NRA HQ claims unaware, again

NRA HQ Claims It’s Unaware of Its Threatening, Menacing and Intimidating Members

NRA HQ, which consistently and repeatedly whips its members into a SALES frenzy by telling them, “liberals are coming for your guns”, claims

it’s unaware of the threatening, menacing, harassing, intimidating and outright intentionally psychotic behavior of its members. 😮

Per, Paul of NRA HQ’s “legislative group, he’s unaware of such activity AND claims that NRA doesn’t promote or condone that type of behavior. However, when Paul was asked directly if NRA has ever advised its members NOT to do so, Paul refused to answer the question and deflected around the question which was repeated more than once to Paul. Paul also couldn’t/wouldn’t provide his last name because Paul knows what types of misguided, enraged and violent members NRA is purposely selling expensive guns and memberships to. Certain misguided members think their NRA membership entitles them to harass, alarm, threaten, intimidate, stalk and even kill others it perceives as a “threat to their freedoms”.

nra @cakeordeath22

And note the above is NOT true, especially given 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riot wherein NRA armed WHITES to target innocent blacks over an assumed elevator incident, as well as armed and provided membership to Byron DeLaBeckwith, Robert Chambliss, Edgar Ray Killen and other klan trash.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens are being targeted for harassment, menacing, intimidation and death threats by ACTUAL NRA members. Open-carry terrorists (NRA members) actually show up on numbers to stop movements of and intimidate anyone who speaks of “gun control” and “gun safety”, things, terrorists would oppose. That activity alone in itself makes NRA our nations largest domestic terrorist group, while NRA plays the, “we’re unaware of such activities.”

So here’s the plan:

  • On any social media platform, if you receive any threat, menacing, intimidation and harassment from an NRA member(s), make a screen capture of the threat on your phone or desktop PC,
    All platforms have a screen capture option, check with your provider for information on steps.
  • For Android platforms, holding both Power and Volume-Down buttons together for a couple of seconds will create a screen capture.
  • On Windows PC, press both “Fn and Insert (Prt Sc) keys together to create screen capture. Open WordPad, MS Word or Windows’ Paint application – and I suggest you pin the Paint app to your toolbar because NRA members threaten, harass and intimidate daily – and paste the screen capture.
  • On Apple PC platforms:To capture entire screen, press Cmd+Shift+3 keys together.
    To capture just a selected area, press Cmd+Shift+4 keys together. Then, using your mouse, click at a corner of the area you want to screen capture, drag, and let go when you have covered the selected area.
  • Copy any and all links for where the incident occurred.
  • Use the social media’s platform abuse reporting option, and be sure to include the following words at beginning of your report: “menacing, intimidation, harassment and threats on behalf of NRA“.
  • Send a copy of the incident(s) to NRA on the same social media platform (Facebook, Twitter (@NRA @nranews) or whichever social media platform is easier for you), or to their HQ membership’s fax number (703-267-3835)) to the attention of “Paul in legislative group” who’d like more info as he claims he’s “unaware”.
  • Go to – FBI’s threat of violence, terrorism complaint form and fill out the pertinent details (be sure to include the following words, “menacing, intimidation, harassment and threats on behalf of NRA“.
  • And finally, if you’d like to, e-mail a copy of any of the above to “” and I’ll post the information here for all to see.

Here’s the reason we should be diligent :nod: about this:

  1. NRA members are actively hunting Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action. NRA members have sent her death threats, incessant harassment, intimidation and whatever else these miscreants can think of to harm Ms. Watts.Then, these members have audacity to play victim AFTER intentionally targeting Ms. Watts, Moms Demand, #gunsense, #WearOrange and any talk of gun control and safety, which they detest for repulsive reasons. Here’s one classic example:

Notice the NRA member refused to answer the question and deflected around the question.

2. NRA members’ actions are consistent with that of Ku Klux Klan’s actions – threats, intimidation, gathering in large groups with intent to frighten others and desire to eliminate self-perceived threats. However, how KKK was finally stopped :clap:: :cheers: :cheers:

NRA member actions are terroristic with intent, plain and simple. They’re some of the most vile persons on earth, with a sense of entitlement bestowed upon them by NRA. These menacing and threatening NRA members don’t think they have to be tolerant of others, but believe others should bow to them, and they’re willing to threaten, harass, intimidate, stalk, menace until only their voice and views exist.

People asking for simple gun safety regulations and restricted access for persons who shouldn’t be anywhere near guns are not threatening NRA members’ way of life, they’re simply trying to save lives, while NRA tells its members one thing, but believes otherwise:

NRA staff is armed, while visitors are disarmed” – as in visitors, regardless of who they are, are restricted to a GUN FREE ZONE for NRA staff’s safety and security because of THEIR fear of a GUN ATTACK.

Wayne LaPierre once called for universal background checks and closing gun loopholes, then later whips NRA members into a SALES frenzy only after loophole closed by a brown-skinned President Obama:

The irony is NRA members will learn via their own threats, intimidation, harassment, menacing and more, that the pen IS mightier than the sword!

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