The Mind of Trump Supporters

And this is just as shocking, ignorant and disturbing as Palin’s fans.

In 2008, somehow my email address was placed on an internal John McCain/Palin campaign staff list.

The emails contained non-stop racial comments about blacks as drug addicts, welfare recipients, baby mommas and all the other typical :kkk: stats.

Well, I both forwarded those emails and published them. Palin lost by a LANDSLIDE. Why? Because voters are sick of hatriots with ignorance with pride. We do not want any other generation to be subjected to bigotry and ignorance, as with Jim Crow and Nazi Germany.

The following are daily consistent tweets from Trump fans. Their actions and tweets are identical to Palin fans. Trump fans assume it’s their job to STOP & QUESTION on demand, and correct person, while being “historically challenged” 24/7! Then, Trump fans immediately label others as “dissenters”, “liberals”, etc. if person doesn’t immediately fall in line with them and their non-factual words and rhetoric. And ridiculous, childlike insults are ALWAYS the first part of their introduction!!

When you ask them a question, their response is more opinion rhetoric or deflection, NEVER a direct answer, especially when asked, repeatedly, the following two questions:

1. What freedoms have you lost?
2. Who are you arming yourselves against?

This particular person below also says 2008-2016 was the destruction of America. 😮 And we know why this person is only focusing on 2000-2008 from its anti-black bio alone. Oh wait, it doesn’t hate blacks, it just hates black leadership and feels that was the start of “blacks taking over” (destruction of America).

It doesn’t focus on anything before 2008, including history, but initially stopped by to discuss history of kkk with Mike Pence on #TrumpTrain. And the irony that it didn’t get: Mike Pence’s extremist voting record, which he had to seal because his bills personally authored, are a kkk “To Do” list!

Klansman Mike Pence especially voted against making hate crimes punishable because as stated by Pence, actions (including terroristic lynching) of KKK is “free speech” and should be protected at all costs. 😮 Now, while Pence works to protect kkk, Trump fans run around throwing out Robert Byrd-Hillary Clinton rhetoric while Byrd is DEAD, left kkk in 1964 and became extremely apologetic AND worked with progressives. Byrd even called out OTHER known klan and challenged them to do the right, not WHITE thing. Trump fans, when consistently asked, can’t even show me ONE Hillary Clinton bill that pays homage to kkk as Mike Pence does 24/7.

Trump fans, especially his primary white nationalist fan base, hate Robert Byrd because he did the unthinkable: apologized to blacks. Bill Clinton also apologized to blacks for slavery, Jim Crow and deep-seeded hatred against blacks, the same hatred Robert Byrd helped other politicians navigate through to move beyond throwback, country-stalling kkk-Strom Thurmond legislators who jumped to GOP in 1964 and 1965 to protest against Civil and Voting Rights.

And before I get into this person’s tweets, here are a couple of its favorite, liked tweets. One is a photoshopped sign using Hillary Clinton’s name and black persons. If they create it, it’s true :nope: in their world. The other is the equivalent of military terrorists, USMC Gary Stein and USArmy Lt. Col. Lakin, both of whom refused to carry out their military duties because of their hate of Obama.

(click any image below to view details)
Trump Racist Fans

Trump Racist Fans

I was going to embed the tweets to follow the entire conversation but because there were just so many of the same type of replies, I made printout of its tweets and embedded a few of my replies.

here’s the web printout of its tweets:, as well as embedded replies of my own because I know it will delete its tweets or get suspended at some point. But while others may argue with this extremely misguided, uninformed person, I put their persistence on display for a reason. Non-voters need to see what type of persons want to lead our country!

my personal fav, as it equates wealth with quality, self-worth :lmfao: I was really going to go into Trump’s ties with Dubai, where streets are paved in gold, or discuss Hitler’s wealth at time of his death, but it blocked me after spewing its “talking points”, or venting from his anointed platform!

“chickeroo” huh? but notice person doesn’t see me as even human, but thinks I’m someone inferior to them, to be personally groomed by them. person never speaks to me as if human. imagine if Trump was in charge with persons like this running around even more FREELY while possession a weapon of mass destruction: their brain?? – another fav: don’t revisit the past BUT came by to give me history of kkk while sitting w/ actual kkk, Mike Pence who’s voting record is sooooo extreme and an homage to DC Stephenson, Pence had to seal his voting records – now schizophrenic – “Americans are uniting” while calling liberals stupid, and advocating 24/7 for their removal entirely – now not heavily armed AFTER stating we have to have guns to protect our homes, families but never answered what it’s protecting itself from – there’s that schizophrenia again :nod: – but doesn’t want to hear about Native Indians who had guns w/ their own land – now here comes their standard fear, but ‘memba earlier when it cried about we’ve taken away their freedoms? :lmfao: and ‘memba when they stated the world would end with Obama as President?

notice how it doesn’t even notice my tone to it while it continually thinks it’s berating an underling while not seeing my the irony of their actions and words

Yup, we got it, black POTUS elected in 2008 was the end of their exclusion dream. and note its lie earlier about having slave family members. this person is actually a white nationalist of Trump who’s targeting persons who push back with facts against Drumpf’s non-factual rhetoric and kkk stats! Peep it’s “Nordic music” because you know black descendants of slaves always pay Nordic :kkk: homage:

I stopped copying at this point:wait:, all of their tweets were pretty much the same: throwing out its version of history, failing to listen to words of others even when asking me a direct question… because you’re supposed to follow them and go along… their dream which is never going to happen!

I’ve also copied countless Trump fan replies, but simply posting them as a doc to twitter, so that all can see reality of Donald Trump and his fans, delusions and all.

Mike Pence voting record

Mike Pence voting record

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  1. Meet The GOP

    Original comment(s):

    Here are just some of the Trumpanzee tweets in the past few days alone: fake story about twitter fudging tweets <<--FUCK BLACKS robert byrd kgb trump trolls with

    another byrd clown
    and my standard reply: uninformed about Byrd huh? – called me an idiot for wanting sensible gun laws

    another byrd clown Jill Stein trumpanzee forwarding tweets for @a_m_perez
    trying to engage w/a blocked gun nut who’s previously made threats, harassed and intimidated against sensible gun laws while being heavily armed. not playing games w/ these criminally insane persons who can’t wait to “kill liberals” over assault weapons which are unnecessary for personal use

    gun threat to hillary clinton screen cap made
    report: also an IMPLIED gun threat to @HillaryClinton. white privilege sure is nice, because once again, if this was a group of blacks, they’d have been shut down day one. but of course, this person created a new account JUST to harass, intimidate and threaten others and while twitter has created an environment for them to do s trying to give history of GOP while we know Strom Thurmond stormed into GOP w/ Duke following to protest against Civil/Voting Rights and another one sick of your crap another byrd clown aa


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