Government funded hatriots in military, law enforcement, politics, civil service or any publicly funded position

Facebook is censoring the HISTORICAL AND FACTUAL past of MeLayinYa Trump

Melania Trump’s sex sales, nude modeling past is being censored by Facebook while being reported by #MAGA to remove the FACTUAL content because they cannot stomach truth about her!

Video #NRA, Dana Loesch and anti-#gunsense lawn jockeys don’t want the public to see.

The open video #NRA, Dana Loesch and their anti-#gunsense lawn jockeys don’t want the public to see because it contradicts their “open carry”-we stand for gun rights narrative.

Millions are posting on Facebook against Trump BUT Peter Thiel & Russians are board members AND funders

Popular social media sites are now the schoolyard for Donald Trump, white nationalists and Russia. Your activities are also monitored intensely.

Ideology based government vs. common sense safety with taxpayers’ $$

Another avoidable catastrophe courtesy of ideology, fake-christian based government!

Pussy Grabber Trump thinks he’s so smart, but he’s too stupid to pay attention!

First of all, Trump got to where he is today, not from being smart, but by cutting corners, cheating, breaking the law, evading taxes, raping without consequences, partying and having… Read more >