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Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

👩🏾‍💻 Yea, I had a dream, too…

Aug 26, 2022 5:15pm EST/NYC


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I actually do not remember dreaming, just simply surviving each day.
If only it was all a dream...

Little Black Girls Dream, and our dreams are bigger from the start... because no one was checking for ours, especially during Jim Crow and immediately after.

"I had a dream..." or "Biggie: it was all a dream..." 🎼 I used to be tech support (literal training to create more sales), software QA release coveted products that created the tech world we're in now (modems, first consumer online service, browser (Netscape), Apple/OTPPP, PDA). I designed a tech product, created a biz plan, got SBA approval, relocated alone to three states from 2000 to 2006 (SC, NY, Texas then back to NY).

Also, from 2000-2003 enter a "Top of the Food Chain" member: Venrock/Rockefeller, and its doppelgänger, organized criminals. I couldn't tell one from the other, same mentality. One will rob and kill you of your last $50.00, and think it's just business. The other will spend millions/billions distracting from and covering up robbing you daily through lawmakers (Tax Cuts And Jobs Act scam, infrastructure neglect, innovation, jobs, economy).

Organized criminals also pay the same Top of the Food Chain-lawmaker fees ("ssssh... 💰 💰 💰... now everyone else: look over there, there's a black person in a park!").

All happens for a reason, "they" say. "They" gots sum-splainin' to do!

How everyone survives worldwide, including while working 2-3 jobs daily, is a mystery. I have directly seen the hearts of those who sit with lawmakers. They're looking out for themselves, their family and friends, first and foremost. If you make a little change with them (Koch industries, AT&T, Fed Ex, Twitter, Facebook/Zuckerberg, Walmart, Amazon) along the way, keep your mouth shut, and your pension - IF you get a pension - just may be there for you to enjoy it, unless they decide they want that too. But no healthcare for you! And whistleblowers are "snitches", same as organized criminals.

I lived through a literal Trading Places moment. "Hustling you? Hussstlingg youuu..." 😐 All while being looked down upon 🙄 by Venrock, confederate worshipers, and their Ponzi schemer; and organized criminals and their white collar fraud money-launderer, Pressler & Pressler a/k/a Pressler, Felt & Warshaw - one of the biggest taxpayer-funded frauds in US history.

Then, they all discovered crazy ass Tamra's pen, which is clearly mightier than the sword, always. Hmph. Always let law enforcement take out the Top of the Food Chain-apex predators and organized criminals. They're better and more skilled at it. 💯 Write about it, move on, or do your best, with actual living, and rooting for and helping quality family, friends and civic leaders all around you... WIN!

Because our world is now more angrier, reality show-nosier (but not with intent to help others), and divided, 27-years-later. Homeless tent cities across our nation, starting in Ohio as far back as 2004, while BIFFs are playing "space and buyout games" above all:

  • tired workers wondering, "when will my hard work pay off?" (it may not, that's how life can be),
  • homeless tents,
  • dried-out lakes and burned out forests,
  • flooded-out cities still in recovery, and
  • missing, exploited and AR-15 slaughtered school children's graves.

Those on the ground are at war with each other, with or without floods and fires from infrastructure and climate change neglect. All while millions, worldwide, praise failing up-con artists as the answer, the solution...


BIFFs built this! I sure AF didn't work, since 15-years-old, to build THIS: https://www.bing.com/search?form=MOZLBR&pc=MOZI&q=tent+cities+in+america! I want us all to win, as what's the point of us all being here? To destroy each other?

homeless tent cities with GOP Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
Inside of tent cities across nation: military veterans and persons who work daily, including health care providers, who make sure others are well.


Now, we're watching parents struggling around the world, to send their children to K-12 AND college, AND keep them alive, while parents try to hold onto their homes, jobs and pensions. What we're doing to the next generation, including no housing available even on college campuses because of mismanagement, gentrification, and homeless crisis globally, is unconscionable, with wealth all around us. Top of the Food Chain is showing kids today the end result - mass fraud, greed, selfishness, cutthroat, back and forth insults, little innovation to make things better, and warssss within a rapidly warming planet.


A change gon' come? Or what kind of change? It's up to us, TOGETHER.

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🔗 Yea, I had a dream, too…

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE...

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