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W.C. Fields

👩🏾‍💻 Shams DaBaron (@homeless_hero aka Ramone Buford) is NO hero, let alone a homeless hero

Jul 23, 2021 6:30pm EST/NYC


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F what ya heard. #CorruptLivesMatter!
F what ya heard. #CorruptLivesMatter!

If you have not been paying attention, you cannot call yourself "woke", but simply a sheep of a con artist and prolific liar named Ramone Buford, who now goes by the name of Shams DaBaron!

Crime is profitable for GOP, Curtis Sliwa, Manhattan Institute (whose board members include Bill Barr, Betsy DeVos and Kathy Crow – yes, the wife of Harlan Crow), AND Fox News.

Shams/Ramone LOVES 🤑 💰 💰 🤑, it is what his crew has lived AND KILLED for since their teen years!

By the way, the ASCII code for money: 911. Irony, eh?
The persons who have lots of 💵, have 911 on their side, while the persons who strive for it via force, greed, or fraud, create 911 calls daily.

1980s crack cocained-out-NYC, that was Shams and his crew's legacy — doors falling off buildings, zombies walking streets, robbing, stabbing, shooting for more drugs and/or money, streets and playgrounds filled with trash and crack cocaine containers, while kids struggled to walk to and from school daily, IF the child had food, transportation, or clothes for school, if not sold as a sex toy for more drugs.

Shams wears that drug dealing-community destroying, destructive history like a badge of honor, while complaining about underpaid law enforcement stealing from multi-millionaire crack cocaine dealers. Law enforcment risked their lives daily, while crack cocaine dealers were LITERALLY destroying communities across our nations, destroying dreams, with children being sold AND raped FOR DRUGS and families losing their homes and neighborhoods, all while politicians like Ruben Diaz Sr., who stands WITH Lee Zeldin (2), and Eric Adams cash in on all of it. I am sure someone will throw in: "well the CIA put drugs in our community." WHO sold the drugs? WHO killed their own community members over $5 to 20-dollars, or any dollar amount, just for "bragging rights"? WHO killed residents, especially parents, who reported drug trafficking? WHO shot up entire blocks, while keeping neighbors hostage? WHO rode around in luxury cars in poverty-stricken areas, to monitor their distribution?

Crime DOES pay!

Bronx has been Democrat-led for HOW LONG? Look at SOUTH BRONX since murderer and strong-arm robber Larry Davis, and other crack cocaine, strong-arm robbers, murderers, etc. Show me a choir boy/girl drug trafficker, who cares about his/her community, please, I am waiting? Every day, a new murder, robbery, stabbing is reported, sometimes three or more in one day!!

Enter conservative "think tanks" and media outlets, pumping out crime after crime story — to keep their base scared and gun lobbyist profits 📈 UP, all while blaming Democrats, as funding is depleted, intentionally, through GOP's revenue-losing #TaxCutsAndJobsAct — no manufacturing nor call center jobs returned from overseas, CEO's pay is through the sky, nearly to the moon and back, all while infrastructure crumbles, education is dismantled, AND GOP sells, through mainstream media, "stand with us, you will be safer!"

Brad Lander and Ramone Buford aka Shams DaBaron aka Da Homeless Hero

#CorruptLivesMatter and key 1980s crack distribution player, Shams DaBaron a/k/a Ramone Buford, has been elevated, by public officials and civic leaders, to hero status and the answer to homelessness, which is like the kkk being the answer to world peace or Holocaust sensitivity training.

Shams and his crew lead, Troy Reed, always bragged about having high-profile help, being untouchable, when making threats to others while running a prison-rape extortion ring against wealthy prisoners, especially Jewish prisoners. Now, we know WHO the high-profile and "well-dressed" help has always been.

Shams' most "powerful" promoter, is Eric Adams, who uses breaking into a stripper's apartment as his Brownsville, Brooklyn "come up" story. Adams cannot wait to talk about how police treated him badly AFTER he broke into a stripper's apartment. I have not heard one ounce of sympathy, from Adams, for the stripper, whom I am sure worked for her money, versus strong-arm robbing, burglarizing homes, or drug trafficking while destroying communities. How was the stripper made whole? Clearly, Adams was made whole and more, by entering NYPD and remaining the loyalist of his fellow burglars, drug traffickers and organized criminals, who seem to surround Adams, with endless praises from Adamsyup, that is Adams in documentary praising murderers of NYPD Officer Edward Byrne, as smart, talented, etc. 🤢 🤮

I know one thing, I was not made whole after back-to-back crimes. But "funny thing", I did not resort to crime, but simply struggled, prayed and waited to die. I figured that was God's plan for me, no sense in "keep trying," "keep doing right by companies, applying what I learned from most ethical and honest persons on earth, and it will all be worthwhile", after working legally since 15-years-old.

Shams and his crime crew partied all over the world, with money stolen via Sullivan Correctional Facility's high-profile inmates, and from me. I, and other legitimate businesses, were their red-herrings, to distract law enforcement from their actual crime, because they knew how to break the law, within the law.

Even the scam from the money launderers of Shams' extortion ring and drug trafficking crew, Pressler & Pressler, was shocking and angering, because certain high-profile law enforcement and public officials (Cy Vance ("voted out" with no confidence after Pressler & Pressler), Morristown, NJ City Council, etc.) aided and abetted their crimes. But, instead of turning to guns, strong-arm robbery, or Adams' "thug tactics", I sent every organized crime word and action stated and done to me, to local, state and federal law enforcement, and let them do their job. VOILA! https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/201604_cfpb_consent-order-pressler-pressler-llp-sheldon-h-pressler-and-gerard-j-felt.pdf Um, Pressler & Pressler is now "Pressler, Felt & Warshaw."

Shams' Organized Crime and Homeless-For-Decades History

Shams lived with Larry Davis, the infamous NYPD cop shooter, who disfigured several cops PERMANENTLY, while holding his baby as a human shield. Larry Davis was a murderer, strong-arm robber even as a child, and prison rapist-extortionist. Shams works tirelessly to label Davis as a "hero".

Unseen Footage From American Gangster Larry Davis from Rahiem Shabazz on Vimeo.

Yes, Shams compared Larry Davis to Nat Turner. 😳 Shams and his crew left me for dead, AFTER targeting me for robbery and financial fraud. Black Lives Matter, per Shams, but NOT my black life, also per Shams. My life didn't matter and only purpose served: to target me for their fraud and deception.

Nat Turner would be walking past Davis, like "nah, you'd stop revolting with us, after seeing a pile of cash, we cannot f's with you, because our eyes are on the bigger picture."

Nat Turner is pounding his fists in his grave being compared to Davis, who, along with Shams and Troy Reed, are equal opportunity criminals: if you have what either wants, regardless of race, here comes the hustle and con to get it, including via force.

Neither Dr. King nor Malcolm X, or any civil rights protesters, risked their lives for a person who'd kill everyone in the room, over a gold chain, or steal every single thing you worked for, as soon as you turn your back. That is not a community, NOR a community leader.

But me, after hearing grimy-mentality Shams DaScams/Ramone complain (at 2:34-minutes) about underpaid cops, risking their lives daily, stealing from multi-millionaire drug dealers, who destroy their "come up" community while living abroad in luxury OR in safe communities; can afford to pay off judges, police, court clerks, and other public officials; and obtain high-profile attorneys for an acquittal of shooting at underpaid beat-cops coming to serve a warrant, AFTER you have murdered and robbed many for profit (like a slavemaster), while enriching self from drug-trafficking:


If ONLY robbers and purse snatchers would exclusively rob drug dealers, who would literally open fire on a public street over $20. Then, imagine our communities, as trash takes itself out. Maybe politics would be more honest, ethical, with actual focus on bettering communities, than enriching themselves off lobbyists, "donor funding" and insider trading.

We had LESS options during slavery, while slavemasters were drunken, drugged-out savages, and during Jim Crow, with easier access to drugs and organized crime! It is called SELF-DIGNITY — your actual character, integrity, value and worth — and SAFETY for family, in spite of! Education, freedom to think, dream AND simply exist, were our goals, while keeping our family members alive and well.

NO ONE EVER FORCED LARRY DAVIS TO DO ANYTHING! Davis did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, violently, including with Shams a/k/a Ramone Buford! And now...

Shams, a partner of organized criminals, guns and drugs traffickers, murderers, blackmailers/extortionists and financial frauds, is now part of NYC public policy. 🤨

Inside City Hall's Errol Louis applauds Shams, "Stands With Sham", and supports Shams 100%, either because Errol Louis is (1) part of or knows Shams' organized crime crew from back in the day, (2) hates white people and NYPD, with Shams' fake "Larry Davis was set up by cops" story fitting Errol's narrative, or (3) is riding Shams' coat tails for a bigger platform (the Son of Sam Law violation-movie about Larry Davis).

Shams da Baron (@homeless_hero) a/k/a da Barron, deBaron, Ramone Buford, or whatever else, depending upon the day), and his Larry Davis crew, robbed, extorted, blackmailed, and even left me for dead, after passing bad checks to legitimate businesses AFTER extorting money (millions) from wealthy prisoners.

I had a pre-approved SBA loan, with the last step pending (find a banking source to fund the startup), when I met Shams and his crew from May 2002-2003. Shams was homeless in Maryland THEN. The Young Startups investment group suggested we network with other small businesses, as that helps each business with the things they don't have to fund while awaiting investors.

The fake business owner, Troy Reed (for Shams and Larry Davis, which is a 100% violation of Son of Sam Law), sneaked into the high priced meeting I paid and was vetted for. Shams and Reed's purpose: a constant cash grab, with red herrings, needed to pull off a multi-million dollar heist, for a movie about the life of their ring leader, cop shooter, murderer, 1980s crack cocaine distributor Larry Davis, "Street Stars Presents: Larry Davis Story (A Bronx Tale)".

Shams DaBaron To Appear In BET’S American Gangster Series On The Life of Hood Icon Larry Davis

Shams' brother wrote the article above. Shams brother, Rahiem Buford/Shabazz (NYState Dept. of Corrections 95B0520), assigned himself "journalist" title. Well, fuck it, since we're self assigning titles, I'm now the "Head of Wall Street", the grand pooh-pah, HNegressIC, and I'm about to make sweeping changes to save working class families. Look for me soon to push folks over as they're ringing in that daily NYSE bell, since I've given myself a "title". 🙄

Shams character is 100% defined by who he is when no one is looking. When no one was/is looking for Shams' "advice", Shams is hustling someone. When no one is looking, his facade of a caring person disappears INSTANTLY, while he applauds himself with the usual, "did y'all see me up there? I was running things. Po-po gotta listen to me now. Larry would be so proud of me!! 🤩" When no one was looking, Shams was living with, supporting AND cheering on Larry Davis, for shooting cops, murders (with bodies still buried), and Davis' multi-million dollar operation to continue.

The story about Larry Davis being set up by NYPD/cops: LIE, A BIG ASS LIE, created by Shams, Davis and Troy Reed, a lie to attract sympathetic politicians, celebrities (persons with the money they need), and gullible, anti-cop fools.

Davis is actually called a "political prisoner" by Shams, 🤨 while Shams works tirelessly to promote Davis at every opportunity allowed, including to children. Children then repeat Shams' words, as if they've learned something really valuable about the justice system, law enforcement and racism. The children are learning propaganda from Shams/Ramone Buford.

Here, I've met Davis directly, seen him in action, and I was the reason why the Davis-Shams-Rahiem-Reed prison crime ring was shut down, leading to Davis' transfer. But I'm disregarded by Shams, to children, as a "hater", a "looney", a "nut job", someone irrelevant to be ignored, and especially regarding criminal justice, civil rights, OR "black lives matter." Yup, it's wild out here y'all! 😐

Working mothers and fathers, getting shot and killed going to and from work, ignored. BUT, all eyes on Shams da Scams, as he swoops in with his addictions and "I've always hated cops" stance, to save the day. Shams comes back into NYC and is placed onto public officials' platforms, AFTER Shams, Davis, Reed and Shams' brother, Rahiem, helped create the same dog-eat-dog world people are staring at now — stabbings, shootings, guns and drugs trafficking, welfare fraud, housing fraud, robberies, assaults, etc.

Davis is still being sold, by Shams, as a hero for the black community, as someone who cared about the black community, all while Davis was selling crack, trading guns, USING his guns (murder, robbery, etc.), strong-arm robbing other kids in his own neighborhood — when Davis was a child and running with Shams!!! And now per Shams, Black Lives Matter, and Davis was like slave revolt leader Nat Turner. 😳🤯

My trauma, caused by their fraud and greed, was/is hilarious to Shams' crew.

My life meant NOTHING to either. I became homeless because of the fraud of Shams' organized grime-crime crew. Shams and his crew laughed about what was done to me by his crew, called it, "just part of the game," while lecturing to me about "hustling." There has NEVER been a lecture from Shams nor his brother, Rahiem Buford, about HONEST WORK, or me being paid for my ACTUAL WORK, while Reed was laundering millions of dollars AND pretending we were a couple to obstruct investigations about his PRISON-RAPE EXTORTION FUNDS filtered out to Davis' family — Shams, Rahiem, Reed, Choice, and other Davis loyalists.

Emails from both Shams and his brother, Rahiem, all via Tanya Taylor's services, and note, this is while I was literally starving, bouncing from one scary place to another, and STILL trying to get my money back from them. But looking back, knowing how grimy they are, this was like contacing John Wayne Gacy about honest business practices.



Shams via Larry Davis (New York State Department of Corrections 88T2550) robbed and extorted from wealthy prisoners in NY State Sullivan Correctional Facility. Jewish prisoners were targeted specifically, with contempt and bias. Davis, with six-plus large males, would surround the wealthy prisoner, threaten their family (with outside help, including Shams, Shams' brother and Troy Reed), and threaten prisoner with repeated rapes and assaults, if the prisoner didn't comply.

All of the above is documented at NY State Inspector General's Office - Bureau of Prisons, Narcotics Division, as well as Edgewater, New Jersey Police Department. Meanwhile, NYPD cleared Troy Reed as a "credible witness", while Reed was running around with millions of dollars, extorted via Larry Davis, while Reed was a NY State welfare recipient, living in Section 8 housing, and while dodging child support for his 8+ kids with 8+ women, including a NYC ACS employee, who helped him further his fraud. Reed even used his NYCHA public housing address as his place of business (a federal and state crime).

Abe Hirschfeld was one of those prisoners extorted from and blackmailed via Larry Davis for funds to Shams, Shams' brother (Rahiem Shabazz/Buford), Troy Reed, and countless others. A hit list that Larry Davis forced Hirschfeld to create via threats of rape and assault, was a red-herring, to send law enforcement looking at the fake hit list, while Reed, Shams, Shams' brother (Rahiem Shabazz/Buford), Davis' niece raided Hirschfeld's bank accounts.

I met Davis on a simple tag-along to an infamous correctional facility, housing infamous prisoners such as Arthur Shawcross, David Berkowitz, and infamous mobsters and high-profile prisoners. And I was tagging along with the fake business owner, Troy Reed. I was the only person with an actual job, why I was targeted by Shams' crew. Shams, Reed, and all associated, were either drugs and guns runners for Davis, stick-up kids, or muscle or smoke-screens for Davis' crimes, all while pretending to be something they were not. My Welcome To NYC, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! I now fully understand that expression, especially, the "if you can make it here" part.

The crimes seen after my literal "Trading Places" moment, in Bronx/Yankee Stadium area (44th Precinct), OH MY GAWD. I was calling 9-1-1 about:


robberies/robbery attempts;

children assaulting other children, while adults, who were NOT their parents, stood around, armed, and furthered the assault;

babies in pampers wandering in street, while the child's mother was loud talking, screaming, AT 2 o’clock in the morning on a week night, while BBQ'g on the sidewalk next to building wall (unlawful), with smoke coming directly into my open window 5-floors up;

theft of my own property — person actually disconnected my PAID FOR CABLE, to run illegal line to his CABLE INSTALLATION BUSINESS — yes, he was running a business from my line.

Then, when caught red-handed after walking to roof when my cable went off again (from disconnection, which NYPD calls "vandalism"), I was talked down to, threatened, yelled at with, "mommi, mommi, why you like this, I gotta eat, I gotta feed my family" — WITH the services I paid for. I didn't want to call NYPD again for that, AFTER seeing all the crimes they were dealing with 24/7 — while NYPD was being cursed out by children and adults. And no one at the 44th Precinct was EVER rude or disrespectful to me, but one of few persons who cared that my life, and quality of life, mattered.

But in hindsight, given grimy mentality of illegal cable installer, fired from his job for stealing equipment, I could have been shot and killed, or thrown off the roof, while in the right, and while calmly explaining: when you disconnect my line, which requires TWO full connections at both times, I lose service that I pay for. That part went right over dude's head, as he kept calling me "mommi" to justify his theft. I was the problem in his head.

Even FBI cared AND advised to file FCC complaint, after seeing video of my programming literally changing to stations in Middle East and South America, including only in the language of those regions. Funny, FBI cared that "Drag Me To Hell" (irony, huh? 🤨) changed to entirely different programming. I did finally see end of movie, months later though. 🤣

And when I wasn't calling 9-1-1, I was turning in counterfeit bills — received FROM Bronx 170th Street/Jerome Avenue Rite Aid, repeatedly, to 44th Precinct after talking with Secret Service. I'm running to buy a counterfeit pen to detect fake money, not a gun!

When I saw the George Floyd video, that escalated from an alleged fake $20-bill, that we now know nothing about, my first thought: why were the police involved? Why wasn't Secret Service called for a full investigation, which is what I had to do EACH TIME I received a counterfeit bill, from the same store? Twice, stores which were cash only — the purpose of using Rite Aid for cash back, immediately detected fake money. Me, I'm thinking that if I'm giving you real currency/debit-ATM card, I'm not getting fake currency back from a major commercial business.

I'd then find out strippers were passing fake bills in strip clubs, money then filtered out to streets. But the one thing that stood out: lines were long in the Rite Aid with fake bills, UNTIL I reported the fake cash problem. Hmph. And now, businesses/employees get indignant, like "go on, step aside," when you stop to check your bills before leaving register — fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, so no, I'll check my money immediately, because once you leave that register, it's now your fake money.

On the flip side, when paying for goods/services, store cashiers, especially non-white Island-Caribbean cashiers, will make me wait as long as necessary to check my money like it's fake or garbage, even when it comes right out of an ATM. But same cashiers will take Biff's money with a smile and "thank you," without even checking it. 😐 🤦🏾‍♀️ Stores also have zero concern about fake $1 dollar bills, they're never checked and tossed aside like pennies, which leaves a wholeeeee door open for the type of thief who steals one penny from millions of accounts versus millions from one account.

But back to Shams... That tag along to Sullivan Correctional Facility, led to Davis asking me to kidnap a prisoner's mother, until Davis was able to obtain what he needed from the prisoner. That request led to me notifying prison authorities, and Davis being transferred to Shawangunk Correctional Facility, where he was subsequently stabbed to death. 😐

How in TF did we go from documenting content for a website (Street Stars) to kidnap a prisoner's mother?

That "kidnap a prisoner's mother" request would result in uncovering all everyone needs to know about Shams, as funds extorted via Davis, were directed to Shams, Troy Reed and the rest of the organized grime-crime grew! All murdered, sold crack cocaine and guns together, destroying black communities. But now all want to be the "heroes," "advisors," "educators" and documentarians for ALL communities. 😐

Shams, Reed and their entire crew are experts at breaking the law, within the law. It's the ONLY thing they know how to do. The homeless scam is a red herring for a financial and organized crime in progress, if it hasn't happened already.

And Black Lives Matter? NOT TO SHAMS! My black life certainly didn't matter to Shams! Shams would kill everyone in a room, if it meant his well-being. And even more sickening, Shams has been homeless since 2003 AND earlier, and not because of failed policies, but because of his life of organized crime. And now NYC law is being changed to allow housing for organized criminals, unchallenged. Homeless is Shams' primary "occupation," which is why Shams complained about "quality of FREE housing"!

Shams' nerve after given FREE housing, while "homeless":

  • this ain't no place to live — IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE, IT'S TEMPORARY until you get your shit together. we're helping YOU out, we're not making money from this, now go out and ThriveNYC, mofo! meanwhile, I slept in rental cars, had friends stay on phone with me as I was finding a place to stay, while cabbie was making weird turns not to my destination, slept in a storage facility WITH MY PETS, to save last of money had for apartment deposit, an apartment on Manhattan Ave — right across from now closed Perks lounge and NYPD 28th Precinct — an apartment which turned out to be fraud also. A realtor unlawfully referred me to a Section 8 apartment, facing eviction for non-payment of personal portion of rent. HUGE ENDLESS SPACE, HARLEM APARTMENT given to someone who was running scams. I had to go through NYC Dept of State to get money back from scamming realtor. I got NOTHING back from apartment scammer, who took money and fled with her boyfriend to her boyfriend's family's home, knowing she owed money to federal government, while trying to cash in on apartment rentals.
  • no privacy — Shams translation: "I cannot further my next crime, violate Son of Sam Law, with all these people watching me." I was a single woman, bouncing from one place to another, with everyone watching me, including predators. I had to sleep with furniture up against door, and with FBI on speed dial after seeing human trafficking, wanted murderers — IN THE SECOND "THOUGHT I WAS SAFE APARTMENT" ON MANHATTAN AVENUE (referred to by Tenants Association after being scammed on first apartment by realtor). Persons showed up as guest of lessee, forcefully asked me for ID AFTER asking me if I was a cop, and if I didn't give up ID, I strongly believed what was coming next, wasn't going to be as kind as free housing given to Shams. No privacy, eh Shams?

Organized crime also isn't an occupation that can be used to obtain an apartment, including public housing apartments.

Ask Shams, OR his partner, Troy Reed, for his work and residential history since 2000, or even earlier. The lies will fall out, while the documents will never surface, or with public officials' help, the documents will be falsified and never IRS-verified. Shams, Reed and their entire crew live off government housing (and funding), while running scam after scam, at taxpayers' expense. Meanwhile, working families in need of housing and support, remain on waiting lists, while Shams is placed into spotlight as a hero AND given priority housing, while he has plenty of housing options via his organized crime activities.

It's beyond repulsive to see media propping Shams up as a voice for the most vulnerable. When I was most vulnerable, Shams da Barron wished AND hoped me dead, to keep his organized crime ring going.

Shams hates cops and white people, and he especially hates persons of Jewish faith. He always has, always will. White persons are ONLY tolerated, when they're a means to his "ends" (💰 💵), otherwise, they're disposable to Shams. But now he's part of policy for NYC??!!

Meanwhile, Shams has plenty of housing options, while pretending to be homeless. Shams has a son, a then child, about 8-years-old, that he dragged through homeless shelters with him, a child who is now an adult. The child, Shams Jr. (no joke, that is his name), would be an adult now. Why is Shams not living with his son? What happened to his son, that he doesn't talk about, while pretending to be such an inspiration to children? Did the son get tired of living hand-to-mouth, running hustle after hustle, like Shams Sr.??

Then, there's the daughter of Larry Davis, from Shams' other family that Shams lived with throughout all of Larry Davis' crimes. She's "wealthy" now, with "Estate of Larry Davis" money. 🙄 And there's also the niece of Larry Davis, who also received massive funds via Larry Davis' prison corruption/extortion and rape for cash scheme. The homeless, repulsive, "hero" angle for Shams is just another hustle.

Some of the many "criminal enterprises" and money laundering entities of Shams da Baron:

Sneaker Pawn literal sham with Shams' partner Troy Reed, a NY State welfare recipient, who ran countless NY State and Georgia businesses, while living in public housing, and dodging NYC child support for the SAME child he's claiming to have financially mentored:
https://news.yahoo.com/sneaker-pawn-store-owned-teenager-182949005.htmlSneaker Pawn was the perfect money laundering, guns and drug trafficking front. Products were moved to/from Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and NYC.

Crime Does 💰 Pay 💰... and well

Organized criminals, out here, like they did nothing wrong, while fools hand them money, money they worked for, while Reed has always been a hustler and murderer: https://www.facebook.com/sneakerhustle

Stolen goods turned into a television show. Must. Be. Nice. But clearly Crain's New York didn't do its homework, same as all the fools gathering around their partner, Shams. https://www.crainsnewyork.com/awards/chase-reed

The real Larry Davis, whom Shams white washes daily, for Son of Sam Law violation profit and fame:


Shams praising person he lived with, sold drugs with AND murdered with, Larry Davis: https://vimeo.com/2602643 with his brother Rahiem Shabazz a/k/a Rahiem Buford. Rahiem is also a NY State convict (Binghampton), who immediately moved to Georgia with Tanya Taylor, to begin distributing drugs and guns, all to glorify Larry Davis, while attempting to produce artists.

Organized criminal, murderer Shams' new white washed image, is courtesy of Corinne Low and others, who are too foolish to ask for work history, or even residential OR voting history from Shams, who is hustling them all for a cash grab, as well as creating red herring for another crime ALREADY IN PROGRESS — how Shams' crew operates. Or Corinne Low is part of the cash grab fraud. 😐

And now lawmakers are hovering around him, as if the problem (Shams) is the answer.

Manhattan DA candidate Alvin Bragg groveling to Shams during Manhattan DA forum — MODERATED by an organized criminal, Shams Dabaron — and apologizing to Shams for being hurt by NYPD. I got hurt too, by organized and white collar frauds, aided and abetted by their internal NYPD connections, looking away from their actual crimes.


Maya Wiley unveils her public safety plan with a literal murderer and organized criminal. How'd that work out for her as NYC Mayoral Candidate??? 😒

Maya Wiley loves her some Shams daBaron scammer:

And check this out: an organized criminal, who helped run a prison rape and extortion scam from Sullivan Correctional Facility, has been paid by NYC Mayoral Candidate, Maya Wiley. An absolute shame, and a classic example of being rewarded for being corrupt, dishonest, violent, deceptive, and apathetic to lives of others. I'm living proof that Shams does not care about lives, especially black lives!

Maya Wiley Shams DaBaron/Ramone Buford

Maya Wiley paid Shams. Meanwhile, I was robbed, conned by Shams, and NEVER got paid for work done, because my legitimate work was part of Shams theft by deception. https://nypost.com/2021/07/23/maya-wileys-1-million-nyc-campaign-debt-puts-black-owned-biz-in-jeopardy

She was also $4,000 in debt to Shams DaBaron, a formerly homeless man now living in a Harlem apartment, for "policy and field" work but paid him on July 13 — a day after the CFB filing was due, according to her spokesman Eric Koch.

DaBaron told The Post he was unbothered by the late payment.

"I'm Maya for life. I do what I do for the people that's what matters. I don't [do] it for the money," he said.


Oh how sweet! 🙄🤮 An organized criminal is "Maya for life". But I fell out laughing at "I don't [do] it for the money." EVERYTHING Shams does is for money and/or his glorification. If he had ANY ethics, I wouldn't have been robbed and threatened and intimidated by his grime-crime crew, while they were stealing MONEY from others!

https://twitter.com/femonomics/status/1413139682318118920 — gloating over verified account of an organized criminal and murderer, who didn't care if I died or was homeless after their organized crime hustle.

Shams friend and other PR source, who continually praises convicted murderer and NYPD cop shooter as a hero: https://thesource.com/2021/02/20/today-in-hip-hop-history-larry-davis-was-killed-in-shawangunk-prison-13-years-ago/. Shams won't be happy until there's a literal "Larry Davis Day" in the same community Larry Davis pissed on daily.

Former The Source writer, Chloe Hilliard, even boldly stated that illiterate Troy Reed was a college graduate with a degree in Business Administration. Reed cannot spell, cannot read, unless it's the name of a sex trafficking/escort service or source to launder money for his countless crimes.

Larry Davis was no hero, he was a vicious predator, same as Shams. Their M.O. Is. The. Same! Sly, cunning, with appearance of intelligence ("he speaks so well" and I can bring him around my white associates without embarrassment), while pretending to be the victim of something. 🙄 Meanwhile, persons' personal information, including their financial information, is at risk, any time Shams is near them.

What Shams and his crew DIRECTLY did to me, turned life upside down, fully:

Black or Blue Lives Clearly Don't Matter, Corrupt Lives Matter more.

Related back-to-back fraud, which opened my eyes to persons who are just as bad as serial killers, as they watch you suffer and die, while laughing all the way to the bank, with your money: https://www.tamra.nyc/live-and-learn

Looks like we found the Errol Louis connection: Arthur Miller's death. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/inside-city-hall/2018/06/09/the-killing-of-arthur-miller-jr---40-years-later

Arthur Miller fits in with Errol Louis' love of the fake Larry Davis story about NYPD cops being corrupt and setting him up. And here's Eric Adams with Lamar Whitehead a/k/a Lamor Miller Whitehead. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-adams-brooklyn-subway-shooting-surrender-q-train-20220525-xanslkjc4naonh3lgctyfbugz4-story.html

corrupt lives matter lamar whitehead and eric adams
Arthur Miller's son, Lamar Whitehead a/k/a Lamor Miller Whitehead with Eric Adams. 😒 Too close to corruption and organized crime, on all sides.

NYPD cop shooter, drug trafficker, extortionist, prison rapist Larry Davis

Related Links:

Live and Learn, How I Paid For Venrock’s Fraud

Ruben Diaz and Lying Lee Zeldin, a prolific white supremacist, who adores crime, which keeps him wealthy!

Persons who profit most from crime, as it is easier to sell fear, and "join us, we will keep you safe (as long as you obey their rules)," for their comforts: project2025.org. Shams is their "create crime for profits" guy!

Traumatizing: some of the constant media promotions of Shams/Ramone, as an advocate, a good person, while Shams and his grime-crime crew STILL laugh about robbing me and others for THEIR comforts:

Our family cannot watch news much, because media keeps promoting an organized criminal as the answer to NYC public safety. Unreal. But #CorruptLiveMatter!! People who never worked for anything, can never have empathy for those who have!

| a bronx tale | airnyc | alexis reed | atim annette oton | bill cromie | billion oyster project | blue ridge labs robin hood | bric arts media | bronx larry davis | calabar gallery | chase reed | cindy gallop | conbody | corinne low | coss marte | christopher baugh | drug traffickers | eric adams | errol louis | homeless hero | homeless hotels | hustlers | kristina newman scott | larry davis documentary | larry davis movie | lex reed | lucerne | maya wiley | michael partis | murderers | murray fisher | new york harbor school | nyc | nyc city hall | nyic.org | nyc mayor | open hearts upper west side coalition | organized criminals | pbs chasing the dream | ramone buford | scammers | shams da baron | shams da barron | shams dabaron | shoshanah brown | sneaker hustle | sneaker pawn | #standwithshams | steven choi | sue and edgar wachenheim | tanya robertson taylor | tanya robinson taylor | the david prize nyc | troy reed |

🔗 Shams DaBaron (@homeless_hero/Ramone Buford) is NO hero.


Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site: https://www.tamra.nyc
Comment Date: Feb 20, 2022 4:08pm EST/NYC

Today is the day that degenerate, murderer, strong-arm robber, crack cocaine trafficking, prison raping extortionist, Larry Davis, was killed in prison. But #StandWithShams will tell you Davis is a hero, a political prisoner. Political prisoners call folks and ask them to kidnap a prisoner's mother, to hold them until funds extorted? WHO FUCKING KNEW?!

In development is the life and times of hood icon Larry Davis who was brutally murder in a New York State prison on February 20, 2008.

When drug traffickers, who skipped school, write articles. ☝🏾 comma (,) missing behind "development", "icon", "Davis", and, it should be "murdered". and Davis wasn't brutally murdered, he was shanked by a prisoner COMMA that Davis was strong-arming COMMA. (I keep forgetting to send that dude a gift, put some money on his books, to thank him on behalf of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the persons Davis robbed, murdered, while turning his community into a drug zone for HIS WEALTH! https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/inmate-fatally-stabs-murderous-convict-shot-6-city-cops-86-article-1.308435)

#organizedcrime #narcotics #NYC #Bronx #NYPD #LEUnions

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Apr 12, 2022 3:08pm EST/NYC

Shams-scams' champion just got arrested!

Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin arrested


#publiccorruption #FBI #crime #addressless #standwithshams-if you want to be indicted!

759 / 758
Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Apr 12, 2022 3:10pm EST/NYC

this tweet did not age well, and irony at its finest given Shams' @NYSDOCCS prison rape-extortion/money laundering ring, while Shams was, wait for it, homeless then too (2002-2003)! perhaps Shams can shake Benjamin down in prison, for protection money, like Shams crew did others via his partners, Larry Davis and Troy Reed. https://twitter.com/BrianBenjaminNY/status/1375499777077575680

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Apr 24, 2022 9:05pm EST/NYC

Eric Adams continues to stand with corrupt Shams da Baron a/k/a Ramone Buford, confirming that Adams was part of the corruption with Shams and Larry Davis. It's clear that Adams is as anti-white, pro-corruption, as Shams da Scams. Adams was made aware of Shams during his Mayoral campaign, and made aware by various persons AFTER his election. NY State Inspector General docs, which also include EVERY SINGLE PARTNER OF SHAMS, including his NYState convict brother, Rahiem, still exist. Adams has chosen to state publicly that a cop shooter's life matters more than others. Anyone who shoots/harms a cop, will harm ANYONE. Adams stands with the promoter and BFF-for-life of a horrific cop shooter, murderer and drug trafficker.

#publiccorruption #crime #copshooters #NYPD #NYC #Bronx

Update: https://pix11.com/news/local-news/advocates-sleep-outside-in-protest-of-homeless-crisis-in-nyc/

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Apr 27, 2022 6:02pm EST/NYC

More senseless gun violence. As long as Eric Adams is mayor of NYC, and Jumaane Williams is public advocate, the violence will only increase.

This is all their karma, from encouraging "fuck the police" mentality, while ignoring crimes in their own areas for decades, and while rushing to pass judgement against law enforcement members. It's also sickening for cops injured by Larry Davis, seeing Shams da Baron a/k/a Ramone Buford, in the mayor's administration. Buford testified on behalf of Davis - against NYPD, lived with Davis, and cheered Davis on AFTER shooting #NYPD officers. A complete disrespect to all law enforcement everywhere. https://abc7ny.com/shooting-police-pursuit-crash-bushwich/11796796/

#gunsense #wherewelive #hiphopfail #ironpipeline #crime #JumaaneWilliamsNeglect #Brooklyn #Bushwick #publiccorruption

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Aug 1, 2022 12:52pm EST/NYC

Should media outlets receive awards for the rebranding and promotion of an organized criminal, Shams da Baron a/k/a Ramone Buford, or Lamar/Lamor Miller Whitehead? It's as if their victims don't matter, while local and national media promote persons who applaud theft from and murder of others, persons and things which destroy black communities.

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Aug 27, 2022 2:21pm EST/NYC

Notice that Jumaane Williams nor Ruben Diaz Sr. were NOT present to help these Seniors under attack by disrespectful teens.

And Jumaane wanted to be Governor of NY! Jumaane had time to bring his baby out to sit with Shams, as if it was some life-saving urgent matter! https://pix11.com/news/local-news/advocates-sleep-outside-in-protest-of-homeless-crisis-in-nyc/ But he didn’t have time to help these senior citizens out! If NYPD had accidentally knocked a cane of one of the citizens while chasing down a teen, who was attempting to bash anyone in the head, Jumaane would have been front and center to trash NYPD.

Meanwhile, my lifesavers, the 44th Precinct, which showed me respect and dignity at the lowest point of my life, showed up in force to help out!


Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 19, 2022 3:19pm EST/NYC

Well now, extortion birds of a feather, flock together! Finally some good news, evil gets got. THANK YOU, FBI!! "Bling B, didn't have no receipts!" to prove what he claimed was stolen from him was rightfully his!! But he sought fame and admiration after screwing people over, lifelong.

After months of headline grabbing incidents, where he was both the accused and the victim, Whitehead is in the spotlight once again, this time after federal prosecutors accused him of fraud, extortion and making false statements to the FBI about business deals with members of his Brooklyn church.

“Lamor Whitehead abused the trust placed in him by a parishioner, bullied a businessman for $5,000, then tried to defraud him of far more than that, and lied to federal agents,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said after Whitehead’s arrest. “His campaign of fraud and deceit stops now.”

hmmm... I wonder where he learned this from? or did his "friends" set him up, in their conquest for a POTUS run?

Whitehead, 45, who counts Mayor Adams among his friends, is little more than a false prophet who took advantage of men and women who sought his spiritual and financial guidance, the feds charge. Whitehead, pastor of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry in Canarsie, sought money and other things of value from victims on the basis of threats and false promises victims’ investments would benefit the victims financially, according to prosecutors.

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Feb 22, 2023 11:54am EST/NYC

Apparently, I didn't get the memo:

I'm told from (Staten Island, where Larry Davis' daughter resides) that ONLY Uncle Tom's do not support crack cocaine drug traffickers, gun traffickers, burglars, assault, murderers, domestic batterers, strong-arm robbers, child support frauds (persons who pretend they cannot work to avoid child support payments, while running an organized crime ring), and cop shooters. Everyone else apparently thinks community destroyers are the "cool people" to model after, look up to. Lawd hammercy! Island's words to me: "trying to tear down a brother" (Ramone) and "Wow your a little..." - yes "your" vs. "you're"... I guess this explains why guns are preferred over books in Ruben Diaz Sr.'s South Bronx! But added their nonsense to the FBI files for these community destroying clowns, who need to look at themselves, first and foremost. https://www.tamra.nyc/awww-sad.php

Remembered the time Larry and sham snatched your candy in third grade.and made it a fictional Hollywood story cmon bro get a life besides trying to tear down a brother.

UMMMM, who's "bro"? I know person cannot spell, just like Hilliard's Reed. But... MURDER, FALSE IMPRISONMENT, EXTORTION, BLACKMAIL, THEFT BY DECEPTION, THEFT OF PROPERTY, ASSAULT, FALSE REPORTING OF A CRIME, ESPECIALLY TO EDGEWATER, NJ POLICE, is actually tearing a brother OR sister down. GTFOH, degenerate Buford-Reed bastards! Only words to me should be: I APOLOGIZE AND HERE'S YOUR MONEY BACK. All else is just propaganda noise that goes in garbage and keeps these clowns on ignore list!

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: May 5, 2023 10:11pm EST/NYC


The man who brought Shams/Ramone into the spotlight, and stood by the "homeless hero," doesn't have a problem with homeless Jordan Neely being murdered by someone who never gave a rat's ass about homeless (including veterans), mental illness (including veterans), and disabled (including veterans). And I'm posting link from PIX11 first, the network which helped created a homeless hero out of an organized criminal, Shams, while Jordan Neely, an actual homeless person, is being vilified as a "career criminal who deserved to die." https://pix11.com/news/local-news/man-dies-after-being-placed-in-a-chokehold-by-a-subway-rider/

In the absence of video showing what happened before the chokehold, many were reserving judgment. Among them was Mayor Eric Adams, who said Thursday that there were "many layers" to the incident. He rejected criticism that he has not expressed enough outrage over Neely's death, unlike other officials who have called for a quick arrest. "All the other electeds, they have a role to play and I have a role to play. The police is doing their investigation and the district attorney is doing his investigation, and I respect the process," Adams said.

but another protest I will sit out, because I've alread proven through the top of the food chain (Rockefellers) and serial predators, that black lives DON'T matter. 🥱 https://pix11.com/news/local-news/wheres-the-justice-family-of-jordan-neely-distraught-over-his-death/

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Nov 29, 2023 12:30pm EST/NYC

Eric Adams has tailor-suited up Shams DaBaron aka Ramone Buford, the right-hand man of NYPD cop shooter, Larry Davis

And Shams is his tailor-suited advocate for homeless and those struggling with mental health. Now, that's funny, because I do recall that none of their grime-crime crew giving ZERO f's about my mental health, while hoping I'd keep quiet about their organized crime crew, AFTER hustling me, while I was literally and legally pursuing my dreams with the skills I WORKED for.

Related #abc7ny videos:

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 1, 2023 2:22pm EST/NYC

Hmmm... acted "improperly", or thrown under the bus to save himself?

Sounds about "Shams," given women are disposable property in that "inner circle". Reporters will scramble her way, while taking their eyes off the big prize. https://www.amny.com/politics/city-staffer-identified-as-person-whom-mayor-adams-lawyer-said-acted-improperly-amid-fbi-probe-source/

I can never forget a woman named, "Denise," who almost ended her life because of the scams of Shams, Troy Reed and the entire Larry Davis crew. Reed entered the woman's life, went so far as to move in with her, told her that he loved her, proposed, all while he was sneaking the niece of Larry Davis into her apartment for sex, as Denise worked during the day and planned her wedding. Then, after buying, with Denise's money, expensive clothes (same style as Adams, by the way) and all of the video equipment used to create "Street Stars Presents" fake documentaries to glorify his gangster friends, Reed abruptly left her, not telling her anything. Shams, Rahiem, Reed to this day, laugh and joke about it, publicly, and made no attempts to make amends, while her soul remains tormented. Shams calls it "just part of the hustle, doin' what we gotta do to survive." 😲

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 3, 2023 5:24pm EST/NYC

Keep f'g around with Shams w/ corrupt Eric Adams, and see how many more neglected and dead bodies turn up! Organized criminals CANNOT have empathy for others, NOR be the solution for "humanity". Once this person entered homeless shelters, traumatized, he should have become a priority for quality help, including safe housing and healthcare. Shams and Adams were probably out at a club, five-star partying, private jetting, while this was going on.

Gordon had been in and out of homeless shelters over roughly the last year after he separated from his wife.

"I wanted to tell her [that] this is bigger than us, to let him go back to the shelter, but no one was listening to me," the sibling said. "She took him in. There's no reason for this."

Gordon began to unravel after he and his wife separated, catapulting him into a state in which he was "suffering deeply, deeply from depression and mental illness," according to his sister.

As she watched her brother's mental health deteriorate, the concerned sister took Gordon to mental health facilities — but he was routinely released.

Gordon, a father of three, bounced from shelter to shelter before Watson took pity on him and welcomed him into her home.



A confirmation that #NYCMayor is a con artist:

Adams: "I am making mental health a priority. Even if person refuses help, we will see to it that the person gets the help needed."

Courtney Gordon was of zero concern to Adamns and his partner in crime, Shams DaScammer. Also, how can someone mentally ill or criminal sociopaths (Adams and Shams) be responsible for others? Both believe, with all their hearts, that they are the answer, while being the apathetic problem.

Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 4, 2023 10:25am EST/NYC

More of the failure of Eric Adams' public official Shams DaBaron aka Ramone Buford aka Da Homeless Hero:

A 61-year-old suspect has been charged with beating a fellow homeless man to death during a drunken clash at their encampment in a Brooklyn park, police said Monday.

Raul Hernandez was charged Saturday with murder and weapons possession, police said.

Hernandez allegedly attacked the victim about 1 p.m. Friday during a drunken argument at their encampment on a handball court on the Brooklyn side of Highland Park, cops said.


Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site:
Comment Date: Dec 4, 2023 10:58am EST/NYC

A "Secret" what?! WTF?! The return of "Arthur Miller's"

Glenn Youngkin, Lee Zeldin, Lindsey Graham, Con DeSantis, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Brian Kemp, Tate Reeves, and Greg Abbott's iron pipeline guns at work in #NYC:

Publicly corrupt Eric Adams is silent as a "Secret Society" helps bodega owners deputize themselves, to become judge, juror and executioner.

And not all persons will be shot equally, many will be shot with contempt and bias. Bodega owners will also be armed wherever they go. What is to stop one of them from intervening in a shooting, preventing actual law enforcement from knowing who is WHOM?

On the flip side, #TaxCutsAndJobsAct has increased gun profits, and not much else, other than CEO pay. Because if wealthy tax cuts actually worked, there would be less crime from "trickle down." 🙄

#6thAmendment #civilrights #LEUnions #NYPD #Bronx #crime #JumaaneWilliamsNeglect #publicsafety #economy #bodegas #racism #discrimination #GunSafetyNow #gunsense #guncontrolnow #ironpipeline #guncontrol #crimestoppers #LyinLeeZeldin



Commenter: TamraNYC
Commenter's Site: www.tamra.nyc/shams-da-baron-is-no-hero/
Comment Date: Jun 7, 2024 9:34pm EST/NYC

Crime Does Pay Well For Shams


From a fake "homeless hero" stunt, to robbing taxpayers, right in their faces, no more breaking into stripper's apartments for either. Their cop-shooter mentors are so proud of them both. Sad day and era for NYC, though.

#TaxCutsAndJobsAct #6thAmendment #civilrights #LEUnions #NYPD #Bronx #crime #JumaaneWilliamsNeglect #publicsafety #economy #bodegas #racism #discrimination #GunSafetyNow #gunsense #guncontrolnow #ironpipeline #guncontrol #crimestoppers #LyinLeeZeldin

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE...

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