Meet politician Al Badasaro who avoids cost of war but loves war!

He’s anti-left, a former US Marine, and loves him some war and seeking out the “enemy”, which includes “liberals” or even “assumed liberals”.

But when asked a simple question that ANY state or federal Congressional member or person seeking Congressional office should know, given Article 1-Section 8, here was Al Badasaro’s “foot-dancing” response: :wait:

Now watch this foot dancing after asking a simple question: is WAR an expense or revenue, and does outsourcing JOBS means more or less TAX REVENUE?

It didn’t begin or end with that response but a bunch of other insults, comments AND assumptions. And on top of that, Baldasaro played the 9/11 card and the fact that he was a veteran, which in his mind means, all he says is “final” and to be accepted as is while he turns around and votes against his fellow veterans.

But the ONLY validation of his response is his party’s own Cheney-Dick’s war experience: war was 100% REVENUE for Cheney-Dick and Haliburton! Amazing for a Vietnam draft-dodger huh?

But peep the entire Al Badasaro convo: (.pdf file)

After all his “chasing enemy talk” while never answering question, my final comment to him after all his “enemy” talk: he was the actual enemy, especially against liberals, women, poor, veterans, AND well-being of this country.

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