Meet @Tumblrisms who thinks ALL Muslims are inferior

But in actuality, it’s @Tumblrisms who’s inferior to all living forms of life, and rocks too. :nod:

@Tumblrisms is an avid fan of Pamela “Shout Fire Falsely About Muslims” Geller. Geller ironically frequents in same circles as :kkk: KKK, neo-Nazis :hitler: and the like w/a few lawn jockeys (Allen West) in tow.

But peep all the HATEFUL and RACIST tweets that @Tumblrisms later deleted after attacking Muslims, blacks, Democrats, assumed Democrats. And, of course, they’re a Donald Trump fan. His tweets bring to mind Sarah Palin’s fan emails from 2008 which were circulated, and led to a massive voter registration among non-voters simply to vote against her and her rabid hatriotism.

grasping, much? :wait: so now, I’m not only a Democrat, but Muslim too, :shrug: not to mention celebration and Pamela Geller would never be in same sentence in my world unless it’s news that she finally got a friggin’ clue! but it’s clear what it hates 24/7 while claiming to be a “moral standard”. – Tumblrisms deleted tweet quickly but I captured it via screen shot:


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