselves with persons who cannot use their product, but only concern themselves with the amount of money received for creating the products, while using your information for their wealth. Wealth is "thrown their way", irresponsibly to BIFFs, with no questions asked, by creating two platforms: one platform for celebrities and corporations/branded businesses, which makes Facebook seem more valid, trustworthy (um... Cambridge Analytica 😲), and one platform for everyone else, who is disregarded, but who can create as many accounts as desired, to "keep them happy" and Facebook profitable. 😐

The only person who responded from Facebook, simply provided the standard: NOT MY JOB response. Can you imagine what the internet world would be like, if at all, if we responded back in the day with, "NOT MY JOB"? We wore MULTIPLE hats to get the product out the door and keep the consumer happy. And if any consumer spoke to us first, we were THEIR responsibility, as the consumer represented the product. What a fucking concept, huh? To represent the company in the best way possible, at any level, so that the consumer can USE the product to keep the product available for consumers.

Facebook's unethical and dishonest business practices..

Now, it's the consumer being the disposable slave of the company, a company which doesn't even respond to their HELP department requests, for months, except to respond with automated messages - a computer is the HELP DESK, with #TaxCutsAndJobsAct. A computer responding to consumers (less employees), has made the Zuckerbergs trillionaires, and with more wealth accruing in banks, via #TaxCutsAndJobsAct. Consumers arguing back and forth on Facebook, over 2020 election and "conservatives and liberals," aren't even concerned about how much one-million-dollars earns daily, while sitting in a bank, and while their infrastructure and ability to afford basic needs (food, housing, healthcare) crumbles around them. Climate change innovation isn't even possible, because taxpayer-funds are going in the wrong direction.

The other shocking public responses, from hackers 😳, who offered to break into Facebook's network - public solicitations of hacking on Twitter, another BIFF outlet. Those persons were blocked instantly, while Facebook didn't even care about that, either!

Good lucking handing all of your info over to a company, which cannot be bothered, cannot be reached by general consumers, and out-pricing many out of their own neighborhoods, as lands (around homeless encampment across the nation) are scooped up the by Zuckerbergs and their unethical #TaxCutsAndJobsAct corporate leadership.

If I had a celebrity/verified account, Facebook would respond immediately, as celebrities are Facebook's bread and butter, their consumer fraud validation. All other consumers of are just "stock" to Facebook, like nameless, rights-less, slave stock. Facebook's value is the corporate and celebrity brands, who have given their names and "souls" to Facebook, while Facebook doesn't even protect celebrities or corporations from copyright and trademark thefts on the same Facebook network. Persons are solicited unlawful trademark and copyright violation products and services, right alongside the verified celebrity's or company's brand. UNREAL. Again, "I just gotta get paid-BIFFs." 😐 Yes, Facebook allows and defends trademark/intellectual property and copyright infringements on its network.

I'll be at ourwhirl.com, run by someone who was part of ORIGINAL internet services (modems, browsers, Apple Open Transport PPP, PDAs (PalmPilot)), during a time when ETHICS and CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY mattered.

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🔗 End of Facebook Era


Commenter: Tamra
Commenter's Site: tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Aug 4, 2022 4:17am EST/NYC

OMG WOW! Now, Facebook has healthcare data, to data warehouse.

FB has become more and more KGB-ish. And I'm shocked at persons buying the Portal and other personal home products of FB, AFTER Cambridge Analytica, AFTER Facebook opened offices in Russia during 2016, and AFTER zero accountability to consumers.


And Then, There's Always This...

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